Early Voting Began Today

by Charles S. Garabedian

AAAAA Reasons to Not Vote Trump

The Fundie Rationale—and a List of Reasons to Vote Against Trump

Early voting for the November 6, 2018, mid-term election began at 10:00 a.m. today in the small city where I live. This city is located in a red state in the American South. I have several things to say about my voting experience today, and that will be done with the following numbered items, which I think you will find interesting and perhaps useful:

(1)  I have to walk with a cane because of health problems involving my lower legs and feet.  In fact. I can only stand for about 20 minutes before my feet and legs start hurting badly and begin going wobbly. Our early voting location has a parking lot, but it was pretty full today. Therefore, I had to park my van in another lot farther away and walk from there to the voting place. Shortly after I got there, my feet and legs became really wobbly. Outside the front door of the polling place, they had a button that handicapped people could push to summon assistance with the voting process. I pushed the button several times and waited on a bench for someone to come and help me. Naturally, no one came.  Let me repeat that. Naturally, no one came.

(2)  Because no one came, it was fairly clear that I had two choices—go home or go on inside and try to vote. Knowing Trump was in the White House and all was not well, I said a prayer, summoned all of the strength I could muster, and went bravely on into the polling place. Because I had arrived so early, I expected to see only a small handful of voters. Much to my shock, a long line of voters stretched out in front of me. I stayed in line long enough to get to the first election commission table and present my driver’s license so they could check it against their list of registered voters.

Soon after that, I was at the second election commission table to sign a form. At that time, I mentioned that my legs were shaking and feeling as if they might collapse under me—and further mentioned that no one came when I pushed the handicapped person’s assistance button. I told them I planned to report that to state government. They looked dumbfounded and nicely told me that I could remember who I was behind in the long line; go sit in a chair at the third election commission table; and get behind that person again when they arrived at the table—-which I did.  I had to wait about 20 or 30 minutes in that chair, and it was a blessing to my legs and feet.

(3) While sitting in the chair, I did some observing.  I did not see any person younger than about 45 years of age. Most of the voters were old people by far——old I tell you—–old!!!  Clearly, that young segment of the American population that almost never votes was not voting while I was there. However, I did eavesdrop on a conversation between two election commission officials. They were amazed at the long line and how many people were turning out to vote. One official said that it was clearly the biggest early voter turnout they had ever seen in all the years that the city had been doing early voting. Turnouts that heavy usually favor Democrats in American elections. However, I must say that I was truly dismayed by the utter failure of young voters to turn out for this election. They were the group of people with the most compassion for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and the group most upset with the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.

Do you hear that young people? If you do not get your butts to the polls, you will probably have Trump for a lot longer than you desire, and Betsy DeVos will probably implement some policy that will make sure you are still repaying your college loans at age 84. You better get down to the polls boys and girls—-because if you do not—Trump and his minions will eat your future alive!!!

(4)  I finally reached the handicapped voting chair and voted while sitting down—for the first time in my life. In my seated position at the voting booth, my thinking was better than it is when I stand up to vote.  So, I sat there and carefully did what I promised you folks I was going to do.

I voted against every known Republican on the ballot from local officials all the way up to Governor, U.S. Congressman, and U.S. Senator. I say “known Republican” because three people were running for the local school board, people I did not anticipate seeing on the ballot, but they did not have a partisan tag by their names.  If I had known they were going to be on the ballot, I would have done what I did with our supposedly nonpartisan city council candidates. A few nights ago, I called around to find out which ones were Trump supporters, and I voted only for those city council candidates who were not Trump supporters.  Sure, my vote was only that of one person, but I made sure Trump and his minions would not get any benefit from my votes—none whatsoever. I hope you will do the same when you vote.  Give Trump and his minions zero quarter on anything.

(5)  When I finally made my way out of the polling place and back to my van on foot, it was lunch time. Every small city has a locally famous eating place that only the locals know about.  I shot over there for lunch.  The place was packed tight with diners.  When my waitress stepped up to my table to take my order, she saw the “I Voted” sticker on my shirt and commented on it. I told her that I had just voted and that I had voted against Trump and his minions in every race.  She then offered me her classic “high five” palm, and we smacked our palms together in a loud clap that was audible over much of the restaurant.  She was clearly no fan of Trump.

