Tennessee Preacher Calls for Executing LGBTQ Citizens

by Charles S. Garabedian


A Tennessee preacher, who is also a law enforcement officer, is using his church pulpit to advocate for the execution of LGBTQ citizens. No. This is not the famous ex-con preacher everyone already knows about in the Nashville area. This is a relatively new guy in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area. You have most likely never read anything about this guy until today.  You may read all about it by clicking on the following news story at the Cable News Network (CNN):

Tennessee Preacher-Cop Calls for Execution of LGBTQ People

Please notice that the CNN report contains a internal hyperlink where a person can go to hear the 6-minute portion of the sermon advocating for the execution of our many millions of LGBTQ family members across the United States.

Personal Opinion: The outlandish Age of Trump emboldens people to do things they might otherwise refuse to do.  I do not know if it emboldened this preacher.  If it turns out that it did, I would not be at all surprised. We live in one of the craziest times in American history.

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The Religious Right, GOP, and Birth Control

by Charles S. Garabedian

Birth Control

In just eight days, it will be summer. As many of you already know, blog visitations and views go to almost zero nationwide during the summer season. Therefore, as I did late last summer, I will be writing less here myself, but I will be offering you hyperlinks to various educational articles that address interesting matters concerning Fundieland, its brainwashed population, its unique ways of thinking (or nonthinking), and the many dangers it poses to nonfundie Christians and nonChristians.

Please do not use this as an excuse to quit coming to the blog. I love you folks and enjoy both your visits and your presence on the blog. If some truly interesting thought, event, or incident comes to my mind over the summer, it will no doubt engage my typing fingers for a new blog post. In other words, I will still be here across the summer months.

If you have any complaints about this blog or anything you would like to request from me, please let me know by leaving a comment or by clicking on the Contact tab in the black strip above to send an e-mail message to me.

If you are firmly and vehemently opposed to abortion, civil rights for girls and women, and/or most methods of birth control—-all on religious grounds—visitation to this blog may be uncomfortable for you between now and December 2020. Why?

Right now, the Christian Fundamentalists, Conservative Evangelicals, and Religious Right (better known to me as the Religious Wrong) are on one huge tear designed to push girls and women back into the American female subculture of the 1950s—a subculture human men created from time immemorial to enslave human girls and women—to best meet their male desires and needs.

Just to let you know what is ultimately at stake, here is your first item of reading for the summer:

Clarence Thomas Makes It Clear: The Right Is Coming for Birth Control Next


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The Spiritual Fruits of Christian Fundamentalism and Conservative Evangelicalism

by Charles S. Garabedian

Beaten LGBTQ Folks

The Ultimate Fruits of Fundie Hatred Against LGBTQ People

Congratulations American Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals. Your hateful propaganda and rhetoric against LGBTQ people are spreading across the United States and to the ends of the Earth. Oh yes!!! The American people know it well, and the people of the world know it too. We have heard it from you many times and in many forms, but I can sum it all up for you right here:

We are just trying to save the LGBTQ people from the eternal fires of Hell. We really love LGBTQ people. However, the best and most effective form of love is one we latched onto in the 1980s.  It is called tough love. Our LGBTQ propaganda and rhetoric are all forms of tough love designed to bring LGBTQ people to their right senses, save them from the eternal fires of Hell, and save American society and culture from the widespread LGBTQ menace that threatens us all—as it did the ancient people who were “left behind” in Sodom and Gomorrah—people our incessantly angry and vengeful God destroyed completely. If we do not do something about this LGBTQ menace, God may destroy our country too. We Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals are faithful beyond measure in the eyes of the Lord, but even Lot’s wife ended up as unexpected collateral damage from God’s vengeance. We fundies do not want to be the victims of similar collateral damage when God inflicts his coming punishment on LGBTQ America.

Listen up Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals—and listen up good!!! Your anti-LGBTQ propaganda and rhetoric encourages both nonChristians and Christians to persecute LGBTQ people through sociocultural discrimination, beatings, and murder.

Take a close look at the two gay women in the above photograph from the United Kingdom. Just a few days ago, they were simply and peacefully riding home on a public transportation bus in London when they fell victim to bullying and a beating from five male persecutors. Yes, that is blood on their faces and clothing!!!  Not just in London, but all over the world, this is the spiritual fruit of anti-LGBTQ propaganda and rhetoric—most of it coming from Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical churches and various fundie parachurch organizations and movements.

