Jesus Said…

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Jesus said many wonderful things. In fact, one of the ancient gospel writers remarked that they were so numerous mere books would hardly be able to contain them. In particular, Jesus was famous for saying:

I am the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).

Here are three things our Divine Lord and Savior Jesus Christ never said as he walked the roads and pathways of ancient Roman Judea:

I am the way, the Trump, and the life.

Trump is the way, the truth, and the life.

I am the Trump, the Trump, and the Trump…So help me Trump.

At some point during the coming week, you will no doubt run into a Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical who is a rabid Trumpite. You might want to remind this person of three things: (1) President Donald J. Trump is not an ancient Bible character; (2) Trump is not the Anointed One of the Lord; (3) Jesus never made the three foregoing statements.

Numerous Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals have become brainwashed with Trumpism over the past four years. Such people might need a friendly reminder that Jesus Christ and Donnie Trump are not the same person. You may not get through to him or her like the ROF guy says in the above video clip. However, seeing supposedly Christian people wallow like pigs in a muddy sty full of nonfacts, falsehoods, and outright lies is a hard thing to watch——–without at least trying to do something about it.

Video Credit: The Ring of Fire (ROF)

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Why I’m Not So Sure about Trump Going Down in the 2020 Election: One of the Saddest Nights of my Life

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Nixon vs. McGovern

It was Democrat George McGovern vs. President Richard Nixon (R-CA) in the Presidential election of 1972. Much earlier in 1968, Nixon had run for president against Hubert Humphrey (D-Minnesota) with a promise to extricate the United States from the Viet-Nam War. Nixon won that election, but by the autumn of 1972, the Viet-Nam war was still going full-blast, and it was not winding down.

I was a college student in 1972. The national anti-war movement had gelled, and numerous members of our parental generation were against the war. Walter Cronkite at CBS and the rest of the American news media were vocally against the Viet-Nam War. It seemed very much like an electoral revolution against the war was brewing for the upcoming presidential election in the autumn of 1972. A majority of the American people were coming together to finally set things right and bring the boys home. Unfortunately, the year 1972 was not a media-rich time like it is now. The 24-hour cable news channels did not exist, and it was much harder for the American people to determine with any real certainty how an election was going to turn out. There was some real mystery in the matter with nearly every election.

Some college friends and I gathered for an off-campus election night party in 1972. It seemed that nearly everyone despised Richard Nixon because he had shown himself to be an imperial presidency asshole, and he had welched on his promise to end the war. The news media that evening were upbeat with talk similar to this—at least as I remember it:

Well folks. There is an awful big anti-war sentiment in this country now. The American people want our troops to come home. If it is ever going to happen, the beginning of it will be tonight. Democrat George McGovern is stoked. The American people are stoked for McGovern, and it could be all over for Nixon by midnight. All that’s left to do now is wait and count the votes.

I was stoked. My friends were stoked. Then the vote tallies began coming in, and our jaws dropped to the floor. It was all over quickly that evening, and here was the end result:

Election 1972

Richard Nixon won the electoral college by 520 electoral votes to only 17 for George McGovern, who carried only Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. It was one of the worst presidential election defeats in all of American history. It was not just a landslide. It was a super, super, super, super landslide.

Nixon had been telling the American people that the anti-war movement was all noise with little substance. He believed that the hugest mass of the American people consisted of individuals he referred to collectively as the “Silent Majority,” people who fully supported him and American involvement in the Viet-Nam War. On election night 1972, the American people heard from this Silent Majority—-hands down.

Living in Tennessee, I should have known better. My college student friends from Tennessee should have known better. Sure, many of our middle-class parents were against the war, but if we students had gone door to door with a survey in Tennessee, we would have discovered what I think we already knew unconsciously—deep down inside—about Tennessee people. We had just allowed our hopes of ending the war to eclipse the raw reality of what Tennessee people and other American rural and small town people in general were really thinking—and it was not sound anthropological thinking at all:

Them little yellow gooks over in Asia and Viet-Nam don’t have the same respect for human life that us Americans do. Why they’re barely even human over there—if they are human at all—just a bunch of stupid, stinking, mindless GDF animals is what they are!!! I say we keep this war agoin’ and use it to wipe every damned one of them worthless gooks off the face of the Earth. Serves’m right!!!

