COVID-19: Tennessee is a Dangerous Place Right Now——–Avoid Coming Here

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Country music star Hayley Williams is right on the money folks. She has a warning for you about COVID-19, and I support it. You can check it out by clicking on the following safe link:

Do Not Come to Tennessee to Party

I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and grew up in the Nashville suburbs. The new Nashville that has existed since about 1980 is just like Las Vegas, New York City, and Los Angeles. It is a truly great “party city.”

Unfortunately, right now, Tennessee is one of the most dangerous states in the nation because of COVID-19. The virus is spreading out-of-control like a California wildfire. COVID-19 is especially bad in both downtown and suburban Nashville. If you come to Nashville to party your butt off, chances are very high that you will contract a COVID-19 infection and carry it home with you. Tennessee has no mask-wearing mandate. Everything is voluntary, and many people across the Volunteer State no longer want to volunteer to help their fellow man and woman——or even themselves. You will encounter numerous people who are not wearing protective face masks because they:

(1)  Think COVID-19 is not real——just false media hype—— a Democratic Party hoax

(2)  Believe face masks reflect disloyalty to God’s Anointed One——President Trump

(3)  Think face masks are for sissies——not rugged cowboys and rednecks with big dicks.

(4)  Believe a face mask can somehow harm a person

(5)  Believe other face mask nonsense not enumerated above

(6)  Believe in all of the above

In my opinion, Tennessee has a Republican governor who would quite literally lick President Trump’s anal opening, if he ordered him to do it. Any wish President Trump has is Governor Bill Lee’s instant command. Governor Lee appears to take his COVID-19 advice straight from President Trump——not from Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci. I even wonder if he rates the advice of Tennessee public health officials higher than that of his right-wing-extremist political advisors?

If you are just passing through Tennessee on our interstate highways or U.S. highways, please purchase your gasoline at the pump with a credit card. Avoid going into gas stations, convenience markets, and retail stores along the interstates, if at all possible. Carry your own drinks and snacks in your car or camper. If you must go inside a business to pee or poop, be sure to wear a high-quality face mask, practice social distancing at your very best, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds. You cannot count on a Tennessean to do his or her similar part to protect you. Too many people——especially our young people and our countless stupid people——are just not that much into doing such things to protect their fellow man and woman.

Jesus said it. It is recorded in the Holy Bible. From 1776 until 2016, most Christians in the United States and even our nonChristian people took it seriously. You remember it. It is so simple and straightforward:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Nowadays, Tennesseans have turned those famous words of Jesus into something very radical and different:

Me first——in all things——so fuck your well being, your health, and your life. I don’t care anything about you. It’s all about me baby!!! Big old me. Numero Uno. Number 1.

It is oxymoronic too. Many of the “me first” people clearly have no idea how to love themselves properly or protect themselves. This is what happens when Christian Fundamentalism, Conservative Evangelicalism, and the Tennessee churches that espouse them reduce all of human morality to just two things——and two things alone——abortion and gay marriage.

My best advice for you is simple. Stay out of Tennessee for your own good. Do not come to Nashville or any other Tennessee urban area to party or behave like a typical tourist. Your health and life will be at risk and very much at stake. You would do well to take this message seriously.

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Carnival Barker: “He Flies! He Lies! He’s So Low Down, He Can Crawl on His Belly Like the Serpent in the Garden of Eden!”

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Trump As Snake

The White House should hire a carnival barker to introduce President Trump at his late afternoon COVID-19 press conferences. My favorite news source, the Cable News Network (CNN) refuses to broadcast the COVID-19 update briefings that begin his press conferences because they are filled with so many flat-out lies, distortions of truth, and wild exaggerations. The folks at CNN do this because they do not want to give President Trump opportunities to feed false public health information and data to the American people. Following false public heath information, data, and recommendations from President Trump can get you——————-well———————-dead. However, CNN does broadcast the 15-minute question and answer session between Mr. Trump and various reporters from the news media.