I hear you Christian fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical pastors. The whole world hears you. You claim to love LGBTQ people and even say it from the pulpit—but let us be truly honest here fundie pastors, deacons, elders, and pewsitters—when you see a photograph like the one above:

In the solitude of your brains, you leap for joy. Your tightly clenched fists swing twice and hard through the air, and your hearts scream out——touchdown!!!  One more well-deserved thrashing. The wages of sin are death. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Oh sure. You will deny it to high heaven if anyone asks you about it out in the open where eavesdroppers can hear. But make no mistake!!! The only person you are fooling is yourself.

God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit see the extreme hatred in your hearts for LGBTQ people, they see the irrational fear that has overcome your hearts, and they see the photograph above as the true fruit of your so-called “Christian faith.” Mainline Christians see that rotting fruit for what it truly is. Roman Catholics see it, and ordinary Americans of all kinds and persuasions clearly see it for what it truly is. You Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals can celebrate yourselves all you like. You can claim that you—and you alone in all the Earth—please God. But we all know who you truly are by the fruits that emerge from your hate.

Take another good look at the photograph above. Thousands of images just like that one are the fruits of your so-called fundie faith—all made manifest in hateful acts like this here on Earth. Take a good look at this item of scripture Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals—and eat it:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith. Meekness, temperance…(Galatians 5:22-23).

A few choice words Clint Eastwood spoke in a movie apply to you Christian Fundamentalists  and Conservative Evangelicals—and your  two corrupt faith traditions:

Your mouthwash ain’t making it!!!

When Jesus gets a good, long look at the above photograph and remembers the many thousands of similar “photographs” he has seen in public and in private—as the ultimate fruits from your Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical propaganda and rhetoric against LGBTQ people—you should pause for a few minutes and consider the deep graves you may have already dug for yourselves in the bowels of this place that you speak about so much…………………………….Hell.

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New Trump Terminology from the United Kingdom


How Many of You Recall This Old Sci-Fi Movie from 1988? *

by Charles S. Garabedian

This morning was devoted to watching the highly detailed CNN coverage of President Donald J. Trump’s diplomatic trip to the United Kingdom (UK).  While Air Force One was in the process of landing in the UK, Trump was tweeting out a major insult to the Lord Mayor of London (Mr. Sadiq Khan), who just happens to be a practicing member of the Islamic faith.  In his tweet, Trump called the mayor a “stone-cold loser,” presumably because many UK citizens believe he has been a poor mayor. Knowing Trump’s deep love for people of color and for Islamic folks, I feel sure bigotry had nothing to do with Trump’s verbal attack on the mayor (tongue in cheek).

Apparently, the British people are just as tired of Trump as many Americans are. Trump’s daily pattern of telling lies, launching verbal assaults on people, caging children at the southern border, and other wild shenanigans have become too much for citizens of the UK to bear. They are overwhelmed by it—and feel sick from listening to it and hearing about it day, after day, after day, after day….

One British journalist was interviewed on CNN this morning, and he said that the citizens of the UK have invented a new item of terminology to perfectly describe the mass malady foisted on them by Trump. The newly coined term is:

Outrage Fatigue

Outrage Fatigue

Outrage Fatigue

Outrage Fatigue

Outrage Fatigue

Outrage Fatigue

Outrage Fatigue

Outrage Fatigue

Outrage Fatigue

Outrage Fatigue

I thought you should know that your Trumpian disease (and all the bad feelings that come with it) now has a name. Sometimes it is therapeutic just to know the name of the illness that is ripping you apart. Now you know what that term is.


* The title of this movie reminds me of the current White House and the fundies behind it. The movie title is: “They Live. It is one of the most famous action-adventure science fiction movies ever made—a true cult classic with a huge sociocultural message relevant to our world today—and more importantly—who actually controls us. Rotten Tomatoes: 85 percent. It includes the longest man-on-man fight scene in movie history. My favorite line from the move is:

I’ve Got One That Can See!!!

Today this movie is available on both DVD and Blu-Ray, and it might explain a lot about the Trump regime, its rabid fundie supporters, and their followers. Here is the movie trailer:


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There’s a Danger in Loving Somebody Too Much…

by Charles S. Garabedian


The Scream

How many of you remember those lyrics sung by Patty Smyth and Don Henley way back in the 1980s? That danger will be on full display across the entire United States this morning (Sunday, June 2, 2019) at 11:00 a.m. At the behest of Reverend Franklin Graham, white Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals by the millions will sit or stand at their pews this morning as their preachers lead them in prayer to God the Father. The lone subject of these prayers will be President Donald J. Trump (a.k.a. The Anointed One of the Lord). These prayers will thank the Lord profusely for sending President Trump to them as an earthly savior who will rescue their slowly dying fundie faith traditions, give them religio-political power over their enemies (Mainline Christians, Roman Catholics, unsaved sinners, Democrats, and Independents), and restore their faith traditions to the once lofty heights of prestige they believe their ancestors had in the 19th century.

