Merry Christmas and a Personal Note to My Readers

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Today is Christmas Eve 2021. Merry Christmas to all of you! As you gather with your vaccinated family and friends, I hope your time together will be peaceful, loving, and happy. You may have already read it, but the article below, which I found on-line this morning, was interesting and perhaps applicable to the curmudgeons who sometimes ruin our holiday get togethers. It deals with family members and how no person really and truly knows another family member—–not really. In a sense, even within the most loving family, each of us is to some degree misunderstood and alone in life. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary may have been three of those people for about 12 years. You may read the article by clicking on the following safe link:

How Parenthood Has Changed the Way I Read Ancient Stories of Joseph and Mary’s Relationship with Jesus

Now, I have a more personal message for you:

In the late summer of this year (2021), I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was not one of those “wait around for eight years and see what happens” prostate cancers. It was one of the moderately aggressive kinds that can quickly metastasize to other parts of the body. The tumor was caught early and had not metastasized. My urologist determined that X-ray radiation therapy and all of its other medical trappings would be the best course of treatment for my prostate cancer. I spent most of the autumn months taking medical castration shots and having the location right above my weenie area shot with low daily doses of radiation. In addition, a hospital nutritionist put me on a high-protein diet that encourages my body to heal faster from the tissue damage caused by the radiation. In the process, I gained 20-25 pounds of weight I did not want—–not quite Santa Claus weight—–but going toward there.

The only really bad side effect I have had from the radiation, other than disruption of my retirement’s daily nonschedule, turned out to be a typical but personally unanticipated urinary issue. My urethra  (look it up in the dictionary) came down with a really bad sore throat. How bad? Well, please recall the most painful “it hurts to pee” urinary tract infection you have ever had for just three days. Now, imagine that going on every day of your life for three straight months. I am a real Tennessee Volunteer now because the phenazopyridine urinary anesthetic has turned my white undies partially orange. Orange and white. Go Big Orange!!! Even my pubic hair is orange because the phenazopyridine is very hard to wash off in the shower.

Let us not talk about effects on pee aiming and pee stream strength. Well…………let us do because it is funny. I can pull out my weenie, aim straight into the toilet bowl, and hit the sheet-rock wall right next to the commode—–or hit the floor. Our house has three bathrooms, and one of them is carpeted. Can you imagine the mess? In addition, I have to pee frequently, approximately every 40 minutes throughout each 24-hour day, and it is often difficult to push out the pee. It is kind of like an old straight shift car. I have to stand over the toilet for much longer than was once usual and shift my weenie through various “gears” to coax out varying levels of pee stream—–with orange drip, drip, drip back-dribble. Needless to say, a good, full night’s sleep is nearly impossible because of the high pee frequency. This has gone on for about 2.5 months, and I am now an expert at disruptive nonpissing.

A nurse at my local cancer treatment center monitored my vital signs in a brief check-up every Monday. Along the way, she noticed something really odd. My blood oxygen level was slowly going down. It was about 99 when the radiation treatments began, and near the end of my treatments, it had depressed to 89. My local general practitioner referred me to a pulmonologist to determine whether my lungs were diseased. The lung X-rays and breathing tests were negative, but a treadmill test showed that exercise and associated fast breathing result in a further depression in blood oxygen level. They did some heart tests too, and my heart appears to be in great shape. My pulmonologist is still tracking down the source of my lowering blood oxygen level. The next step is a sleep apnea test at my local sleep center. In the meantime, my pulmonologist has recommended night-time home oxygen treatments using an oxygen concentrator. The machine is here, but I have not had enough courage to use it so far. It just sits in my bedroom, glaring at me. My dad, a long-time Camel smoker, had emphysema in his latter years and had to have home oxygen. I guess some part of me fears becoming like him—–and to this very day—–I still cannot figure out how my dad’s cigarette manufacturer rolled all of those huge desert beasts into those little paper tubes.

But seriously folks. It has been a difficult and not particularly amusing journey. My radiation treatments ended this past Monday, and I am now in the healing phase. I hope the tumor is gone—–should be the radiation folks tell me—–but I still must go through some final tests to determine that for certain. The oxygen issue is still present and under investigation. It still hurts to pee, and I am still a major source of orange dye………if you need some.