I watched the question and answer session yesterday afternoon. President Trump told so very many lies to the reporters and the American people. It was just awful——just awful——just awful. The lies were presented serially, smoothly, and without any personal shame or fret of conscience.  It was amazing and disturbing to see and hear what the president was doing——with me all the while knowing the real truth from so many alternative and trustworthy sources. Hearing all of those lies got me so upset and agitated that I felt compelled to eat things that are unhealthy for me just to calm my rattled nerves.

You should have an opportunity to experience the same things I did. Therefore, you are cordially invited to turn your television sets to CNN at 5:00 p.m. EDT tomorrow and wait around a few minutes for President Trump’s COVID-19 question and answer session. If you would like to see the entire presentation, meaning both the COVID-19 briefing and the afterwards question and answer session, you may be able to do that on FOX News. If you are as well informed as I am, this whole lie-fest should drive you nuts. Bring drinks and snacks. You are going to need them, and remember, just by the act of going to FOX News, you risk getting a really bad case of the cooties.

Image Credit: Chris Fisher

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White Fundie Christianity——Old Times There Are Not Forgotten

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Robert P. Jones, founder of the Public Religion Research Institute, is one of my favorite Christian authors. One of his beloved subjects is the historical role of dubious Christian theology in the development of white supremacy and how all of that was injected into American churches and the beliefs of their members. Jones grew up as a Southern Baptist in Mississippi. Because of his southern heritage, he is strongly conversant in the impacts of this bad theology and white supremacy on Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical churches in the American South.

Recently, Francis Wilkinson interviewed Robert P. Jones, and they talked about the contents of his new book entitled White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity. If you are up for an interesting intellectual read this afternoon or later in the week, an edited transcript of the interview has been published on the Bloomberg Opinion website. You may read the transcript by clicking on the following safe link:

The Theological Roots of White Supremacy

Did you see the stained glass window at the top of the interview transcript? This window is part of the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Many people are not aware of it, but this cathedral is part of the Episcopal Church, one of the most liberal Christian denominations in the United States today.

Take a close look at that stained glass window and notice how the stars and bars on the battle flag of the Confederate States of America are tipped at just the right angle to make it look like the cross of Jesus. Talk about syncretism! In effect, the racist belief system of the Confederate States of American is blended with the Christian faith so that the two appear together in unity——–as one in the cross. As you can plainly see, the gnarly little tendrils of American white racism and the lengths of their reach are not wholly confined to Christian Fundamentalism and Conservative Evangelicalism. Across American history, they have wiggled their way into nearly ever corner of the white American church writ large.

Be ye Christian or nonChristian, we Americans need to look deeply inside of ourselves, identify our own personal racism, turn away from it, and begin the process of purging it from ourselves. That includes both our overt racism and the subtle, latent racism that was quietly enculturated into our unconscious minds when we were growing up. We learned this more subtle racism from members of our families, our friends, and the white American culture that surrounded us in our childhood days. Can you say:

My childhood breakfast mammy was Aunt Jemima?!”

Most white Americans are unaware of this subtle racism that exists within them. However, African-American citizens are hyper-aware of it. They can see it plain as daylight in any white person they meet. This is why so many African-American people bite their tongues hard when white liberals approach them——all smooth and friendly-like—–and try to talk with them as if we are their woke brothers and sisters who have finally seen the light on racism. They know the subtle, latent racism from our white-bread childhoods is still there. Furthermore, they know it is extremely hard for any white person to become consciously aware of it. It is even harder——perhaps nearly impossible——for a white person to fully purge this latent racism from their unconscious mind.

Did you grow up in a Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical church? Did you escape from it at some point in your life? If so, you know how the worst and most abusive characteristics of these two belief systems carve themselves into the human psyche. Painful scars are left behind on human minds, hearts, and souls. You know how deeply the ideological and sociocultural fundie stuff goes within you and how painful and difficult it is to purge. Just when it seems as if it might be gone one afternoon—–and you finally feel a little more free——boom!!! Some aspect of it crawls up like a filthy insect from deep inside of you, stares you straight in the face, and says:

I’m still here.

