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Fundie Beloved Targets Life Savings of Old People

Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are pleased as punch now that their man (Donald Trump) has been elected President of the United States. Jerry Falwell, Jr. calls his cabinet appointments and other appointments the dream team.  Yes indeed.  In their … Continue reading

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Christianity and Racism

Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Mark 12:31).  Who then is our neighbor? I have never really asked anyone that question.  After living here in Tennessee for almost 64 years, my fear is the answer … Continue reading

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A Psychological Study of Christian Fundamentalism

This post is for Christians and nonChristians who are really deep thinkers and analyzers.  I am talking about our readers with a college degree, or two, or three—and an overall college GPA of at least 3.50.  If you do not … Continue reading

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