I suspect most Americans in our rural areas and small towns still think this way about people in Third World countries and racial/ethnic minority groups here at home. President Donald J. Trump is their racist super-hero, every bit as much as Jesus Christ and Superman (loved the Superman: Man of Steel movie) are mine.

Jesus tells us to “fear not.” But let us face it. We all have fears nonetheless. One of my greatest fears is that election night November 3, 2020, will end like election night 1972 did. I fear that we are misunderstanding the actual level of support for Trump—in spite of the monthly polls—and we will soon discover that a vast Silent Majority of the American people love Trump enough to drink fluids straight from his body cells 24 hours per day—365 days per year—believing it is both the source of life and the fabled Fountain of Youth. The political polls failed all of us in 2016, and it could happen again. I really do not want to ever see a repeat of election night 1972 in my life. Never again!!!

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Rick Wilson: Great Job on This Video Ad from You and Your Colleagues at The Lincoln Project

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

I could not have said it any better than the people at The Lincoln Project. The Lincoln Project is a new political action group created by former Republicans and moderate Republicans who are vehemently opposed to President Donald J. Trump and his corrupt administration. You will no doubt recall that Senator Susan Collins, one of the two U.S. Senators from Maine, voted in favor of Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court. American women were urging her to support their various causes, as she had done in the past, and vote against Kavanaugh. Instead, she jilted them at the last minute and voted for him. This is an unfortunate trait of Senator Collins. She leads people on, pumps their hopes up, and then (at the very last minute) she knuckles under to whatever Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell commands her to do.

This is just one example of the terrible price Republican U.S. Congressmen, U.S. Congresswomen, and U.S. Senators are going to pay later this year, and in the years to come, for supporting the so-called Anointed One of the Lord. Please click to view this short ad:

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McConnell’s Ridiculous Plans for the U.S. Senate Trial, in Service to Trump, Were the Final Straw for Me

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

This Trumpian evil is so great, so expansive, so powerful, and so deeply pervasive that no human beings stand even the slightest chance of prevailing against it. If there is nothing supernaturally good to overcome it, this evil will send down a wide, deep taproot like an oak tree, and it will stand forever in this country—especially if it is given four more years. If there is something supernatural with the power to overcome this evil, it needs to rush here fast and do its work thoroughly. Me? I am on the verge of surrender.

The American people as a whole do not understand what is happening, and worst of all, they simply do not care. As long as they can pay the rent, put gas in a working car, and suck on the biggest Krispy-Kreme doughnut they can find, all is well with them and all is right with the world. They did not listen to their K-12 American history teachers or study the lessons in their American civics courses—and their ignorance and apathy will eventually bite them like a shark—but by then—it will be far, far past too late to salvage anything good.

You recall the famous Irish poem below. It is good advice, and perhaps I should have listened to it more closely five years ago:

Serenity Prayer II

You cannot do anything about this evil either. Whatever you try to do as a mere human being will leave you with nothing but empty hands and more heartbreak. Only something supernatural can end all of this evil and misery that began on November 8, 2016.

I have tried as hard as I could for the past five years here at the blog. It has all been a waste of my time and your time. The Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals—in the midst of their never-ending spiritual arrogance and self-appointed righteousness—will declare that God has overcome this blogspot on their behalf. I refuse to believe that God works on the behalf of evil incarnate, which is exactly what Fundieland and its inhabitants are in the United States today. On some future last day of God’s own choosing, when all has been said and done, I hope Jesus will say to me or one of you:

Hi guys. I love you all. See this thing in my right hand that looks like a basketball? This sphere is not a basketball. It is a congealed black hole that contains all of Fundieland and all of its past inhabitants—going all the  way back to 1920. I was going to toss this unholy mess into the Lake of Fire myself—but then it occurred to me that one of you might like to be my faithful servant one more time—and do it for me.  Here—catch—and I will do the countdown: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4…

If you want to vote against Trump in the election on November 3, 2020, please feel free to go ahead and do it. However, it will not do any good. Whatever evil force has this country in its grip right now is far too powerful to be overcome by human agency alone.