The process of purging fundie stuff takes a lifetime, and it often requires multiple, intensive rounds of psychotherapy to gain a sense of true inner peace.

The latent, subtle racism that exists within white Americans is the same kind of difficult animal as fundie stuff. Identifying subtle, latent racism within ourselves and purging it from ourselves can be a long and difficult process. Nonetheless, we need to try. Native Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic people, and our other fellow citizens of color and ethnicity have suffered far too long and have been far more patient with us than we white people deserve. The Black Lives Matter! movement is kissing the ugly, racist frog within all American white people. We need to wake up from our toxic, racist sleep and begin the process of turning into the loving, brotherly, and sisterly princes and princesses all human beings were meant to be from the foundation of the world.

Of course, such perfection is unachievable by human hands alone in the entropic universe where we live. Nonetheless, all of us white people can at least do our own personal part and give it a good try in our lives——in all of our lives——and for the rest of our lives. Any such self-improvement would be better than the racist ways many white Americans are exhibiting right now. Can you hear that “Karen”?

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Is the East Coast of Florida Really Ready for Hurricane Isiais?

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Hurricane Isiais is headed straight for the East Coast of Florida with initial landfall expected to occur sometime in the hours of darkness between about 9:00 p.m. EDT tonight and 6:00 a.m. EDT tomorrow. For now, the storm has weakened to about 75 mph and slowed down a bit after just passing over Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, that puts it in the very warm waters of the Gulf Stream, which present an opportunity for the storm to strengthen before it makes initial landfall on the east coast of the Sunshine State.

The latest information on the hurricane may be obtained on the websites of the National Hurricane Center and The Weather Channel:

National Hurricane Center

The Weather Channel

Can Reverend Pat Robertson and his fellow fundies pray this hurricane away? Although I would not deny the possibility of it as a Christian, I somehow doubt it. Hurricanes are part of the natural world God has created. They come, operate, and go away according to scientific principles that are well-known in the realms of earth science, physics, chemistry, and meteorology. Therefore, the key question is not whether the hurricane is coming to Florida. The key question is this one:

Is a Florida overrun by COVID-19 infections ready for hurricane Isiais?

Governor Ron DeSantis, a disciple of President Trump (a.k.a. The Anointed One of the Lord), thought Florida was ready to successfully confront and overcome COVID-19. We all know how that turned out——-major league failure. DeSantis is now claiming that Florida is ready to successfully confront two major disasters simultaneously. Those would be COVID-19 infections way, way, way out of control and an impending hurricane that may reach Category 2 by initial landfall in Florida, and then hug its east coast just off shore for days on end as it moves north.

Please excuse me if I do not share a failed Republican governor’s optimism. To the best of my knowledge, Florida has never faced a one-two punch from a widespread, out-of-control viral epidemic and a hurricane at the same time. This puts Florida in a new place—-wholly unexplored territory! Moreover, far more dangerous hurricanes may be on the way across the next nine weeks. Why do I say that? The NOAA meteorologists who predict hurricane seasons have forecast that the 2020 season is going to be a bad one with a more than average number of hurricanes. Hurricane Isiais may be just a small taste of worse things to come.

One thing is for certain though. As COVID-19 and hurricane Isiais dance together for the first time on that ballroom floor known as the Treasure Coast, we are all going to learn some new things about what to do and what not to do when a huge epidemic kisses a major storm. Some of those lessons-learned will arrive quickly, but the most important and tragic ones may not be apparent until at least two weeks after the hurricane has gone away. Considering his failures with COVID-19, dare we hope that Governor DeSantis and the people of Florida will be able to learn such lessons and apply their new knowledge to future dances? You tell me. Comments are open.

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Tennessee Will Vote for Trump———No Matter How Much He Hates, How Much He Fails, or How Many Americans Die from His Inaction

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

I was born in Tennessee. I grew up in Tennessee. I have lived in Tennessee all of my life——for nearly 68 years. The people of this state, what they believe, and how they view the world are an open book to me.