(6)  I have done my part with my voting.  It is all up to you now.  You have it within your power to vote against Trump and fill the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate with Democrats and Independents who do not support the long list of evils that President Trump stands for—-like obfuscating the murder of a Washington Post reporter who was a U.S. resident by law and the husband and dad of an American citizen wife and American citizen children—-just one among a long list of Trumpian evils too long to lay out for you here.

Please dear folks.  If you plan to vote, do not sit on your bottoms at home or work and say the following:

Well, it looks like voter turnout is high—so I don’t really need to vote.

That is precisely why Donald J. Trump is sitting in the White House right now. People who were against Trump in 2016 decided that Hillary Clinton was so far ahead in the polls that Trump had no chance of winning—so they just decided to stay at home or stay at work—and not vote.  You cannot do that folks.  Disasters happen when you do that. Every vote counts. To change things, you cannot just kick back and rest on your laurels and assumptions.  You have to get out and vote—and make your vote count. I hope you will make that effort and vote against Trump and all of his sold out fundie minions—either by early voting right now or on the mid-term election day (November 6, 2018).

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The 2018-2019 Flu Vaccine Is Available——Get Your Flu Shot Now!!!

by Charles S. Garabedian


The influenza (flu) vaccine is now available in my southern state. If you live in one of the other 49 states or a foreign country, it is most likely available to you too. My doctor’s office was having a special flu vaccination clinic this morning. I got my shot very quickly and with no significant hassle.

My doctor held one of those flu shot clinics at the same office about 25 years ago, and a long line stretched way out into the parking lot. I stood in line for hours to get my shot. Since that time, I have not experienced that kind of wait again. The flu shot people apparently got their act far more together over the years. Therefore, you should not experience a long wait to get your flu shot.

The 2017-2018 flu season was one of the longest and deadliest on record. It came as a total surprise to the medical community and ordinary citizens—and adversely affected children and teens far more profoundly than anyone had anticipated. A few days ago, I read that the coming  flu season is not expected to be as bad as the one last year. Never trust statements like that. Why?

Influenza is a freaky disease that easily and quickly pulls unexpected tricks on even the best epidemiologists. It is all about sudden flu virus mutations and evolution, which are both very  hard to predict in any truly confident way. It is just as much guess work as it is science, and last year’s official best guess was tragically wrong and incredibly deadly. Therefore, I would urge you to get your flu shot ASAP—and get your children and teenagers vaccinated as well—because of the large number of children and teenagers who died quite unexpectedly from the flu last year. It was a real shocker in the medical community!!!

The flu vaccine comes in two forms—a high-dose form for people over 65 years of  age and a lower dose form for people below age 65. If you are 65 years old—or soon will be—you can request the high dose vaccine, which is probably a good idea for at risk people such as Type 1 diabetics and other people with immune system issues. They gave me a choice last year, and I opted for the high-dose form—a doggone wise move as it turned out.

Tarry not!!! I have actually caught influenza as early as September 30. That was way back circa 1994. September 30th was (and still is) the end of the official federal fiscal year. I worked for a private sector prime contractor that did contract work for a large federal agency, and a number of my colleagues liked to end the federal fiscal year together with a celebration at a local restaurant and bar. The one thing I most recall from that night out is how unusually relaxed I was feeling and how I was also feeling “a little bit odd.”  If I had stopped and thought for a moment, I would have realized that this same combination of sensations in my past was the immediate precursor to a serious illness. When the next morning came, I was in bed with influenza, running a high fever, and feeling just plain awful. The flu had grabbed me early in the new flu season—much earlier than I had thought possible.

Let us now have a Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical interlude:

Fundies: You can’t fool us!!! We know all about people like you. These so-called end-of-fiscal-year celebrations were not celebrations at all. They were drunken orgies. You and your colleagues got drunk as skunks that night. It lowered your immune system something awful, and you got influenza from someone in that restaurant as a direct result of it. We are “true” Christians, and all of us “true” Christians know all about vile sinners like you!!!

Charles: Thanks for talking and behaving like typical fundies. First of all, just in case you fundies have never noticed, public restaurants do not allow dinner-time orgies. We were on the outdoor deck of the restaurant next to large plate glass windows where everyone could see us. Work colleagues, including me, were very careful to avoid getting drunk because it looks bad to turn into a lush in front of your coworkers. Neither I nor any of my colleagues got drunk that night.  The little that I did drink did not lower my immune system because I was already feeling unusually relaxed and a bit odd, which means the flu infection had already set in before I even got to the restaurant. So, go stuff it fundies!!!

