Trumpsman Video: Which Right Wing Nutjobs Will It Radicalize Toward Violence Against the News Media?

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Trump Cracks

Trumpsman Video Is Just One More Big Crack in the Trump Image

You have probably already seen The Trumpsman video clip that is pervading the daily news today. This is a technically well-done video clip that shows President Donald J. Trump knifing and shooting members of the news media and other people he despises. Sadly, the setting for this imaginary mass murder is a small country church.

The television (TV) news outlets I have seen today are refusing to show this video clip or excerpts from it on their broadcasts. According to various TV news reports, this video clip was first screened at the Trump-supporting American Priority Festival held last week at the Trump National Doral Resort in Miami, Florida. If you have not seen this wild video so far, you may watch it by clicking on the following safe link:

Watch the Trumpsman Video (Click and Scroll down. Hit Play.)

Apparently, the Trump supporters who made and/or sponsored the above video clip thought it would be amusing. They thought it would make people laugh. Others would no doubt embrace it as a steam-relief valve for their anger over investigations into the Trump administration.

Nothing is funny about this video clip, and I am not laughing at it. No matter what the creator’s original intentions might have been, some Trumpites will see this video clip as nothing less than a national open invitation to physically attack and/or kill members of the news media. In my personal opinion, this video is the equivalent of yelling “FIRE!!!!” in a crowded theater when there is no fire.

I have always been a strong supporter of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the freedom of speech and expression it offers to all American citizens. However, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled long ago that such rights are not absolute. This is precisely why it is illegal to yell “Fire!!!!” in a crowded theater.

Here are a few more points:

(1) Trump’s so-called fake news is not fake news. It is both fact and truth printed and broadcast by people who received undergraduate and graduate degrees in journalism from American universities. Each and every day in their jobs, they follow the ethics and truth guidelines they were taught in their journalism classes—the journalism equivalents of the famous Hippocratic Oath in medicine.

(2) The term fake news is a clever propaganda device used by President Trump and many of his dishonest henchmen and henchwomen at various levels in his administration and in the New Republican Party, which is comprised of many right wing extremists. The term fake news is a perfect example of the BIG LIE concept Dr. Joseph Goebbels developed and implemented for the German Nazi Party. Goebbels was also a right wing extremist. The following photograph shows him in all of his dark-hearted glory:

Big Lie

Please click on the following safe link to read a master list of the propaganda principles Dr. Goebbels developed and applied. Read this list carefully and decide how many of these principles are being used by President Trump, his spokesmen, and his spokeswomen:

Joseph Goebbels: Principles of Propaganda

(3) Many of the American and worldwide journalists who cover the Trump administration live in various degrees of day-to-day fear from Trump supporters (Trumpites), especially at his large political rallies. These Trumpites  scream obscenities at reporters, flip the old middle finger at reporters, and even threaten reporters with bodily harm.

(4) Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals love lies and gulp them down like starving dogs. Why? Their churches and preachers have brainwashed and behaviorally conditioned them to reject facts as a matter of faith.  They are taught to believe that many truths are lies and many lies are truths. This is why they suck so hard on the tits of Fox News, so their Biblical itching ears can be comforted with all of the lies and distortions of truth they most want to hear. They run from real facts and authentic truth like rats fleeing a burning ship.

(5) President Trump and his many Trumpites hate any news reporter who tells the truth about Fearless Leader, but they hate some reporters far more than others. For example, they really despise Jim Acosta at CNN.

In the above video clip, Trump waits until the very end to impale the head of the CNN reporter with a long rod. It is the final violent icing on their video cake. I suspect that particular victim is meant to represent Mr. Acosta, who knows all about government lies and tyranny. His dad (then 11 years old) escaped from Fidel Castro’s Cuba only a few days before the Cuban Missile Crisis began in 1962:

Jim Acosta Visits Cuba and Mentions His Dad

That is such a shame too. Jim Acosta is a really nice guy and one of the best White House reporters at CNN. When Wolf Blitzer must miss work, he often taps Jim Acosta to fill in for him on The Situation Room, which is CNN’s network-to-network, competitive 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. EDT news broadcast. Wolf chooses the best to fill in for him. I like Jim too—very much.