The worst of Christian Fundamentalism, Conservative Evangelicalism, and right wing extremist politics dominates most of the minds and hearts in small town and rural  Tennessee. Human economic poverty and the poor educations and ignorance that accompany it have always been a problem in Tennessee. They influence the way people vote in elections.

When most of the vote counting is done in the morning hours of November 4, 2020, Tennessee will have voted again for President Trump by a winning margin of 20 to 30 percentage points. This will happen no matter how much Trump has hated, no matter how much he has failed in office, and no matter how many Americans have died from COVID-19 as a direst result of his inaction and incompetence in office.

The Lincoln Project (a.k.a. Republicans Against Trump) has produced a new video advertisement for Campaign 2020. It is a bit longer than their usual advertisements, and it would be thoroughly comical——if it were not so true. I watched this video clip a few minutes ago. At the end of it, a dark cloud from my own past life in Tennessee moved over me and made me feel sad and depressed. Sure. The characters in the video are all fictional, and they are portrayed by actors. Nonetheless, I knew the family depicted in it.

I recognized the rural, wild, rebellious teenage kid who had driven his $500 car off a narrow country road, over a low cliff, and into Possum Fart Creek. The family gathered so tightly around his hospital bed was so very familiar to me. When I was growing up (and still even today), my small town and the surrounding countryside were home to thousands of families just like this one. Dad’s grades in the local K-12 public schools were bad, and he earned his high school diploma only by the skin of his teeth. Before his recent lay-off, he worked for low pay at a small, rural manufacturing firm. Mom, the fundie spiritual leader of the family, had to drop out of high school when she got pregnant many years ago. Today she flips burgers and wipes tables at the Krystal burger joint in town, earning just a tiny bit more than minimum wage.

This family attends the Snipe Hollow Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) church, and it shows up every Sunday without fail. Mom makes sure of that. Pastor Beverly B. Beverly preaches about sin and salvation and the moral decadence of the liberal, educated, uppity people who live in Nashville. With all of his heart and soul, Preacher Beverly believes President Trump is The Anointed One of the Lord, and he has transferred his thoughts on that subject to every member of his congregation. As a result of that transference, most members of his church are personally on fire for President Trump——no matter what he says or does.

After all, Preacher Beverly B. Beverly is The Man of God. When he preaches from the pulpit or makes a spiritual point in a private conversation with a church member, the words coming out of his mouth are not his own. Instead, they are the words of God himself, and they must be obeyed to the letter. Because Preacher Beverly believes President Trump is The Anointed One of the Lord, then the occupant of the White House must also be The Man of God. Therefore, every word spoken by President Trump must be truth, even if it sounds a bit strange sometimes, because God can tell no lies. All of President Trump’s words must be believed and obeyed. To abandon President Trump in an election would be just like abandoning God himself. It could result in eternal damnation.

Now, please draw near to this new video clip from The Lincoln Project. Click on it, watch it carefully, and meet the average Trumpite family in Tennessee. These are the people I grew up with in the Volunteer State. Some are like members of my own extended family. They are like many of the people in my old neighborhood back home. They are like most of the people who were my classmates in K-12 public schools in the small Tennessee town where I grew up. If Trump wins the election on November 3, 2020, these are the kinds of people in Tennessee and other states who will have driven it home to success:

The Lincoln Project is trying very hard to wake these people from the Evil Spiritual Force that has blinded them, dulled their spiritual discernment, and drawn them into the dark sphere of Trumpism. Do you know how to awaken these people from their delusional sleep and remove the scales of spiritual blindness from their eyes so they can flee from Trump and vote against him in the upcoming election?

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Big News Day Shaping Up: Remarkable COVID-19 Update and Summary in “The New York Times”

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

I hardly know what to say. What is it with Thursdays? Today is shaping up to be a really big news day on several different fronts. You will want to check your favorite news sources——outside of lying and distorting FOX News——-to keep abreast of assorted situations.