God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Baby Bird (something personal) have been with me throughout this long and difficult cancer/low oxygen journey. I feel all of their love and comfort sent my way throughout each day. Because of their presence, my cancer journey has been far less scary and more tolerable than it would have otherwise been. Most of my medical caregivers have been kind and loving, especially the folks at my local cancer treatment center. They are fun people who treat each patient with great love and respect, so you never feel like an impersonal piece of meat in a radiation tenderizing facility.

Who is the Baby Bird?  She is the lingering memory of my first-born female child. Well, her childhood nickname was “Miss Bird.” She was the most amazing child!!!  So is her younger brother. But you know how it is. Little girls tend to be “daddy’s girls” as they grow up down south, and little boys tend to be “momma’s boys.” Various memories of my little girl and the many odd things she said and did in her youth bring great comfort to me in difficult times. She is still a young person (twenties) because we had both of our natural-born children very late in life. I would like you to meet the adult Miss Bird. Here is a recent photograph of her and her husband while touring around campus at the University of Georgia for a football-related event:

Miss Bird and Husband at the University of Georgia

I do not know about you, but for me, the year 2021 was about as bad as 2020 when the health issues were added to it. Therefore, right now, I am looking forward to a happy Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and overall Christmas/New Year season.

This is the night of Old Scrooge, Marley’s ghost, and the other three ghosts. A Christmas Carol is still one of my favorite stories and has been for most of my life. My favorite phrase from that long story by Charles Dickens is:

Wicked old screw!!!

My favorite scenes from that story are the ones shown below. I send them out with great personal pleasure this Christmas Eve to all of the other “wicked old screws” on the American stage today: Trumpites, far-right Republicans, Tea Party members, Capitol Hill insurrectionists, Christian Fundamentalists, Conservative Evangelicals, and the fundie preachers who have left Jesus to pursue money, politics, and rubbing elbows with the wealthy and mighty for personal gain. They know who they are. You know who they are. God knows who they are.  Charles Dickens knew them in his time and place too. People like them have existed in every historical age and geographic place throughout human history on this Earth. Here is a classic Christmas message to all of them from A Christmas Carol. Click, watch, and listen closely:

Finally, I would just like to say that my cancer journey was one of the primary reasons I have not written much for this blog over the past year. It took a lot out of me, including the willingness to think and write regularly. If you had been in my skin and wearing my shoes, I feel certain you would have understood how difficult writing can be under such circumstances.

God bless all of you and have a Merry Christmas!!!  

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Important Update: Please Scroll Down and Read My Update at the Bottom of the Blog Article I Wrote on Omicron Yesterday

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

I will have another, more personal blog article for you about some things that have been happening to me—-if you care to know here at Christmas time.

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Omicron Is Coming: Bend Over and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

From everything I have been seeing and hearing in the news media, it looks as if 2022 is shaping up to be a far worse repeat of the year 2020, which was one of the worst years in American history. This time around, one of the principal drivers of our national misery will be the mysterious Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus. I say “mysterious” because large and reliable clinical studies on this new variant are not available to provide a lot of certain information. However, one thing they do know for certain is that Omicron spreads exponentially at a far higher rate than the current Delta variant of COVID-19. In a word, it spreads like “wildfire”when it gets rooted in a community or state.

Right now in the United States, it appears that the Omicron variant makes up only about 3 percent of COVID-19 cases, whereas the other 97 percent are still caused by the Delta variant. Nonetheless, because of its far higher rate of spread, the Omicron variant is expected to quickly outpace the Delta variant, overcome it,  and become the dominant new disease-causing variant in the United States.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of large and reliable studies, the effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines against Omicron is not known with great certainty right now. However, preliminary studies suggest that the two major vaccines may be less effective for a portion of the fully vaccinated community (meaning two shots + booster).  Dr. Anthony Fauci believes, at this time, the members of the fully vaccinated community will be far better off collectively when Omicron finally strikes as a full force army of viral mayhem and death—–probably sometime in January 2022.