Image Credit: Tim O’Brien for The Village Voice

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Attorney General William Barr Goes Delusional Like Trump

by Charles S. Oaxpatu


United States Attorney General William Barr took his first step into Delusionville when he decided to ditch the U.S. Justice Department’s long-standing policy of being nonpolitical and thoroughly objective in its work. Barr has become a political acolyte of Trump, one of his biggest cheerleaders, and a reliable “yes man” to any putrid thing Trump wants to do. By doing so, he is making a mockery of the once great, highly respected, and thoroughly reliable U.S. Department of Justice and its agencies such as the FBI. That alone was bad enough.

Unfortunately, Barr has taken another stroll into Delusionville with a recent speech he gave at the University of Notre Dame. Barr is a member of the Roman Catholic Church, apparently one of its ultra-conservative Bill Donohue types who does not mind kicking Pope Francis in the testicles if he does not obey their orders when they are supposed to be obeying the somewhat liberal orders, words, and examples of Pope Francis. Mary Papenfuss at Huffpost covered Barr’s speech at Notre Dame, and you may read her article by clicking on the following safe link:

Attorney General William Barr Blames Mental Illness And Drug Abuse On Vanishing Religion

In that speech at Southbend, Barr trotted forth the old, worn out Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical saw that says American society and culture are crumbling because American public schools and many Christian churches are not teaching our youth the basic differences between right and wrong. His answer was the long-standing fundie answer. Teach Old Testament Biblical laws to all of our children so they will know right from wrong.

If Barr did not have his head so far up Trump’s hind end, he might have enough good sense to check out a famous study conducted by a local attorney general in Indiana. I cannot remember her name or find the article she wrote.  However, I did read the article a few years ago, and I do recall its contents. She too was encountering this old fundie saw about kids and adults not knowing right from wrong. Fundies were wanting to erect granite “tombstones” emblazoned with the 10 Commandments on courthouse lawns in Indiana to teach the supposedly ignorant population right from wrong.

This attorney general thought such monuments were a really stupid idea.  Furthermore, she fully realized that the erection of such monuments was a clear violation of the establishment clause in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Rather than just make broad, untested assumptions like the fundies do, she decided to put the fundie right vs. wrong premise to an objective test by doing a formal right vs. wrong survey of convicted criminals in Indiana jails and prisons. What was the main conclusion of this study?

The vast majority of the surveyed Indiana prisoners—huge—really huge—already knew right from wrong before they committed their crimes. They openly and easily self-reported it. They knew for certain that the criminal acts they were committing were wrong. For example, a prisoner knew that it was wrong to steal belongings from a person’s house (10 Commandment No. 8). Nonetheless, he simply chose to ignore the law and committed the crime anyway!!!

Why is American society and culture really crumbling? First of all, a number of the fundies cite symptoms of crumbling that are not really a crumble at all. For example, treating members of American minority groups with kindness, respect, and equality is hardly a sign of sociocultural or moral crumbling. To the contrary, it is a sign that the Kingdom of God is at hand in our American society. With regard to the things that are indeed crumbling, I lay the blame for that squarely at the feet of Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals.

It all began in the middle 1980s. During those years, I was a member of a Southern Baptist Convention church. I was also a frequent browser in Christian bookstores. Most Christian bookstores in the United States were (and still are) unabashed fundie establishments. Just ask any store owner, and she will say it through her nose in a high pitch tone:

It’s not a business.  This bookstore is my Christian ministry to the public.

Deep sigh.  Whatever.

I noticed something really odd when I was browsing through those books. Fundie authors, even the preachers, were openly deriding and mocking the Christian love that pervades the New Testament in the Holy Bible. They were claiming that love is bad because authentic love is by its very nature too permissive. They preferred Old Testament law over New Testament love, and they were willfully changing the meaning of the word love to a newly defined love they were calling tough love. What did this tough love look like?