The New York Times did something remarkable yesterday. They published a long update and summary article on where we all stand (as of June 29-30, 2020) with the COVID-19 crisis in the United States. It is a frank, straight up, stark, and no-holds-barred piece of excellent journalism that tells it like it is. You may read it by clicking on the following safe link:

A Viral Epidemic Splintering into Deadly Pieces

Just in case you might have missed it. Dr. Anthony Fauci is now asking Americans to wear eye goggles or eye shields when they go out in public to prevent the entry of COVID-19 into the body through the eyes. I have not seen any engineering specifications as to which eye goggles or eye shields are best to fight the virus.

Just in case you do not remember, eye shields are those fully transparent, tightly face-hugging polyethylene plastic coverings you were required to wear over your eyes in your high school or college chemistry laboratories when doing experiments. If you wear eyeglasses, they are made deep to fit over your glasses. I have only one questions about the face shields. My old face shield from high school chemistry lab had multiple small holes bored into it to fight against “fog ups.” I am wondering whether COVID-19 could sneak in through those holes? What do you think? Do they now make eye shields that do not have such holes?

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The Lincoln Project Scores a Home Run with New “Memories” Ad

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

The Lincoln Project (a.k.a. Republicans Against Trump) has hit a home run with its new T.V. ad for Campaign 2020. Wow!!!  Talk about a punt kick in the crotch!!! Its title is simply Memories. If it had been up to me, I would have titled it Precious Memories of all that was warm, cuddly, and good——-now gone——-and replaced by presidential incompetence, mass ignorance, lack of compassion for the American people, and 24/7 fear of chronic lung maiming and/or death. Please click on the following safe link and let The Lincoln Project remind you of what has been lost and whose fault it was:


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Meet the Real President of the United States——and a Few Words about EMU Oil

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

DR. Stella Immanuel

Dr. Stella Immanuel from Cameroon and Houston

I would like for you to see and hear a recent CNN editorial on President Trump. Sadly, the contents of this editorial item, presented by Anderson Cooper, are true. This editorial discusses the odd things that really go on inside the head of President Trump. If you value truth in any way, I triple dog dare you to watch and listen to this great editorial piece and meet the real President Trump through it. Please click on the first safe link below, and then click the white triangle to watch the editorial. Then read the two closely related news articles below it:

Meet the Real President Trump

Dr. Stella Immanuel: Sex with Spirits and Alien DNA…

How Quack Doctors and Powerful GOP Operatives Spread Misinformation to Millions

The foregoing CNN editorial mentions President Trump’s friend, Chuck Woolery, and Blue EMU ointment. Sometimes a person regrets doing research. Recently, I did some brief research on EMU oil. My research was prompted by President Trump, Chuck Woolery, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Blue EMU ointment. Based on my work background in environmental science, I had always assumed that the EMU oil in over-the-counter athletic ointments is some sort of synthetic organic compound mixed into mineral oil or baby oil——and the letters EMU stand for Ethyl Methyl…something or other that begins with the letter “U.” Man! Was I ever wrong!!!


The Emu Bird

What did my brief bit of research reveal? Well, how many of you are familiar with that huge, cute, squawky, flightless bird that accompanies insurance salesman Doug in the Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials? The emu bird (Dromaius novaehollandiae) is native to Australia. The Australians breed these flightless birds like we do chickens or turkeys, slaughter them, and boil them down to render bird fat. One form of this fat is slightly blue in color, and the other is a shade of yellow. The fat is then sold to various companies for medical purposes, which include its use in topical ointments.

Apparently, the EMU oil in pain-relieving ointments is really rendered fat from the body of the emu bird. I do not know about you, but the thought of using these magnificent birds for that purpose just turns my stomach. No way am I going to rub that stuff into my skin and hurting muscles. I do not care how well it works. How many of you would take a nice, warm bath in a deep tub full of turkey broth? Not me!!! What about President Trump and his favorite medical doctor/witch doctor in Houston? Something tells me the jury will be forever out on that last question.

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Face Masks: What Really Underlies the Christian Fundamentalist, Conservative Evangelical, and Republican Disdain for Wearing Them?

by Charles S. Oaxpatu


Oh Yeah!  Do You  Think a Burial Casket Looks Like Freedom?

