Mitch McConnell Adjourns U.S. Senate: Thereby Flipping His Old Middle Finger at the American Unemployed Who Can No Longer Pay for Rent, Mortgages, and Food——-Moms Suffer——Children Too

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Senator “Moscow Mitch” McConnell (R-Kentucky) formally adjourned the U.S. Senate today without coming to an agreement with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on an economic stimulus bill that offers monetary aid to Americans who were thrown out of work as a result of President Trump’s COVID-19 lockdown this past spring. Many of these people are working class Americans. You know——the people who elected Donald J. Trump President of the United States in 2016——the ones he promised to take care of in exchange for their votes. Where are these people now? They are suffering from continuing unemployment, inability to pay rent on their apartments, inability to make home mortgage payments, inability to make car payments, and in all too many cases——an inability to buy food for their children. Will they get any help from President Trump and the Republicans in the U.S. Senate? Do not hold your breath. Moscow Mitch and his Republican cronies in the U.S. Senate are gone until after the election.

Now, please listen to a famous speech President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave at the 1936 Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It will open your eyes and heart to an understanding of the fundamental evils that have always been at the heart of the Republican Party in the United States. This speech was given in the depths of The Great Depression, which began in 1929. A Republican, Herbert Hoover, was President of the United States in the early years of The Great Depression, and he refused to do anything significant to bring our country out of that depression because he was tied too tightly to traditional Republican ideology and Republican special interests.

In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the United States, and things soon  began to change——much to the delight of the American people. After listening to the Roosevelt speech, I think you will understand why “Moscow Mitch” McConnell adjourned the U.S. Senate today, tucked his tail, and ran away without helping millions of suffering  Americans who are desperately in need as a result of COVID-19 disruptions.

Please click on the safe link  below to listen to President Roosevelt’s famous 1936 speech. He was a mighty orator with a good mind and a kind heart for those Jesus called “the least of these.” He fought powerfully for them and had no fear of men like “Moscow Mitch” McConnell because he could clearly see the lobster-like “tinglers” of evil wrapped around their spines. Turn the volume up high and listen carefully to the whole speech. It will be a blessing from God to you in our own difficult and uncertain times today: 


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President Trump’s Heartless Immigration Mess Is Still Immoral and Still a Total Mess

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Migrant kids in cages were bad enough. What has happened since then with migrants seeking asylum in the United States is even more heartless and immoral. Comedian John Oliver summed it up quite nicely yesterday on his show Last Week Tonight. If you do not mind an occasional F-bomb, please click on the following safe link to see what Fearless Leader Trump is doing with scared migrants seeking asylum in the United States:

Asylum: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO

Were you shocked? If not, please take your temperature and pulse to see if you are still alive. Would Jesus treat “the least of these ” like President Trump is treating these migrants seeking asylum? I very much doubt it. Would Jesus be royally pissed over the way these poor people are being treated? You have read your Bibles—–even if the last time was 50 years ago. What do you think?

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I Was Shocked: Trump Administration Officially Surrenders to COVID-19

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

I guess you have noticed it by now, but just in case you have not, the Trump administration has decided on surrender to COVID-19. This surrender actually began this past summer when President Trump suddenly and prematurely quit the nationwide lockdown, urged businesses and employees back to work, and began a clandestine campaign against wearing face masks and practicing social distancing.

Later on President Trump ended his daily COVID-19 briefings for the American people. Then the president’s COVID-19 Task Force slowly faded into the background without so much as a whimper, and since then, we have only rarely heard from Dr. Deborah Birx or any other major COVID-19 expert on the task force. President Trump’s administration forbade Dr. Fauci from talking with the news media about COVID-19——that is——without specific permission. However, someone at the White House messed up and allowed him to talk on the air waves and cable wires just barely enough to gain a loyal, nationwide fan following.

With Fauci seemingly gagged, President Trump hired Dr. Scott Atlas, an X-Ray film reader with no background in epidemiology, to be his principle COVID-19 adviser. The news media have speculated that Dr. Atlas was hired to be a passive, agreeable “yes-man” for whatever idiocy President Trump wants done with COVID-19. Dr. Atlas soon began pushing the idea of herd immunity to President Trump. This herd immunity would  be achieved by just abandoning the fight against COVID-19 and allowing it to quickly sicken all 340,000,000 Americans. More than 2,000,000 Americans would die from COVID-19 as a result of walking this new path, but no one would really care because the people who survive will be immune to the virus. Apparently, that was the idea. Few bothered to mention that this new immunity might only last for a few months, and when it wears off, the American people might be susceptible to a second COVID-19 infection——gone full circle and back to Square 1. 