Well, if a fundie’s teenage daughter became accidentally addicted to beverage alcohol on the sly, the answer was tough love. The parents were called upon to treat their daughter like the living POS she must surely be for offending God with addiction. The parents then pounded their daughter nearly to death with threatening scripture. On top of that, the parents proceeded with a full-court press on the daughter to make her life a living Hell with browbeating until her spirit was finally broken into quitting the bottle. (LGBTQ people are no doubt very familiar with this routine.) That is not New Testament love. Fundie tough love is unloving physical and mental abuse—plain and simple. If you attend any Al-Anon meeting, designed to help the nonaddicted family members of  an addicted person, one of the first tried and true principles you learn is that such unloving abuse does only one thing. It drives the addicted person deeper into their addiction.

After the fundies of the 1980s kicked New Testament love square in the butt, they initiated another clever, self-serving maneuver—one that we see all too frequently today. To justify their tunnel-vision focus on Evangelism above all other things, they either ignored or gave hollow lip service to New Testament love and all of the things Jesus Christ, his disciples, and the apostles had to say about such love and turning it into positive action within the community at large. Today, if you stick all of those scriptures right under the nose of a fundie and ask her about the importance of New Testament love, she will quietly ignore you or downplay it by saying:

Why evangelical sharing of the gospel message of salvation alone—IS LOVE.

There the fundies go again—just like with tough love—redefining New Testament love yet again so it conforms with their own personal tastes to justify fundie neglect of scriptural passages concerning Christian love and Christian love in action.

Why are so many things crumbling in American society and culture today? Christian love has taken a back seat to so very many other things. We have forgotten how to truly love Jesus, love each other, and love our neighbors. We are not teaching our children and our fellow men and women how to truly love each other. You know what Jesus said:

Greatest commandment

Jesus was not advocating Old Testament legalism here. He was calling the people of God to understand that the principles of Christian love transcend any laws or rules, ecclesiastical or otherwise. The Christian faith is all about love—first and foremost—not laws and rules. Except for a bit of hollow lip service and a little positive action in the lives of their neighbors, Christian Fundamentalism and Conservative Evangelicalism have effectively condemned and killed off New Testament love.

Why are so many things crumbling in American society and culture? An old song says it best, and I think Jesus would agree. We need to teach our children how to love, teach adults how to love, and do it not just with words but with actions that demonstrate Christian love in action. This needs to happen inside the church and outside of the church. Jesus was right, and this old song expresses it well:

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Rev. Steven Andrew: Why God Made Trump President and Why All True Christians ® Support Trump

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

I Am

Sorry Donnie. Jesus Is the Great I AM, and You Are the Lowly I Ain’t

Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals believe President Donald J. Trump is The Anointed One of the Lord. In other words, the American people and the electoral college did not vote Donald J. Trump into office in November 2016. Instead, working invisibly and behind the scenes in mysterious ways, God personally and miraculously “jimmied a few switches” to ensure that his own personal and Holy choice for President would be Donald J. “Bait of Satan” Trump. The fundies believe Trump was God’s personal, foreordained choice for President of the United States.

Reverend Steven Andrew, pastor at the USA Christian Church and founder of the USA Christian Denomination, knows all about why and how God favors and savors President Trump so very much (day and night) and will maintain his presidency for him for the next 6 years—I suppose—from reading an article he wrote. I am not sure where Reverend Andrew gets a lot of his ideas about God and Trump. Perhaps God used Microsoft Outlook to send him a formal, personal memorandum? The inhabitants of the nonfundie Christian world, myself included, would love to see this formal memorandum and see God’s own personal electronic signature on it.