Physically, I can no longer stand for long periods of time at my polling place. I made it through the line with great discomfort and a lot of help from others to vote blue in 2018. Unfortunately, I live in Tennessee, one of the reddest of all the red states. My vote does not count in a state destined to vote for Trump by a multiple, double-digit, and fully winning margin.

The Southern Baptist Convention, which is headquartered in Nashville, owns the entire State of Tennessee and everyone who lives in it—even the ones of us who are not Southern Baptists. They dictate the social climate, atmosphere, regime, and values of the state—and everyone has to live knuckled under to whatever dark cloud they dictate.

Bruce Gerencser thinks he has it bad in rural northwest Ohio. Bruce—I triple-dog dare you to come down here and live among the ignorant country hicks and two-bit fundie creeps of Tennessee. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, and if you ever move here, watch out for people spitting chawin’ baccer juice on your shoes and overalls.

Finally—and I must say this. I never knew how to truly hate my fellow human beings or inanimate things until I started studying Christian Fundamentalism and Conservative Evangelicalism in depth—and looking closely at the ways their leaders and followers think, talk, and behave in their everyday lives and on stage. They taught me how to hate. I hate all the evil they have said and done. I hate my place of birth and life—the State of Tennessee. I hate every ounce of the United States of America because of what they and the Republican Party have transformed it into since the year 1970. Please pray for me to find some way to unlearn the worst of what the fundies have taught me about hate.

Finally, over the next two weeks, I am going to watch the U.S. Senate Trial of that piece of living shit that sits in the Oval Office at our White House—up to the point when I can no longer stomach the willful miscarriage of justice created by that Master Turd known as “Moscow Mitch” McConnell. It would be useless to say anything further about the trial here on the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog because this right wing, extremist, nutjob travesty over the next two weeks will speak volumes about their evil all by itself.

Please pray for something supernatural to overcome this mess—even if you do not believe in anything supernatural—because only something supernatural has a chance of overcoming this dark cloud of Trumpian evil and fundie evil that has overwhelmed our country, its people, and the whole world.

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The Trump Feces Storm Is Coming

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Capture III

This is Sunday—the classic Christian day of worship and rest. Take a deep breath, relax, say prayers, and enjoy your day. Why? By the pricking of President Donald J. Trump’s thumbs, a massive feces storm this way comes. The pre-storm warm-up begins with the TV news shows on Monday morning (January 20, 2020) with a massive, media-born feces explosion (MFE), courtesy of the Trump Defense Team and Trump’s blind-as-a-cave-fish supporters. They have allocated $10,000,000 for a massive pro-Trump media blitz aimed at the American people. Yes……………….that means you.

My first MFE was encountered about 20 years ago in the men’s restroom at my local Wal-Mart. I opened the door to a toilet stall in hopes of using the toilet. Large amounts of fecal matter were all over the toilet itself, across the floor, and all over the inside walls and door of the stall. It went 10 feet high on the concrete block wall of the restroom behind the toilet——far higher than the average person can reach with hands covered in brown goo. Mind you. This was not smeared on poop. It was splattered poop, like those blood splattered walls from gunshot wounds—you know—on those TV forensic shows like NBC’s Dateline. That day I coined the term MFE….well….it was really MSE…but who cares….brown was everywhere. Apparently, some person filled with poop from their toenails all the way to the top of their head sat on the toilet and spontaneously exploded inside that stall, resulting in a mess too incredible to believe. Ripley’s Believe It or Not, where were you that morning when I needed you???!!!

The full-blown Trumpian feces storm arrives Tuesday morning when the U.S. Senate Trial of the so-called Anointed One of the Lord begins in earnest. Perhaps it would be better to say it “begins in the Bowels of Some Guy Named Ernest,” which just happens to be the place where the evil, Republican-dominated U.S. Senate resides under the tight-sphinctered control of master turd “Moscow Mitch” McConnell.

