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Running Scared: Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals

Yesterday, on the blog of my friend Pastor John Pavlovitz (Stuff That Needs to Be Said:, a Christian fundamentalist/conservative evangelical person calling himself idojunkmail posted a short but very negative comment about John’s ministry that reads as follows: Should … Continue reading

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Are Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals Really Different?

by Charles S. Garabedian Bruce Gerencser is an atheist who lives in Ohio, but he is no ordinary atheist.  Bruce was at one time a Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical insider. He was not just an ordinary insider though. Bruce … Continue reading

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A Fundie Paradox: You’ins Is a Man Now!!!!

by Charles S. Garabedian “My life has always been a lonely one.” A close friend of mine who is a clinical psychologist (Ph.D.) once told me that he was not at all surprised at that statement.  (This guy knows me … Continue reading

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Never Follow Any Pastor Blindly

by Charles S. Garabedian I am deeply troubled and feel deeply moved by a recent episode of The Hunt with John Walsh, which I just finished watching on the Cable News Network (CNN) tonight.  It was a powerful presentation—powerful almost … Continue reading

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Fundies Who Want to Take Away Your Religious Freedom

I want to share with you a wonderful article I ran across just a couple of days ago. The author (Steven Dundas) kindly gave us permission to edit it slightly for our readers without changing the original content. He has … Continue reading

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