The American people——well——-the smart ones——fell in love with Dr. Fauci and his expertise on COVID-19. President Trump hated it because Fauci’s expert words and recommendations on COVID-19 were becoming more important than Trump’s words and recommendations. President Trump hates it when his subordinates steal the spotlight from him and become more popular than him with the American people. Pretty soon, President Trump began to view Dr. Fauci as his enemy, a friendly and affable guy to be sure, but an enemy nonetheless. That put even more distance between the Trump administration and Dr. Fauci.

Now—-here is the really important thing——the culmination of this mess for now. Yesterday, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows applied the final icing to the forthcoming American Cake of Massive Sickness and Death. In an interview with Jake Tapper at CNN, he indicated that President Trump and his administration have decided to abandon the fight against COVID-19. Of course, this position lines right up with Dr. Scott Atlas and the hair-brained, immoral, herd immunity bullshit he has been feeding to President Trump.

You may read about Mark Meadows and his statement to Jake Tapper by clicking on the following safe link:


Trump Team Just Announced Its Surrender to COVID-19


Just think about that for a couple of minutes——please?  We are already sliding into the long-predicted and greatly feared Second Wave of COVID-19, which is really the Third Wave of COVID-19. President Trump began abandoning the fight with the Second Wave this past summer. It came with his sudden panic over the lockdown and a slow withdrawal from the fight. One could argue that this pulling back and the downplaying of mask wearing and social distancing made the summer Second Wave far worse than it would have otherwise been. Can you imagine what will happen if President Trump does indeed surrender to COVID-19, and he abandons the American people to its ravages without a strong fight this autumn and winter? An enormous number of additional people will die from COVID-19 infections and even more will be left with chronic, life-long side effect diseases health insurance companies will define as pre-existing conditions.

Can you recall any other time in our history when a president tucked tail and ran from a serious threat to the American people. I can think of only one. It was when President Herbert Hoover tucked his tail and ran from doing anything significant to end The Great Depression. President Hoover was a Republican who adhered to the long-time Republican ideology that it is wrong for American government to interfere in any significant way with the operation of the American economy. American historians rank Herbert Hoover among the worst presidents in American history, coming in at No. 36 out of 45.

My mother and father lived through the times of President Hoover and The Great Depression. They were two of the kindest and gentlest people who ever lived on this Earth. Best I could tell, the only person they ever truly hated was Herbert Hoover. On the days when they died, many decades after The Great Depression, I suspect President Hoover was still at the very bottom on their list of likable human beings.

Right now, we have a man in the White House who is arguably worse than Herbert Hoover. That man is President Trump—–the man abandoning YOU to COVID-19 this autumn and winter. Personally, I expect future American historians to rank President Trump as the worst president in American history.

I hope you will have enough good sense to resist voting for President Trump in the election on November 3, 2020. He does not deserve your vote. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are far better and more experienced choices.

Aw heck, why not!!! Real life L. L. Cool J and Chris O’Donnell would be far better choices for President of the United States than Trump. At this point, if Biden and Harris were not running, I would settle for fictional Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks over Trump. Why? They have loving hearts in NCIS: Los Angeles. Believe me. If this country ever needed some truly loving hearts in the White House, that time is now.

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In-Person Early Voting Will Be Ending Soon

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Time is counting down and running out for in-person early voting in your county or city before election day on November 3, 2020. Different states have different periods of time for in-person early voting. Please check with your local election commission to determine the last day of early voting in your county or city. The early voting polls in my Tennessee county close in just four days on October 29, 2020.

Let us do the famous Countdown song by Lindsey Buckingham, and listen closely to the abundant hope for you and me in the lyrics——hope for election night and hope for noon on January 20, 2021. Sing it men and women:

Time is still available to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris before the early voting polls close. If you are not a member of a high-risk group for a COVID-19 infection, all you need to do is put on that face mask, drive down to the early voting place, and keep a good social distance in line between the voter in front of you and the voter in back of you. When you are finished voting, slop your hands with plenty of high quality, ethyl alcohol hand cleaner and head straight for Dodge City (a.k.a. home or somewhere else safe). The country you save from Trump will be your own. Just think of how many American lives you will save by getting rid of Trump with your vote. Here is the theme music for your voting task, “should you choose to accept it”:

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Trump’s Vaccine Office: You Have to Read This One to Believe It!!!