What to do? What to do? If you are not fully vaccinated, get vaccinated now with an mRNA vaccine because your time is rapidly running out. Get an excellent quality face mask (e.g., N95 respirator or KN95 mask) and wear it whenever you go out into an indoor or outdoor public setting—-if you must go. Stay at home as much as you can, especially if you have multiple medical comorbidities that Omicron can use to maim you for life or kill you. Christian Fundamentalists, Conservative Evangelicals, antivaxxers, Trumpites, Republicans, and other far right conservatives who refuse to get vaccinated, I have an important message for you. Omicron is coming, and it is coming for you especially. It is going to devastate you. Mark my word. Your time is coming, and it is coming soon! Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

Update on 12/21/21: Yesterday, when I was writing the foregoing article, the CDC determined that the Omicron variant has already overcome the Delta variant in the United States and is now the primary cause of COVID-19 infections. It has also been determined that 73 percent of the current, new COVID-19 cases in the United States are caused by the Omicron variant. What was most feared for January 2022 has already arrived. It is here and happening right now this minute.

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Christian Fundamentalists, Conservative Evangelicals, and Modern Science

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

If you have not done so already, please read the article at the safe link shown below. It was written by Preacher Paul Prather and published in the Lexington Herald-Leader, which is the main daily newspaper in Lexington, Kentucky. Prather preaches at a Pentecostal church in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. Here is the safe link to his article:

Evangelical Christians Should Balance Their Faith in God with a Faith in Science

After reading that article, I felt incredibly angry. Why? I am not really sure. It just pushed one of my buttons. I have spent nearly three years of my life trying desperately to keep the members of my family and the folks who read here safe from the COVID-19 virus and its variants. In fact, I have pretty much exhausted myself doing it. As most of you know, I am a Mainline Christian and a retired professional scientist who works hard against fundie ignorance.

While Jesus was  hanging on the cross, he made a remark to God the Father about those who were jeering at him and killing him. He said:

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34)

Christian Fundamentalists (including many of the Pentecostal ones), Conservative Evangelicals, Trump followers, and other people who are drowning in ignorance have become the witting and unwitting allies of the COVID-19 virus in its murderous rampage across our nation and the rest of the Earth. I wonder what the living Jesus Christ of today thinks about the great masses of American fundies who are clear and unequivocal accomplices in the viral murder of so many people (headed toward 800,000 in the United States alone—-including children). Does Jesus forgive them for they know not what they do—–“because theyzuns iz jist simple, low-church, country people”?  (You know the old fundie motto: “A simple gospel for a simple people.”)

Personally, in my angry mood right now, I would like to squeeze every simple American fundie into a gigantic classroom with bank vault doors that lock behind them. Then I would pull out four textbooks—–one on chemistry, one on microbiology, one on public health, and one on biological evolution. I would hold them up high and speak this to the captive fundies:

Each one of you is going to go through four courses of study involving these four books—-right here in this gigantic building. No one will be allowed to leave until they make an “A” on each comprehensive test at the end of each course. A very few of you will be here for at least one year. Many of you will be here for two years, four years, or seven years. Some of you will never go home. You will die from old age right here while still trying to make an “A” on each test. However, some relief from your studies will be allowed. Just as every student is forced to attend chapel each day at a fundie college, each one of you will be forced to attend a high-church chapel service every day—-no shouted amens, whooping, hollering, or hillbilly buck dancing for Jesus will be allowed. Our high-church chapel is much like this one:

I suppose the Roman Catholics and Episcopalians would view such required studies and worship as appropriate penance for the typical fundie church life. After all, incessant ignorance and stupidity is no way to lead any kind of life—-much less a church life or Christian life.

But I have to tell you the truth. I was once young, and now I am an old man. Many of the past relatives in my own family (and their friends) were born and raised as simple country people. My parents were two of those people. One quit school in 6th grade, and the other quit in 8th grade. As my mother once told me:

Daddy wasn’t much good at book learning.

The two of them accidentally killed my baby sister with an overdose of aspirin in 1936. Why? They were simple, ignorant country people who were apparently unable to understand that you do not give a whole lot of aspirin to a 2.5 year old toddler with a high fever. Death by aspirin poisoning was what the medical examiner wrote on her official death certificate. My parents spent their whole lives telling me she died from pneumonia—–to cover up the awful ignorance that rested in their rural mindset.

No one taught me to do it. All by myself, as a child, I grew up hating simple country people and the simple country ways in which they lived. At some point much later in my adult years, I finally realized that it was not the country people that I hated—–not really. What I really hated was the awful evil that geographic isolation, cultural isolation, poverty, ignorance, rejection of book learning, and simple-minded fundie religion do to so very many people who live in the back sticks areas of the United States. That is why I would like to send each one of these fundie, moron bastards to a really difficult school (and high-church chapel) where they could learn how and why to quit supporting the murder of their fellow human beings with COVID-19 and its variants.