Gird your loins folks. Don your Tyvek suits and respirators before you sit in front of your TV sets or computer monitors on Tuesday. The next few weeks are going to be some of the worst in American history—as the greatest right wing extremist poop storm of all time will be splattered daily—all over your offices, dens, and recreation rooms at home.

Periodically, wipe the feces off your respirator face plates and look on the bright side. The U.S. Senate Trial and the parallel Tweet Storms from the orange-pated Golden Calf will give you all of the information you need to do your own impeachment of President Trump at the ballot box on November 3, 2020. When November comes, just remember how you were assaulted with the smelliest, awfullest Trumpian poop of all time for several weeks in late January and early February 2020. The smell will still be clinging to you as you enter the voting booth on November 3rd. By then, you will know how to end Trump’s long chain of MFEs, which have exploded all over the U.S. Constitution, our country, and its people for three horrifying years. You—every last one of you—can remove Trump from office with your collective votes in November 2020—even if the U.S. Senate fails to do so in February. Ultimately, it is all in your hands!!!


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Religion in Public Schools: President Trump Issues “Blank Check” to Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Prayer in School

You may read all about President Trump and his recent issuance of a “blank check” to American Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals. To do so, please clicking on the following safe link:

Trump Boosts School Prayer, Faith Groups as He Rallies Base

I want to be be crystal clear about this.  The U.S. Supreme Court and lower federal courts have made numerous rulings to protect the religious freedoms of all Americans, including those of parents and their children in American public schools. President Trump has zero constitutional or legal authority to violate those rulings or upend them. As the above article says, President Trump’s announcement and the revised government documents related to this announcement changed little, if anything, from a legal perspective.

Unfortunately, all across the United States, many millions of ignorant and poorly educated Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals will believe President Trump has just issued them a long-awaited blank check to disregard the U.S. Constitution’s wall of separation between religion and government. Therefore, they sre free to do whatever they damn well please with religion in the United States. Furthermore, these same fundie morons will believe Trump, Betsy DeVos, and other Trump acolytes in government have their backs and will actually fight for them when they get hauled into the federal courts to answer for their violations of long-established and settled federal law. These fundies will also fail to understand that the orange-pated Golden Calf they worship is deceiving them with lies and feints to keep them in line and assure they will vote for him in the November 3rd election.

Get ready Roman Catholics, Mainline Christians, and immigrants from foreign lands who live in the Red States. If you have children in American public schools, particularly in rural county and small town school systems, you and your children will soon be under religious assault. Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical school administrators, teachers, staff members, meddling fundie parent groups, and outside fundie religious organizations will be energized to indoctrinate your school children with the tenets of fundie religion in their public school classrooms. Get ready United Methodist and Lutheran parents. Get ready Episcopalian parents. Get ready Jewish parents. Get ready immigrant parents from foreign lands with nonChristian religions. Get ready Roman Catholics. What are you going to do when this happens to your 6-year-old child in an American public school:

Mommy (in tears), my first grade teacher told us all about this awful place called Hell today. She told us all about it, and several of the kids—including me—started crying. Then teacher said that you, daddy, my sister, and me are all going to live in  Hell forever in great torture and pain because we have wrong religious beliefs down at our church. She said the only way we can avoid Hell is to become a “true” Christian just like her and attend her IFB church or one just like it. Then she ordered us to bow our heads and say a prayer she had written for us. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow mommy.  Shes does stuff like this every day in class—and it’s really scary.  She’s scary.

The right to do things like this to your children (and to you as parents) in American public schools is what Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical leaders all across our country have struggled for since 1963. After Trump’s public announcement, many of the adult fundies entrenched in your public schools will feel emboldened to use their classrooms to indoctrinate your kids (and you) with their peculiar brands of fundie Christian beliefs.