Please click on the following safe link where Reverend Andrew will tell you all about why and how God personally ordained Donald J. Trump to be President of the United States and why all True Christians ® should continue to support Trump:

Top 10 Reasons Why Christians Support President Trump

Now, scroll to the bottom of that article where, in italics, Reverend Andrew explains his money needs—and why your donations are not tax deductible. Sniff? Sniff? Sniff?  Now, let’s do it again for Reverend Andrew and all the other supporters of President Donald J. “Bait of Satan” Trump:

Stand by Your Trump

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman
Giving all your love to just one Trump
You’ll have bad times, and he’ll have good times
Doin’ things that you don’t understand
But if you love Trump, you’ll forgive Trump
Even though he’s hard to understand
And if you love Trump, oh be proud of Trump
‘Cause after all he’s just a Trump.
Stand by your Trump, give him two arms to cling to
And something warm to cum to
When nights are cold and lonely.
Stand by your Trump, and show the world you love Trump
Keep giving all the love you can.
Stand by-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y your Trump!!!

You now have my permission to hold it down best you can and run to the nearest plastic wastebasket or ceramic toilet bowl.

Here is some really good medicine to help you recover. Just click on the following safe link and be sure to take the whole dose:

Donald Trump Continues To Prove He’s Not A Christian Nor Does He Understand Christianity

Image Credit: Dust Off the Bible Blog


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George Will: A Conservative Living Legend Tells the Truth about Trump to the American People

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

George Will

George F. Will

George F. Will, a long-time Republican and a living legend in American conservatism, has just written a very interesting article about President Donald J. Trump in The Washington Post. Because of Trump, George is no longer a member of the Republican Party.

Every American citizen needs to read George Will’s recent article and take it seriously. You may read the article by clicking on the following safe link:

The Spiraling President Adds Self-Impeachment to His Repertoire

The only thing I disagree with is an item in the two George Will video clips at the beginning of the article. George believes the Impeachment Inquiry and eventual impeachment of Trump by the U.S. House of Representatives is an exercise in utter futility because the Republicans in the U.S. Senate will never remove the so-called Anointed One of the Lord from office.  Sometimes in life, regardless of the eventual end results, it is necessary for honest, sensible men and women with loving hearts to make a public stand against pervasive evil in high places. For future American citizens, for generations to come, our American history textbooks must show that men and women of good will took a stand against such evil in American government—so they can too in their future time and place.

Furthermore, I am not totally convinced that the U.S. Senate will refuse to remove Trump from office. If a vast majority of Americans make it known that they want Trump removed from office, the Republicans in the U.S. Senate may decide to get rid of Trump. The key  question before them is this:

Who do the Republicans in the U.S. Senate fear the most—President Trump or a vast majority of the American people?

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Trump and the Fundies: Here Is Some Religious Comedy for You

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Lies in Church II

Ralph Reed, arguably the Dark Knight of the current Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical establishment, is rallying the fundie troops to support the re-election of President Donald J. Trump in 2020. If you would like a little comedy in your life, please read the short article below—and most of all—look at the reader comments that come right after that article. Those comments make it pretty clear that Reed is actually doing nothing more than rallying pigs for a major-league Bacon Fry Festival in 2020. Please take a look by clicking on the following safe link:

Christians ‘Have a Moral Obligation to Enthusiastically Back’ Trump in 2020, According to Prominent Evangelical

What do you think about that big photograph at the top of the foregoing article? Look at the face of Preacher Robert Jeffress (with the red tie). Is that the face of an orgasm stimulated by proximity to the power “of this present world”?  If I had to put a caption beneath this photograph, the wording would be:

Blind Fundies Leading the Blind President in Prayer

The whole scene in that photograph reminds me of the Old Testament scriptures where the evil kings of ancient Israel appointed sycophant spiritual advisors to whisper the words the king wanted to hear into his ears—rather than the truth. Honest advisors—like the ancient Israeli prophets—were well-known for speaking the truth into the ears of power. I wonder how long Trump would last with the ancient prophets blowing truthful words into his ears? Would he kill the prophets for not being good “yes men”?  Comments are open.