And Preacher Prather, if you ever read this blog article of mine, I do not want to hear about how you grew up in blue overalls with holes, how you milked the cows every morning for momma, how you walked barefooted 20 miles in snow to the nearest two-room schoolhouse.—and how that old-time country way of life was so near and dear to your little childhood heart. I do not give a damn about your rural childhood. Neither do tens of millions of other Americans (including Christian Americans) from coast to coast. Hello!!! 21st Century. Urban. Even far more urban in the coming 22nd century.

Please do not get me wrong. I love the landscape and the natural environment of rural places. I just wish the rural people, their ignorant back sticks culture, their red necks, and their ignorant fundie religion would disappear from rural areas so they would finally, once again, be the pristine wildernesses God created several billion years ago. God does great work. Rural fundies and fundie Trump followers who use their ignorance to murder their neighbors—-not so much.

Okay. I need to go somewhere, have a snack, and cool down. Exhale!!! Did this article by Preacher Prather make any of you regular readers angry? Do you have any opinions as to why it made me feel so angry? Feel free to register your opinions by leaving a comment. If you are not a regular here, please be sure to read the Blog Policy and Contact sections of this blog before leaving a comment.

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The One Greatest and Most Insightful Op-Ed News Article of Our Current Time——-A Must Read——-A Future Classic

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

The article referred to in my title above is Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun. Its author is Barton Gellman, and it was published yesterday in the old, venerable, and very serious literary magazine known as The Atlantic. This magazine specializes in publishing the best works by truly skilled and insightful authors who can analyze and see things other people cannot easily see. This article and its contents were front and center on some of the reputable news networks last night, including Rachel Maddow’s famous show on MSNBC.

Yes. The article is a little long, but that is because it has a lot of important things to offer you. Please take some time and give it a close read. Yes, I know you are just as tied of politics and government as you are of deadly viruses and vaccine injections. However, if you have a religious turn of mind that kisses politics to some degree, you might do well to view the contents of this article as educated prophecy that will most likely come true across the next three years, unless you personally and many other mentally balanced, sensible, and sane Americans intervene to stop this evil that is otherwise almost surely coming our way. God help us all, and this is no joking matter.

Please click on the following safe link to read the article:

Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend———–It May Be Your Last Opportunity for Such Happiness in Quite a While

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

The year 2021 will be coming to an end soon. I feel like a whole lot of excrement is about to hit a huge number of fans in 2022. It all begins on Wednesday of next week when the U.S. Supreme Court hears the big Mississippi abortion case that may result in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. From where I sit, many things—–truly important things—–may go straight downhill from there in 2022. By this time next year, we may very well look back in time and decide that 2022 was far worse than 2020. If any specific year on planet Earth ever needed the loving hand of God the Father, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit, 2022 may be it in this century.

What happens in 2022 may very well set the tone and course for the rest of the 21st century. If you are an intelligent, emotionally balanced person who believes in Truth and Love, your firm voice and nonviolent action on the American stage throughout 2022 may make the difference in whether light defeats darkness in our lives and the lives of our fellow men, women, and children.

Throughout the coming year, I hope you will bear in mind and always remember a short sentence delivered by a man overlooking the elephant enclosure at the Knoxville Zoo in Knoxville, Tennessee. The elephants were dipping their long snouts into buckets of water, sucking the water in, and spewing it out across their backs. The man was there with either his wife or girlfriend, and his right arm lay across her shoulder lovingly. I was standing right behind them when the man uttered these important words to his darling:

M fattuns air cleans theysevs.

Dwell on that short sentence. Our fight for the authentic Christian faith and the future of our country is pitted against the kinds of human minds from which such words can easily spring. OMICRON is coming in 2022—–and licking its chops for just such people.

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Please Get Your COVID-19 Booster Shot——Now!

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Just in case some of you might have missed it, COVID-19 booster shots have now been officially approved for all adult Americans. It happened only a few days ago.

The northern tier of states is already experiencing a major increase in COVID-19 infections and has been doing so for the past several weeks. It is my understanding that some increased levels of infection are now occurring in many other states because cool weather has set in and more people are spending time inside buildings where they are in close proximity to other people who are infected. The deadly virus loves cooler weather and places where people are close to each other.