What really underlies the Christian Fundamentalist, Conservative Evangelical, and Republican disdain for wearing face masks? Is it all about President Trump, American politics, and polarization——–or is it something with roots that go much deeper?

A Christian author named Libby Anne over at the Love, Joy, and Feminism blog on the Patheos religion platform experienced a brief epiphany, and during it, she may have identified the ultimate root cause of face mask denial——among so many American men. I think you will be surprised by what she discovered, if you did not grow up in a fundie church. If you did grow up in a fundie church, you will probably smack your head with your hand and yell in a loud voice:

Of course!!! Why didn’t I think of that?!!!

I inserted the word Republican into this mix for a reason. All Republicans are not fundies, but an extraordinarily high number of fundies are Republicans. American journalist H.L. Mencken famously remarked that a person could close their eyes and throw an orange into a crowd at a railroad siding and pretty much be assured that the orange would hit a Christian Fundamentalist. I would venture to say that you could close your eyes and throw an orange into a crowd of Trumpite Republicans and be pretty much assured that it will hit a Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical.

You may read Libby Anne’s blog article by clicking on the safe link below. If you get a little black box on your screen, go to the fine print at the bottom left of that box and click on the words that say you may proceed on without doing what Patheos requests of you. The box will disappear instantly, and you can read the article:

Do Face Masks Violate Evangelical Anti-Modesty Standards for Men?

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Hericanes, Himicanes, and COVID-19

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

We will soon be entering the worst portion of the 2020 hurricane season in the United States. Meteorologists are predicting a highly active hurricane season that may turn out to be one of the worst in American history.

What usually happens in the days before a hurricane hits the mainland United States or a U.S. Territory in the Caribbean Sea, such as Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands? People in and near the projected landfall area are urged to evacuate to inland locations. Many people evacuate to the mainland United States or evacuate to the homes of relatives in the other 50 states. Poor evacuees are herded into inland storm shelters, usually gymnasiums in public school buildings, churches, or community civic centers.

Can you even begin to imagine——with COVID-19 out there en masse and hungry for human flesh? Just think of the millions of people who tried to evacuate the Houston, Texas, area just a few years ago. It was a mess to say the least. Just think of all those people who will need to evacuate this year. Cars that run out of gas on clogged highways will be the least of their problems.

Evacuees will fill restaurants along major evacuation highways and interstate corridors to the bursting point. Men, women, and children have to eat. They must pee, poop, and buy gasoline. Restaurants, convenience stores, and service stations will be packed tight with people—and asymptomatic persons infected with COVID-19. Oh……………  Think about all of those poor souls packed like sardines into community storm shelters. COVID-19 will think it is Thanksgiving Day in those smorgasbords. Evacuees crowding into the inland homes of relatives will spread COVID-19.

Then you must ask five other key questions. Fearing COVID-19, what if those highway restaurants and convenience stores close? What will happen if community hurricane shelters are deemed inherently unsafe because of the COVID-19 risk and none are established in local communities? Will people be urged to shelter in place at their homes—-do the best they can—-and pray? What will that look like? I will tell you. It will look like hurricane Katrina and those human bodies floating in the floodwaters of New Orleans. Only this time, a few human bodies here and there in New Orleans in 2005 will turn into huge numbers of floating bodies in the 2020 hurricane landfall zones.

What will happen if poor old Puerto Rico is slammed again? Because of The Anointed One of the Lord dragging his hind end and despising Hispanic people, Puerto Rico and its residents have not even recovered from hurricane Maria. Another direct hit by a Category 4 or Category 5 hurricane will be curtains for Puerto Rico and its people, especially with “you know who” relaxing and watching television at the White House.

Look folks. These hurricane woes——and more——are coming to our southeast and Atlantic coastal areas in just a few weeks. President Trump and Trump’s FEMA will be in charge at the federal level of government. God help our coastal residents because no one else will be able to do it, and COVID-19 will make all of it just plain crazy. Do you seriously think President Trump and Trump’s FEMA can handle a mess like this with COVID-19 in the mix and running rampant? If you do, I have some swamp land in Arizona…

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