I love all of you readers very much, and the last thing I would want is for you to die unexpectedly by something so small as rejecting a simple flu shot. Thousands of Americans thought rejecting their flu shot last year was no big deal, and they are now molding in their graves—many of them children and teens. I hope you will be a whole lot smarter than those dead people—and the parents of the dead children. Please get your flu shot ASAP.

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The Frightening Quiverfull Movement in Christian Fundamentalism and Conservative Evangelicalism

by Charles S. Garabedian


When I was growing up in the 1960s, Cracked was a monthly creative comedy and satire magazine, one of the chief competitors of Mad magazine. I am not sure when this publication changed, but it did. Some nice person at Cracked awakened to the clear understanding that American culture and society itself had cracked. Creative comedy and satire were no longer wholly necessary for this publication. Cracked magazine could publish serious journalism articles on how cracked the United States had become—and still be Cracked magazine. Today I am recommending to you a very serious Cracked magazine article on the frightening Quiverfull Movement—and it truly is frightening—in Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism.

The U.S. Supreme Court is now in radical conservative hands by design of the Republican Party—and at the specific demand of the fundies who elected President Donald J. Trump. The successful confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh as the newest member on the U.S. Supreme Court sewed up this deal made in Hell. The high court, a full one third of the U.S. Government, is now firmly in the back pocket of the fundies. With that knowledge in mind, I hope you will still be able to breathe after reading the below article written by Robert Evans and Hannah Ettinger in 2014. Hannah was once a member of the Quiverfull Movement, and she recounts the five insane lessons she learned while growing up in that movement.

Halloween is coming in a couple of weeks. If knowing that the U.S. Supreme Court is now securely in the back pockets of the Quiverfull people (and other similar fundies) does not frighten you, then I do not know what else will. You may read the Cracked article about the Quiverfull Movement by clicking on the following safe link:

5 Insane Lessons from My Christian Fundamentalist Childhood

Listen up high school and college students 18 years old and up!!!  Are you registered to vote?  I hope you are. If you sit on your hind ends and refuse to go to the polls to vote on November 6,  2018—like you have done in so very many past elections—you may wake up one morning to discover that you are an unwilling member of an American culture and society that looks a lot like A Handmaid’s Tale. The U.S. Supreme Court is now in the back pockets of Americans who think just like the people in this famed book and TV series. Your future truly is in your own hands this time. If you do not want to live out an American nightmare that is far worse than paying back your college student loans, go vote on November 6, 2018.  You are important, and your vote will change things for the better. Be the first young generation to actually vote and show that you really do care about your future and the future of your friends.

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Why Do White Fundie Men Long to Return Us to the 1950s?

by Charles S. Garabedian

AAAA Clinton High

The Glorious 1950s  in American Culture and Society

We Americans who live outside the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical faith circle often wonder why white fundies, particularly white male fundies, are so desperate to take over American culture and society. Moreover, this desperate will to power is accompanied by a fetish-like fascination with the 1950s and a strong desire to take all Americans back to that past time and place in our everyday lives. Rob Boston, an on-line acquaintance and occasional correspondent of mine, has some answers for us in a recent article published on the Wall of Separation blog, which is operated by Americans United for Separation of Church and State. I highly recommend this short article to you, and you may read it by clicking on the following safe link:

 Rob Boston Article

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Evil Republican Party Knifes Native American Voters in the Back

by Charles S. Garabedian

The Ancestors of the Disenfranchised Sioux Language Speakers Built Cahokia

The U.S. Supreme Court just upheld a North Dakota law designed to prevent tens of thousands of Native Americans from voting. You may read a story about this law that was upheld and what it does to disenfranchise Native Americans at the following safe link:

Supreme Court Makes It Harder for Tribal North Dakotans to Vote

The right to vote is the most precious right we have.  When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, my television set was flooded with public service messages from both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. They were not partisan messages. They urged every American to vote in every upcoming election—regardless of political party affiliation.