Some of the observed increases in infections may be attributable to preparations for Thanksgiving Day, such as shopping for groceries in tightly crowded supermarkets and people crowding into stores to take advantage of early (like several weeks early) Pre-Black Friday sales. In about 10 days after Thanksgiving Day (November 25), we should know if a Thanksgiving weekend of nationwide travel and extended family get-togethers has plunged our country into another holiday-related COVID-19 tragedy.

I have already received my Moderna booster shot—–about three weeks ago at a local pharmacy. It was received by just walking in and asking for the booster shot. Two choices were offered to me by the pharmacist. Persons who are not immune-compromised were offered a booster shot that is one-half the dosage of the original shot. People who had compromised immunity from medications they take, cancer treatment, etc. were offered a full dosage booster shot.

Unfortunately, there is a little bit of confusion coming from doctors in the normally reliable mainstream news media. I heard one medical person say that it takes up to five weeks after injection for the booster shot to bring a person into optimum immunity. However, in an interview with Dr. Cavita Patel on MSNBC, I heard that optimum immunity is acquired within about 36 hours after receiving the booster shot. Supposedly, the human body can generate optimum immunity that rapidly because the immune system is already so very familiar with how to generate antibodies as a result of the first two shots. I have no idea which of these two perspectives is the medically correct one.

Face mask? Even though I have had my booster shot, I still wear a quality face mask (e.g., KN-95) when I go shopping, meet up with people (even vaccinated people), or when a person knocks on my front or back door. Most of the customers in the Tennessee supermarket where I shop for food are wearing face masks, even though the store itself has no face mask mandate. But hey, on the whole, the people in my small city are a lot smarter than the people in most of the other small cities in Tennessee.

Please get your COVID-19 booster shot as soon as possible, if you are six months or more beyond the date of your second initial shot. The six-month limit is when immunity from the first two shots begins dropping down. For those of you who took the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, I am not sure what to tell you on that one. Look it up. 

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Where Did Everyone Go?

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Supposedly, according to the accurate statistical packages supplied through WordPress, the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog has 86 regular followers. I wonder where most of them went? Best I can tell, for several months now, only about three people still come here regularly to read. Now, that is a truly humbling experience!

In my estimation, the drop off in readership began when the Democrats took back the U.S. House of Representatives in the fall 2018 election. The most recent drop came right after my “stinking to high heaven” article about the collapse of the Jewish old folks residential building in Florida back in the summer of 2021. Was it that sickening and insensitive? I was just stating the untold truth about what was happening there.

Because of reader lack of interest, I am seriously thinking about closing down the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog for some…undecided upon…period of time. It seems pretty clear to me that something has profoundly changed. I either have nothing else useful or valuable to say to you (from your perspective) or nothing useful to offer you from other writers. Heck! I do not even know what your biggest concerns in life are anymore. Who would after several years of hell from COVID-19? I would guess that for many people, the virus quite literally changed everything in their lives and put them on different life trajectories. Did that happen to you?

Finally, to tell you the truth, I started slowing down myself after January 2021. Satan’s “Golden Boy” was kicked off his throne, and it seemed as if all might be better for a while on the gospel front, with the hearts of the American people, and with our country in general. I felt less, and less, and less like writing anything here.

I also began to realize that my words really do no good here and have no positive effect on changing anything or enlightening anyone. My words do not attract people in the numbers I had hoped for, and they do not have the power to change anything. It seems that the great German religious reformer, Martin Luther, was right when he wrote the words to my favorite hymn: “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” Here are the key words from the first verse of that song—-words about the Force of Evil that exists on this Earth (however you might choose to name it or define it):

For still our ancient foe doth seek to work us woe. His craft and pow’r are great, and armed with cruel hate. On earth is not his equal.

I had no real appreciation for those words and their gravity…at least in this country…until Donald J. Trump took over as President of the United States. It seems that what I thought was an ending on January 20th was really only the beginning of a much deeper story of power, evil, and hate that is yet to be written by Trump and his many millions of thoroughly deluded, truth-denying followers. The writing of that horrifying story will begin anew in just a few weeks as Election Year 2022 ramps up.

Comfort? You want comfort? Well, I ran into a Native American graphics item that might help you some. I have no idea who created it, but it is a good one. Here it is for you to ponder:

Great Thought

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Christian Reconstructionists, Dominionists, Theonomists, Christian Nationalists——And Now——These Frightening New Religionists

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

I suppose the on-line magazine Business Insider thought this year’s Halloween deserved a truly scary religious story, so it published one yesterday. You have to read the article below to believe it. This is real and happening right now in the United States. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and as the old saying goes:

You can’t make up stuff this bizarre. That’s how you know it’s real.