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

You will recall that one major failure in the Trump administration’s response to COVID-19 was to either toss or totally disregard a formal, written pandemic response plan developed and fully approved in the Obama/Biden administration. Well, guess what? The Trump administration did another thing that was just as bad. You may read about it by clicking on the following safe link:

The Trump Administration Shut a Vaccine Safety Office Last Year? What’s the Plan Now?

Please. On November 3, 2020, do not vote for four more years of short-sighted President Trump and the assorted meatheads and yes-men in his administration. They ignored the already existing pandemic response plan and shut down the vaccine office because they thought a pandemic was not a major national security event that was likely to ever happen during the Trump administration.

The key thing they failed to notice is that major, hard-to-control American pandemics occur once every 100 years or thereabouts in the United States. The last big one occurred in 1918. That was the famous Spanish Flu Pandemic. Count forward 100 years in time——boom——the year is 2018. When COVID-19 arrived in the United States as a full-blown pandemic in 2020, we were already two years overdue for trouble——two years overdue! The Obama/Biden administration saw this pandemic coming and laid plans to deal with it long before it ever happened. The Trump administration “pooh-poohed” the whole thing, and here we sit in the United States, the largest single pool of COVID-19 sickness and death in the entire world, as we enter the famous second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is actually the third wave.  The true second wave was the huge upsurge in COVID-19 cases and deaths we saw across this past summer.

Tennessee, one of the most Trump-obsessed of all the red states, has already entered the long-predicted and feared 2020-2021 Autumn-Winter COVID-19 Disaster, the so-called “second wave.” At the height of last summer’s COVID-19 surge, Tennessee registered about 3,250 new cases of COVID-19 in just one day. Yesterday, Tennessee registered more than 3,500 new cases in one day—-and we are just getting started with the big disaster here in The Volunteer State——and we have a huge problem.

Many people are not wearing face masks, and they are behaving as if the two words social distancing never even existed. I suspect a large number of these people are die-hard Trump supporters who think Trump’s personal advice and example are better than anything their medical doctor has to offer. However, I am really not too surprised at this. I matriculated through the Tennessee public schools in the early years of The Cold War. Our K-12 school teachers regularly taught us things along these lines:

Now listen children. The President of the United states is always a good, honorable, and truthful man. You should listen closely to him and whatever he has to say——more so than to anyone else. You can always rely on our president to tell us the truth. Therefore, whatever he tells you to do and whatever example he sets, you should follow it. Our president was carefully selected by the American people according to the constitutional framework laid down by our founding fathers, such as George Washington. Do you remember him children? He chopped down that  cherry tree and owned up to it, saying that he “could not tell a lie.” In the tradition of President Washington, you can be assured that our current President would never lie to you about anything. You do what he says to do and follow his example, and you will always be all right.

Somewhere in Nashville this afternoon, there is a Baby Boomer named Debbie, Pam, or Peggy. She is 67 years old. She sat in the same Tennessee classrooms I did during The Cold War. She fully absorbed what I have written in italics above. She plans to vote for her “nice Mr. Trump” on November 3, 2020, because that is what conservative people in Tennessee are expected to do. That is what most of her close friends plan to do, and there is a whole bunch of social pressure to follow suit.

This afternoon, she plans to go shopping at the huge Cool Springs Galleria mall in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tennessee. She will not be wearing a face mask and will not be practicing any form of social distancing. She even has plans to eat dinner in the super-crowded food court. Why?

President Trump is her president. He does not wear a face mask, and he does not appear to do much in the way of social distancing at the White House. So, why should she? In fact, President Trump seems to think such things are not really all that important, and he encourages all of the businesses to open up right away and do as much business as they can. So, she thinks she should do her part by shopping at the newly opened stores and eating out as often as possible. Just like her K-12 teachers said in class long ago, an American president would never lie to her about anything related to this awful COVID-19 hoax. As long as she listens to President Trump and follows his example, she feels certain that she will be safe.

She is completely unaware that her funeral will be held on the Monday after the long Thanksgiving Day weekend. How could her 4th grade teacher have been so wrong? How could her president have been so wrong? She stood in line for eight hours to vote for him on November 3, 2020.

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Last Presidential Debate of 2020 Tonight at 9:00 P.M. EDT

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

You just read my headline. If you have any doubt at all about who should get your vote for President of the United States, this debate may help you. What do I expect to happen tonight and why?

The folks at CNN are reporting that President Trump has done no prior preparation for this debate. Instead, he has spent his debate preparation time staging COVID-19 super-spreader events (a.k.a. Trump campaign rallies) in Florida and the other battleground states. You know what Forrest Gump said:

Stupid is as stupid does.