What has become of this country that I was brought up to love so much?  It is not the same country anymore. It is a country run by selfish, evil men and women—like Mitch McConnell and Marsha Blackburn—who look after themselves first rather than the American people and our country.

This country once stood for good and wise things—-including the time-honored tradition of voting rights for every American and fair play for everyone on a level playing field. What has become of us?

Jesus help us. We seem to have gone beyond the ability to help ourselves and do wisely in love for our fellow man and woman. I feel so sad about this—so sad.  I am especially sad that white Americans like Mitch McConnell have conspired to steal the voting rights of the First Americans, who set foot on the soil of our nation and lived here for 11,000+ years longer than any white man who has ever been on American soil. It is not just a shame that this has been done by the Republican Party.  It is unAmerican and an utter disgrace.

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We Fundies Are Special and You’re Not—-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya!!!!

by Charles S. Garabedian


Some unknown person did a Google search tonight and landed on the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog. The search term they entered to do their search was as follows:

“Is the fundamentalist the only true Christian?”

Naw!!! You don’t mean it? We’ve never heard anything like that before around here. (That was ironic sarcasm.)

Christian fundamentalists have told us many times how special they are, how exclusive they are, and how God’s big ole heart “pitty-pats” for them—and them only.  In their sinful, pride-filled, arrogant hearts, they and they alone have everything right and please God more than any other human beings.  The fundies behave as if they have never read these words of Jesus in the New Testament:

Then Jesus told this story to some who had great confidence in their own righteousness and scorned everyone else: “Two men went to the Temple to pray. One was a Pharisee, and the other was a despised tax collector. The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed this prayer: ‘I thank you, God, that I am not like other people—cheaters, sinners, adulterers. I’m certainly not like that tax collector! I fast twice a week, and I give you a tenth of my income.”

“But the tax collector stood at a distance and dared not even lift his eyes to heaven as he prayed. Instead, he beat his chest in sorrow, saying, ‘O God, be merciful to me, for I am a sinner.’ I tell you, this sinner, not the Pharisee, returned home justified before God. For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Luke 18:9-14).

The thing we have never fully figured out is why Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals so desperately need to feel special and why they so desperately need everyone outside their circle not to be special—and eventually go to Hell. In fact, many of them behave as if they will one day be severely disappointed if everyone outside their circle does not go to Hell.

They will be disappointed one day!!!  They will be disappointed when they see Heaven is filled to bursting with Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Mainline Protestants, and all the other so-called “apostate” Christians they hate so much. My Guess: They will ask God if He can create a special city in Heaven just for fundies only—so they do not have to associate with other Christians in Heaven who might stain their self-perceived and self-accomplished perfection (oxymorons). I hope God will say to them:

It’s time to grow up now boys and girls, learn how to get along with other people, share your bread with strangers, and quit imitating the hole between your buttocks. It is okay to have an asshole, but it is not okay to be one in front of nearly every person you meet. That is not allowed here in Heaven—and by the way—you are no more special and no less special than any other humans here.

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Trump and Kavenaugh: Today Began the “Dammed Freedoms Period” in American History

by Charles S. Garabedian

AAAA Irony

Justice Brett Kavanaugh now sits on the U.S. Supreme Court. He was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts and former Justice Anthony Kennedy in the late afternoon yesterday—soon after the Republican majority U.S. Senate approved his nomination. If it were not for spineless Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, it would have been a one-party-alone approval of a high-court nominee—the first such one-party approval in American history. With that approval, we have now fully entered one of the darkest periods in American history, especially with regard to American freedom, individual liberty, civil rights, and human rights. President Donald J. Trump has already imposed his dark shadow across our country for two years, and yesterday’s approval of Kavanaugh closed off the last glimmer of light by handing the high court over to right wing extremist politics. Therefore, I am going to name this time in American history and call it out for what it is. Welcome to the Dammed Freedoms Period (double sens) in American history. Sadly, it is a time when people trying to secure civil rights will find their efforts held up like water behind a dam. Those who already have certain civil rights will soon see the damnation of those rights by federal courts.

The American history of our future will remember this dark period in the high school and college history textbooks of 2175 A.D. What will those American history textbooks remember?  Try this:

(1)  Those textbooks will remember Donald J. Trump as the worst-ever President of the United States of America. He will be given limited credit for an improved economy—one that lasted for a little while—and then even that went sour and headed downhill. Most of all he will be remembered for a chaotic and scary presidency, lacking in good human character and behavior—and attended by many kinds of nonethical behavior, corruption, and criminality—during both the 2016 campaign and the Trump presidency itself.