In the famous movie entitled The Shooter, actor Mark Wahlberg refers to Tennessee as the official “state of shooting things.” Tennessee is one of the reddest of the red states, and the size of its Trumpite voter population is enormous. Tennesseans do indeed love their guns! Even major firearms manufacturers are beginning to see Tennessee as future fertile ground for establishing new factories. Beretta U.S.A. Corporation has just built a major firearms manufacturing facility in the Nashville suburb where I grew up. Tennessee is also known as the buckle of the Bible Belt, and Nashville is often referred to in literature as “The Protestant Vatican City.” Christian Fundamentalism and Conservative evangelicalism are super-powerful forces throughout Tennessee. With all of that in mind, please be aware that the religionists highlighted in the following news story are in the process of setting up a satellite operation in Tennessee. Guns. Religion. Politics. Power. Here is the story:

A Gun Church That Glorifies the AR-15 and Is Led by the Son of the ‘Moonies’ Church Founder Has Been Making Alliances with Far-Right Figures

Did you notice the photograph of the leader of the spiritual group highlighted in the above article? The crown he is wearing is made of rifle bullets.

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Happy Halloween!!!

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Old Halloween Card

Antique Halloween Greeting Card

Tomorrow is Halloween, and it falls on a Sunday. When I was a clinically depressed child growing up in a Tennessee neighborhood, on what Johnny Rivers called “the po side of town,” Halloween became one of my favorite days of the year. The carved pumpkins, spooky decorations, wild costumes, festive activities, and trick or treating for candy lifted my frequently down moods. Because of this, Halloween was always a happy time in my life, and looking back across my 68 years, I now consider it to have been a blessing in my life. I think James, the brother of Jesus, said it best in the Holy Bible:

Everything good comes from God. Every perfect gift is from him. These good gifts come down from the Father who made all the lights in the sky (James 1: 17-19).

Many Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals in the United States hate Halloween and everything associated with it. They claim it is thoroughly Satanic, occultic, and evil in nature, and no “True Christian” should ever enjoy or participate in any Halloween activities. They claim such participation is a form of celebrating and worshiping Satan, demons, and other evil spirits. What do I say to that? These fundie beliefs about Halloween are pure……………………..bullshit! As a child, and even as an adult, I never approached Halloween with a mind or heart for worshiping such darkness. To the best of my knowledge, neither did any of my childhood friends. We were just kids having good-natured and well-intentioned fun.

I really feel sorry for the kids who grow up in Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical homes and churches. They miss out on Halloween and so many of the other really good, fun, and happy things in life—–just as they miss out on so very much factual truth by slurping up tons of lies (i.e., invented “truths”) in church schools (K-12) and through homeschooling. Child abuse? Yes—–in my mind—–it is. It stunts their mental growth, just like poor nutrition and regularly smoking cigarettes at seven years of age stunts a kid’s physical growth? (I have only one thing to say to what you just thought at the end of that last sentence.) You obviously did not grow up in my neighborhood on the Edgar Allan “Poe” side of town.

Well, folks. I have to go now. The rest of my afternoon and evening will be used to slowly place and arrange assorted Halloween decorations in the downstairs of my house. My house is a 20th century replica of a late 17th century Georgian saltbox house. Ours is a really good Halloween house because it brings back memories of the early 16th century New England saltbox houses in places like Salem, Massachusetts. You will recall Salem is the town where a bunch of male Puritans (Christian Fundamentalist types) went on a binge of trying and hanging assorted innocent people accused of practicing witchcraft. And just as you would expect from a bunch of fundies, most of the victims were women and girls. (What is it about Christian Fundamentalist males and women?)

I will just close by saying that we kids who participated in innocent Halloween festivities on “the po side of town” never tried or hanged anyone for being a witch. We knew better, even if we were just kids living on the “po side of town.”

Roman Catholic and Mainline Christians (like me) have a little orange and black Halloween message for all of you Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical witch hunters out there on the American landscape—-and the message is delivered in classic Halloween orange and black by three female members of the famous Glee singers:

Still Graphics Credit: The Graphics Fairy

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