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Kurds: U.S. Allies Now under Assault by Turkey——All Trump’s Fault

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Peshmerga Fighters

Kurdish Peshmerga Soldiers—American Allies

It began today. The nation of Turkey has formally invaded northern Syria. Turkish artillery shells and bombs are now raining down on the Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers in that area. Good men with wives and children are being killed right now as I type these words. These Kurdish people are long-time, brave, faithful, and staunch allies of the United States. They fought on our side against ISIS. In that long fight, 11,000 Kurdish men laid down their lives beside us in Syria and Iraq.

Turkey is not trying to acquire new land through this invasion. The purpose of this invasion is to kill as many Kurdish men as possible—genocide in effect—to prevent the Kurds from re-establishing the independent nation of Kurdistan on Turkey’s border.

Why is this happening? President Donald J. Trump (a.k.a The Anointed One of the Lord) ordered all American troops to evacuate from  northern Syria across the past 72 hours so they would not be killed in the threatened Turkish assault. If those American troops had stayed, the Turks would have never attacked because killing American soldiers would have gotten Turkey kicked out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for attacking the soldiers of a member state—American soldiers. Our long-time Kurdish allies are being slaughtered right now as a direct effect of Trump’s decision to pull out of northern Syria—and the fact that he is an incompetent boob who has a yellow streak a mile wide down his worthless back.

Just so you will understand—imagine this. Trump and his sister are visiting the Grand Canyon. Trump’s sister trips on a rock and goes over the edge of the canyon, but she is still hanging with both of her hands on the edge. President Trump could easily reach down, grab her hands, and pull her up to safety. Instead, Trump looks down at her scared face and says:

“Sorry Sis. This your day to die!!!”  (and he just walks away)

The Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress tried desperately to stop this inhumane travesty over the past few days—but they failed. Trump would not listen. Trump has now officially shown our past, current, and future allies all over the world that we are—right now—definitely a nation that cannot be trusted to keep its promises and treaty obligations. Trump just destroyed 243 years of solid American foreign policy and diplomacy. Vladimir Putin and his chums are in Moscow tonight, sipping expensive champagne and laughing their butts off at how Trump is destroying American foreign policy and diplomacy.

Worst of all, our long-time Kurdish allies are dying by the thousands tonight—after being totally  abandoned by Trump. Trump has the blood of thousands of good men on his hands tonight—and so does any person who voted for him in 2016. God is watching this, and I am pretty doggone sure He is not happy with Trump and the people who voted for him. Take a look at who is dying tonight because of Trump. It is not just Muslims. Take a good, long look:

Hundreds of Christians Join [Kurdish] Peshmerga

Trump—The Anointed One of the Lord—-your sorry ass!!! Would Jesus send Turks out to kill Christians tonight. No. But Donald J. “Bait of Satan” Trump sure would!!! In effect, he already did it!!!

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Troubles with Commenting on This Blog?

by Charles S. Oaxpatu


Commenting on This Blog

People keep telling me that they are having troubles with commenting. What specific kinds of troubles? All you have to do is put your cursor in the little rectangular box, fill in the required information, write something, and send it?

Now, with regard to my very old posts, I originally set up the blog so no one could post a comment, and it was a hard trick to accomplish. Gradually, I am going back to those old posts and checking the Allow Comments boxes on each post, but it is going slowly. I am also not sure that doing that is actually working for those very old posts. Why? My daughter (the computer wizard) and I had to do some sort of clever electronic maneuver to trick WordPress into a “No Comment Possible” condition for this blog. It may be possible that checking the Allow Comments box for each article is unable to override the electronic trick we used for those very old posts. However, that should not be affecting my articles written this year and on forward in time.

I cannot fix it if I do not know specifically what you are encountering that is so difficult. I might also add that I am still learning WordPress as I go, and it is possible that I may not be able to fix it (whatever it is) until I learn some new tricks. In the meantime, I do sincerely apologize for any troubles you are experiencing.

Here is one thing you might try. Click on the title of one of my recent blog articles, immediately scroll down to the bottom, enter any requested information, enter your comment in the rectangular box, and send it. Please let me know if that works. If so, then always click on the title to read one of my blog articles and then enter your comment at the bottom.