The Trump presidency will stand in human memory as a dark shadow of evil cast across the United States and much of the world. It will be remembered as a time when our traditional overseas friends and allies were all but abandoned. People will recall it is a time when money became more important than foundational principles and human decency. It will be remembered as a time when longstanding American freedoms and rights began to be rolled back. It will be recalled as a period when the pursuit of American freedoms, equality, and justice were wrongly held up like water behind a dam for women and other marginalized Americans. It will be recalled as the time when Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals cried out that they were being oppressed, when in fact they were becoming the oppressors in American society and culture.

(2) Textbooks will remember it as a time when the U.S. Supreme Court did all the evil President Trump, Christian fundamentalists, and conservative evangelicals wanted it to do. American women were further marginalized on many fronts, and their bodies were placed under the indirect control of Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical preachers. Women’s bodies were no longer theirs to do with as they saw fit. Preacher Beverly B. Beverly down at the Possum Hollow Baptist Church and other preachers like him were suddenly dictating to our government the national standards for what women could and could not do with their own bodies.

The President of the United States, by his own admission on an audiotape, was a pussy grabber, and of course, one of the things shriveled old white men in American fundie pulpits most wanted to do was lasso and control that most dangerous of all creatures—a woman’s reproductive system. This grab for power over women through the federal courts was perhaps the American institutionalization of a popular joke passed around by male business managers in late 20th and early 21st century American businesses. It was one my Group Manager, the son of a Baptist preacher, actually told me at lunch during a workday in 1989:

Group Manager:  What do you call the worthless outer layers of flesh that surround the vagina?

Charles:  I don’t know.  What?

Group Manager:  A woman.

Yes. That so-called “joke” is actually out there, and it is probably still circulating around in American business circles. Did you women readers know it was out there? Now you do.  I am going to remember that “joke,” Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford, Ms. Ramirez, and Ms. Swetnick when I step into my booth to vote against every Republican on my ballot come November 6, 2018.

(3)  Future American history textbooks will remember this as the time when an American president intentionally reactivated and fired the flames of racial prejudice many Americans of all colors had hoped were gone. Not long afterwords, white people were using the n-word freely again; African-American children mowing lawns for pay in white neighborhoods had the police called on them; and a black woman running for a political office had the police called on her for campaigning door-to-door in a white neighborhood. Waitresses were writing the n-word on the checks of African-American diners at restaurants, and two black men were kicked out of a Starbucks coffee shop for holding a business meeting without ordering—simply because they were black. Open racism was alive and thriving everywhere in the United States thanks to Trump.

(4)  It will be remembered in the textbooks as a time when Syrian refugee mothers and their children (and other refugees) were seeking asylum from oppression and death—but were denied entrance into the land presided over by the Mother of Exiles. American fundies cheered locking many of them out—directly violating the words of God in the Old Testament (Leviticus 19:33-34).

(5)  This period will be remembered in the history textbooks as a time when, at the behest of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, many white Americans (including Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals) chose to think like Nazis and support Nazi-like government behavior. The American government they endorsed and supported treated the plight of Hispanic peoples with heartless disrespect and indifference, separating the children of migrants from the arms of their mothers and fathers and throwing many tens of thousands of Hispanic adults into border “internment centers,” a modern euphemism for what they really are: concentration camps.

White people east of the Mississippi River did not really understand all of this, but white Americans who grew up out West sure did. Vile and rank prejudice against Hispanic migrants and immigrants had been a problem out West for centuries.  Famous American author James Michener, who once lived in Colorado, knew all about it and dramatized it his book Centennial.