Earlier today, President Trump was tweeting, and he let the world know that he has no respect for African-American female journalist Kristen Welker, an NBC News employee who will be asking tonight’s debate questions and moderating the debate. Let us see now. African-American. Female. No respect from Trump. As Gomer Pyle used to say:

Surprise!!!  Surprise!!!  Surprise!!!

Joe Biden has shunned the campaign trail for the past several days. Instead, he has been doing his homework for tonight’s debate, and he has been engaged in heavy, very serious debate practice. Can you imagine that——a future president that analyzes, plans well, and actually does his homework for a meeting or debate? How refreshing would that be for the next four years? The folks at CNN are saying Joe Biden’s practice opponent in debate preparation behaved as relentlessly rude, mean, and nasty as he could to recreate the likely climate of tonight’s debate. Joe Biden’s goal is to remain cool and presidential-looking throughout the debate——in other words——be the second adult on stage along with Ms. Welker.

What am I expecting in the debate tonight? President Trump is coming in from a long succession of campaign rallies. These rallies were well attended, and his ego basked in the admiration and adulation of the attendees. This has charged Trump’s batteries, kept them charged, and fed that giant maw called “his ego.” For tonight, I expect to see Trump’s ego drunk with confidence and fully free to be its “true self” in debate. Want that in just four words?  Maximum asshole on stage. I suspect he will go after Joe Biden with all of the fury, unkindness, and disrespect he can find, and poor Ms. Welker will be treated with equal disgust because he does not like her anymore than he does Biden. I hope Joe Biden can restrain himself tonight. Ms. Welker…………………? Look for some possible fireworks. Hell hath no fury like a disrespected black woman treated badly by an orange-pated, racist, white man.

Of course, I could be all wrong about that. Trump’s political advisors have no doubt begged him to be cool, calm, respectful, and intelligent on stage tonight. (I am not sure that last adverb is possible for him.)  They have probably told him this is his last chance to look presidential and pick up voters——and if he fails to behave himself——it is curtains for Donnie Boy. Will he listen to them?  You tell me. Comments are open as always.

Grab your drinks and snacks. The debate is coming up in just 29 minutes from now. God bless all of you and much love to ya!!!

Update at 1:47 a.m. on 10/23/2020: The debate ended a few hours ago. Obviously, CNN’s sources about Trump’s debate preparation were wrong. They said he did not do any preparation. These sources were probably people inside or close to the Trump administration.

Trump was in control and on message in the debate. How many of you seriously think Mr. Chaos could have turned in tonight’s performance without any debate preparation? I get so tired of President Trump, his administration members, and his campaign representatives telling lies to the American people. Gr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!!!! The misinformation about his debate preparation was just one more big one in a long-flowing river of lies stretching all the way back to January 20, 2017. President Trump lied and deceived throughout the debate tonight, and in the end, he lost the debate.

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Girls and Mirrors

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

The Lincoln Project (a.k.a. Republicans Against Trump) has just released a truly powerful video-based campaign advertisement. You can bet your bottom dollar that this one is running on T.V. sets in the battleground states, and it is no doubt targeted at women and girls in the suburbs of major cities. Give it a quick watch and observe the putrid juices flowing forth from The Anointed One of the Lord. Feel the rising girl power dissolve them. Check it out by clicking on the following safe link:

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This Might Be President Trump’s Next New Job if He Loses the Election on November 3, 2020

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

I just made a visit to the CNN website. It has a news story with the following headline on it:

This Could Be Donald Trump’s Next Job if He Loses in November

To be honest with you, I did not read the article. However, its headline brought a funny thought to mind, and I just had to follow through with it to offer you some soul-healing levity for these difficult times. They (whoever “they” are) say that one picture is worth a thousand words. The following photograph captures the title of this article:

Prison Inmate and License Plates

Inmate Making Auto License Plates in an Ohio Prison


Big Don

Would Be Making His


New York


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Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un: Why President Trump Behaves as He Does Toward Ruthless Dictators

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

After four years, I may have finally figured out why President Donald J. Trump behaves so submissively around Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, and other powerful, dictators. The final piece in the puzzle was an article I just spied where a former White House staff member stated that President Trump would explode in anger whenever he or any other member of the staff would bring up the subject of Russia.

I did not read what I am about to present in that article. In fact, I did not read that article at all——except for the headline. The analysis and presentation I am about to make in the subsequent paragraphs of this article are my own.

Unconsciously, the small child (let us call him “Little Donnie”), who lives deep down inside President Trump’s brain, views powerful, ruthless international dictators as key father figures. They are just like President Trump’s own powerful, mean-spirited, ruthless, dictatorial father (Frederick Christ Trump, Sr.).