They will be asking God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit for supernatural power to protect Trump and all of his wickedness from the criticisms and actions of the honest and goodhearted Americans who see Trump as the wicked, incompetent, and dangerous monster he really is. Worst of all, they will be praying for Trump’s success in all of his dangerous, misguided, and destructive policies—not to mention his big, fat mouth and lying, mean-spirited tweet fingers. They will be praying for him to “stick it to” the people of color they hate—the people they believe pose an existential threat to their whiteness.

I am sorry. I cannot write anymore of this……..the trouble with Trump and all these fundies is just too pervasive. All of you already know what is going on with Trump, the fundies, and their sickness—and how wicked it all is down to the very core. It is an awful thing to live in a country where truth, love, and compassion scream out for help all day and all night—but hardly anyone can hear them.


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Call for a National Day of Prayer Against President Donald J. Trump

Charles S. Garabedian

Reverend Franklin “Cracker” Graham is reaching out to all 326 million Americans and asking them to pray for President Donald J. Trump this coming Sunday (June 2, 2019). You may read about it by clicking on the following safe link, which also contains yet another link to the official prayer statement put out by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

News Story and Statement

I will not be praying for Trump on Sunday or any other day. It is wrong to ask any person to pray for the success of evil incarnate. In my honest opinion, this is what Franklin Graham is actually asking us to do on Sunday. However, in the depths of his spiritual blindness, I doubt that he consciously recognizes that this is actually what he is doing. Very sad.

I am hereby establishing tomorrow (Saturday, June 1, 2019) as a National Day of Prayer Against President Donald J. Trump. I am going to a large, cathedral-like United Methodist Church tomorrow to do just that. You are kindly invited to do the same at a local church of your choice, at your home, or wherever you happen to be tomorrow.

This prayer should be accompanied by an appropriate hymn, and I think the following hymn is a good one:

You will be happy to know that I visited the Facebook page of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association today. I read Reverend Franklin Graham’s call for prayer and left a few comments on it, one containing an actual scripture quotation. I also mentioned my call for a National Day of Prayer Against President Donald J. Trump.

Update: I went to two different churches today—one large and one small—-and prayed against President Donald J. Trump and all of his wickedness. I prayed that he will be removed from office ASAP, however the Holy Trinity wishes to do it. I prayed that all of Trump’s wicked policies would be foiled. I prayed for deliverance of our country and our people from Trump and all of his wickedness. Nine hours are still left in this day. Can you do the same in your own way?

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The Creation of our Founding Fathers is at Stake Right Now in the U.S. Congress

by Charles S. Garabedian

Some of you are no doubt wondering if I have any new or important insights on Robert Mueller and his landmark resignation speech today. Not really. Any American with half a brain came away feeling as if the Attorney General of the United States is a crook who is pulling out all the stops to help another crook, who just happens to be President of the United States. After watching Mueller and listening to his speech, it is hard for me to see how any person could feel otherwise.

Mueller was wrong about one thing. He will be testifying under oath to one or more Congressional committees. Now that he has cut himself loose from the U.S. Department of Justice and the White House, I suspect he will (despite what he said) be ready to tell more at a later date. If I were a member of one of these Congressional committees, this would be my primary question for Robert Mueller:

If the U.S. Department of Justice policy of not indicting a sitting President did not exist and Donald J. Trump were not President of the United States, based on the information and data evidence you collected in your investigation, would you have indicted Trump for obstruction of Justice? More than 700 of your former colleagues in the U.S. Department of Justice have said that they definitely would have issued indictments based on the information and data you collected. I want to know if you would have done the same?

This is far from over…..far….far….far from being over. Right now, this is not about politics and politics alone. This is about truth, honesty, integrity, the U.S. Department of Justice, and supporting the U.S. Constitution and the traditional “Rule of Law” in our country.  If these things can be so easily and thoughtlessly trampled, our country is in a lot of trouble—a whole lot of trouble. Vladimir Putin is hoping political expedience will outweigh principle in the minds and hearts of our elected representatives and the American people—and that our country will go down by  the wrong choices he hopes Republicans and most other Americans will make.

You need to know what is at stake here. Watch the following video closely and you will see what is at stake.  Watch closely and learn. Everything you will see here is at stake right now:

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