You can see the essence of that ethnic prejudice in operation in the video clip below. In this clip, Charlotte and Jim are extremely wealthy ranchers who literally own most of a county in northeast Colorado. I think you will see that what Hispanic migrants in the United States are enduring everywhere today under Trump is just a latter-day version of the same despicable ethnic prejudice Hispanic people have always endured out West. Click the white triangle; move the red time ball to 51:25; and watch this entertaining clip for about 10 minutes. You will plainly see that today’s nationwide discrimination against Hispanic people is just the same as it was out West 100 years ago:

Did you like the video clip? Once again, Republicans, Christian fundamentalists, and conservative evangelicals—under the cover of enforcing American law—are instead supporting the oppression and persecution of Hispanic peoples and are thereby directly violating the moral words of the Bible they claim to cherish (Leviticus 19:9-10; Deuteronomy 10:18-19; Ezekial 16:49); Exodus 23:9); Malachi 3:5; I Kings 8:41-44; Job 31:32; Matthew 25:25-36; Galatians 5:14); Luke 10:29-37).

(6)  Puerto Rico is an American Territory, and all of its native inhabitants are officially American citizens by law. American history books of the future will recall the initial 64 people reported to have been killed by hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. They will further note in horror the fact that the Trump administration dragged its feet on getting storm relief aid to Puerto Rico and did not bother to discover the fact that 2,975 people actually died as a result of the storm.

Many of these deaths deaths could have been prevented with a far more vigorous storm response. More Americans died from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico than they did from the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The dead Americans in Puerto Rico were almost as many as those who died in the terrorist attack at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

I work with American history, and I know how American historians think—and rightly so. The writers of those future American history textbooks will eventually conclude that President Trump dragged his feet on getting storm aid to Puerto Rico because of ethnic prejudice against Hispanic people.

(7)  Looking ahead from today, future history textbooks will discuss a series of ill-advised early 21st century U.S. Supreme Court and lower federal court rulings that came about via right wing extremist politicians stacking our highest courts with politicized, biased, and prejudiced judges friendly to the saddest, worst, and most dark-hearted inclinations of Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals. These textbooks will truthfully say that this series of court rulings had the effect of encouraging and shielding a coordinated national Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical program of discrimination and persecution against LGBTQ Americans.

I believe American history textbooks will one day contain stories about how LGBTQ people were denied the civil rights they sought and how their right to marry was rolled back by the U.S. Supreme Court and Chief Justice Kavanaugh. They will recount how LGBTQ people were systematically barred from access to common services at restaurants, bars, retail stores, movie theaters, doctor offices, hospitals, and numerous other public and private venues essential for a normal life.

Grocery stores owned by fundies refused to even sell food to LGBTQ Americans, and such people were often denied employment or fired simply because they were LGBTQ people. As in all periods of human oppression and persecution, the textbooks will recall that some number of LGBTQ Americans were tortured and killed by self-righteous fundie Christians and fundie Christian militias who thought they were doing God and American society some kind of favor. The history textbooks will report how many LGBTQ people were tortured and killed—not counting the torture and killings that were done in private quarters or deep back in the woods—and no one ever heard about them.

A Final Word

I dislike John Calvin and his theological thinking with a passion. Why? It has been my experience that many of the most virulent and hateful nutjobs in Christian fundamentalism, conservative evangelicalism, and the so-called Religious Right are either pure Calvinists or people with early roots in Calvinism. I am not sure what it is precisely, but something in Calvinist theology turns ordinary people into rabid, highly zealous, over-radicalized crazy people. For example, the radical and heretical religious philosophies of Christian Reconstructionism, Christian Dominionism, and Christian Theonomy are all deeply rooted in pure Calvinism.

Once spurned as unacceptable, Calvinism is now growing like a cancer in Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism today. Despite what the Calvinists say, we United Methodists strongly believe that every fine detail of human history, thought, and action are not predestined by God in every fine detail. God may have the power of sovereignty, but that does not necessarily mean that he chooses to implement it and exercise it in all things. He may intervene in history occasionally, but much of the universe operates on its own by his choice to step back from it and simply watch. He has given human beings free will and the ability to change the world—and the course of history on this planet. The future is not written in stone.

You can change the current course of American history on November 6, 2018. On that date, you can do it by stepping into a voting both and voting against the Republican U.S. Senators and U.S. Congressmen who support President Donald J. Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, and the continued oppression of American women. By doing so, you will be voting for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Debbie Ramirez, Ms. Swetnick, and all other oppressed American women. You can participate in changing American history so the historians of the future will never have cause to write more of the sad history that I have laid out above. It is up to you. It is in your hands.

Please work up your gumption—get registered—and go vote on November 6, 2018!!!  What you think is important. You can improve things with your vote!!!  You really can!!!  Please just do it!!!

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