You and your kids do not have to sit still and put up with this mess in your public schools. The Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog has one piece of sound advice for all of you nonfundie parents. It is a piece of advice already offered in the My Profile section of this blogspot:

[Good Advice: Get the telephone number of your local American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) office, be prepared to call that number, and sue the pants off any public school system, school administrator, or teacher who tries to mess with your nonfundie child’s religious beliefs in her school. American public schools are designed to teach academic subject matter—not dabble in the personal religious affairs of your family. Legally, your family’s religious beliefs are none of their business. Hold their feet to the fire on that in U.S. District Court—something the local public school systems live in shivering fear of each day. The ACLU is a public service organization run by well-trained, highly skilled attorneys who are experts in fighting for your American rights and freedoms under the U.S. Constitution and American law.]

The ACLU came to the aid of several nonfundie parents and kids in the Tennessee public school system I matriculated through as a child. This happened about 10 to 15 years ago. The school system had sold out to a local fundie megachurch, and the schools were engaging in illegal fundie religious activities during normal school days. The ACLU dragged the school system into U.S. District Court for violating the law and the constitutional rights of the nonfundie school kids and their parents.

My old school system eventually settled with the parents out of federal court to the tune of $1,200,000 in damages and court costs. In addition, the federal judge presiding over the case shackled the school system administrators and teachers with legally binding stipulations designed to prevent further illegal religious activities in their schools. Any school administrator or teacher who violated these legally binding stipulations was subject to being imprisoned in a federal penitentiary for said violations. In short, the ACLU and Federal District Court butt-kicked this public school system so hard——it bled daylight——and it richly deserved it too. I personally read the legal filings related to this case, and the violations of the law and parent/child rights were blatant.

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What Traditional Christian Values? Flying Mother Nature’s Silver Seed to a New Home in the Sun

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Hi folks. This is a personal prayer request going out to every person who reads at this blogspot. I need your sincere prayers and support over the next couple of weeks. A necessary medication I have taken for the past 30 years is no longer available from Mylan Pharmaceuticals. Mylan is the only American company that manufactures this medication. This could be a temporary outage or a preliminary action—pending a decision to no longer make this medication. Who knows? Preliminary indications are that no amount of this Mylan medication will be available to anyone for at least the next three or four months.

In the past, I have tried to transition from this Mylan medication to other medications. All of my efforts failed because of intolerable side effects from the new medications or severe disease rebound/drug withdrawal symptoms during the attempted transition.

Please. With every bit of love you can muster inside of you, please pray that my current transition to a new medication will be successful this time—at long last. I plan to  be patient and lean hard into this effort to make success happen. If the Holy Trinity and you folks out there across planet Earth can please help me out with your support and prayers, it would be most appreciated.

Are you wondering how such a medication outage can occur? Well, the out-going CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals is a woman who started working very young at Mylan. She started out as a very low-level “Worker Joe” type. Over many years, she stayed with the company and worked her way up the ladder to the top job at Mylan. Her name is Heather Bresch, and her dad is Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. You may read about Heather Bresch and some of her character traits by clicking on the following safe link and watching the brief video clips below:

Wikipedia Article on Heather Bresch


Two-Faced Heather Baffles Americans with Bullshit on CBS News

Just in case you are wondering, the final retail price of my Mylan medication—the one that is unavailable right now—is approximately $533 per month. That is what you would have to pay for it out-of-pocket with no health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. With health insurance, a three month supply still costs more than $100. Is this a brand name medication? No. It is a generic medication that has been around for a long, long time. Mylan would say the retail price is so high because it is a medication that is rarely prescribed and is in low medical demand—and numerous middle men are part of the cost. Mylan well knows that loss of this medication can mean death by suicide for some patients. Do they care? I doubt it, or they would not let the supply run out. Basically, just my opinion, they charge so much money for this medication because it is the maximum price the market can bear—-or:

What Is the Very Highest Possible Amount of Money You Can Pay Heather in

Exchange for Your

Worthless Life?

I began my transition to another medication last night. Sometime during my last eight hours of sleep, a famous song from long ago entered my head and would not leave. When I awakened, it turned out to be my theme song for successful transition to another medication—hopefully one not made by Mylan:

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