With regard to visitation and views, I am not sure what is going on there. Some days visitation is relatively high, some days it is huge, and at other times for days on end it is very low each day—and then it mysteriously ramps back up again.

You are correct. I may just be writing articles for the choir. Here is why. Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals are taught from an early age in their churches that they must never read nonfundie writings and especially not writings that are critical of the fundie belief system. Such writings are viewed as being dangerous to the fundie belief system and dangerous to the individual fundie’s faith. For example, if a fundie reads an article, enjoys the nonfundie content, and decides to leave for a Lutheran Church, then doing that is the equivalent of rejecting Jesus, her faith, and the fundie belief system. How is that squared with the Baptist fundie maxim:

Once Saved. Always saved.

The fundies interpret the move to join a Lutheran Church as a sure-fire sign that she was never saved from Hell and was never a True Christian® to begin with. She was a pretend Christian all along. For really deep and serious fundies, any sin that arises in their life is truly frightening because it may be a sign that they were actually never a Christian to begin with—and the flames of Hell are already licking at their toes.

I see it all the time at my blog and on other blogs. A fundie will show up for just a moment at the blog, see what the blog is doing, let out a blood curdling scream of fright, and run away as fast as her click finger can move. It is really sad and really pathetic because the fundie cultic behavior and all its BS are so deeply engrained that the person is trapped in a prison cell of the mind and will likely stay there in that cold, damp, joyless dungeon of servitude to fundie laws, rules, strictures, and BS aphorisms for the rest of her life. I view it as a life that was never lived—and then the grave.

Back to Commenting

If you have not read our Blog Policy statement lately, please do so. It was updated recently. Just go to the long, black strip at the top of each blog page and click on the Blog Policy button. You may also read our e-mail policy by clicking on the Contact button. Each stipulation is stern—but necessary.

Many years ago, I remarked that every warning sign one sees out in public is an example of some really bad, dangerous, nasty, stupid, or hurtful behavior some persons have engaged in—and the sign is designed to keep people from doing it again. Each stipulation on the Blog Policy list and Contact list is a matter I have directly observed or personally experienced in Fundieland over the last 25 years. In some cases, fundies and all their ruthless nastiness have plunged me into deep clinical depression for weeks or months on end—-resulting in an upping of my anti-depressant prescriptions, which gets expensive after a while. I do not intend to allow that to happen again.

Finally, and you are not going to like my language here—not very Christ-like—but it is how I truly feel. Some two-bit fundie bitch in Florida began leaving fundie-centric comments on this blog and kept on leaving comments after I told her multiple times to go away and never come back to this blog. She ignored the boundary line I drew in the sand over, and over, and over again. This is just one of the rude things fundies are famous for doing. They ignore personal boundaries. When they decide a person is definitely bound for Hell (as if they are God himself), they initiate a rude and outlandish full-court press on their selected victim to snatch his soul from Hell. As one famous fundie evangelist actually said—quite seriously—a few decades ago (my best paraphrasal):

If you need to tackle a man on the sidewalk and break his leg to save him from Hell, then go ahead and do it. When he gets to Heaven, he will thank you for it.

This Florida fundie ignored all of my polite verbal warnings. Every comment she left on this blog was immediately deleted when I saw it. I then started marking her comments as spam, but she somehow found a way to sneak over that fence. Then one day, quite by accident, I discovered the magic WordPress button that a blog owner can click to prevent a person from commenting on the blog. It detects her IP address and immediately raises an iron wall that prevents her from ever commenting again on this blog. If she goes to another person’s computer or a whole office full of computers, I can instantly block those IP addresses as well and leave her gnashing her teeth in outer darkness.

And do you know the really funny thing about fundie misbehavior? A new fundie will step forward six months later and apologize profusely for all of the bad treatment a fellow fundie dished out to the person six months ago. He will then claim that most fundies are not like that, and especially not him. Then he will start in with another version of the same full-court press the other person used six months ago.

Fundies lie. That is all you have to know. Fundies lie. They love lies. That is why they spend so much time sucking on the lie-filled tits at FOX News.

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