We have all heard the stories from President Trump’s  niece, clinical psychologist Mary L. Trump (Ph.D.), and others. You may recall them. Very early on, Frederick C. Trump identified young Donald J. Trump as the prime future inheritor of his large business empire. Fred tucked Little Donnie in tightly by his side at a very young age and began transferring all of the meanness and evil of his own business “Master Ring” deeply into his child’s brain. He abused the child emotionally——all of the time——and required absolute, unquestioning submission and obedience from a tender age. This incessant and abusive apprenticeship lasted for most of Donald J. Trump’s childhood, his adolescence, and his young adulthood. It was cruel and relentless, day-in and day-out, until father Frederick finally died, leaving Donald J. Trump finally legally free and in control of his father’s real estate and land development empire.

Today, whenever the adult Donald J. Trump is faced with with talking to or confronting a powerful foreign dictator, the child deep inside his own unconscious mind waxes frightened, submissive, and obedient (as a natural psychological reflex) because he is reminded of what it was like as a small child to engage with his own emotionally brutal father. In a way, it would be fair to say that Donald J. Trump became like his own father as a result of all the emotional abuse and the apprenticeship. It shows in how he treats the people who work for him, members of the news media, and other people. However, the small child who still lives deep within his brain can only recall the cruelty and emotional abuse that were so overwhelming and what it took to feel a little better and safer in the face of it. That was to freeze in place, wax totally submissive, and be utterly obedient to his father. Those were the keys to Little Donnie’s emotional survival as a small child.

This is why adult Donald J. Trump roles over and play’s dead in the presence of all-powerful, ruthless foreign dictators. He admires them from afar, becase he was abused into respecting and admiring his own father (whom he truly hates deep down inside), but just like he did with father Frederick C. Trump, he does not dare to truly confront them with any real punitive action that would really hurt them. 

I wonder how many of us——you or I——could have survived this kind of relentless emotional abuse from our own fathers? Can you imagine what this abusive apprenticeship would have been like in the twinkling blue eyes of a small and otherwise innocent child? It almost makes me feel sorry for President Trump because he could have been a so much better human being if his father had died shortly before his birth. In fact, I suspect that if this had occurred, the Donald J. Trump we know today would have been a completely different person——one people would truly admire and respect——perhaps the loving  pastor of a large, Mainline  Presbyterian Church USA.

What does all this mean in the presidential present? Well, first of all, the man you are seeing on the campaign trail in these few last days before election 2020 is not really Donald J. Trump per se, meaning Little Donnie.  Rather, we are seeing President Trump’s evocation of his own father. If you want to know what life was really like for Little Donnie in those early, frightening childhood years with his father, look no further than his current words and behavior in these few desperate last days of a failing campaign. The person you are actually seeing is Frederick C. Trump, the brute that emotionally battered an innocent child into submissive obedience, the father who turned his child into an angry, lie-filled con man.

Second, you can bet your bottom dollar on one thing. The clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who work in the Russian, Chinese, and North Korean intelligence services figured all of this out long ago. They too know what makes President Donald J. Trump tick——and in far more detail than anything I have laid out here.

Third, this is why President Trump rolled over and played dead in the face of father figure Vladimir Putin at the summit meeting in Helsinki. This is why Trump was unable to confront Putin about the Russian bounties on our troops in Afghanistan. He must become submissive and be obedient to the powerful and brutal father figure.

Fourth, if a true international political or defense crisis were to suddenly arise, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, the Russian leadership knows that Trump would wax submissive, back down, and submit to the desires of “father figure” Putin. The Chinese leadership and the North Korean leadership know the same thing.

The Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans also know that their window of opportunity with President Trump is closing fast. If one or the other wants to grab the rest of Ukraine, take down Taiwan, or test some new ICBM prototypes, it has to happen between now and November 3, 2020 and certainly between now and January 20, 2021. If Trump is still in office, they already know that he will back down and refuse to protect Ukraine and Taiwan from conquest. Similarly, he will not confront Kim Jong Un about new ICBM testing. Just as the Holy Bible says of Satan, “their time is short.” If these dictators were to try any of these provocative moves later on with the Biden/Harris administration, they know that their own dicks would be cut off and handed to them on a platter, and they would be forced to eat them with the whole world as an eagerly watching audience. These ruthless dictators recall what it was like to confront their own menacing fathers.

Fifth, President Trump has already been confronted by a powerful father figure who is just as cruel, insensitive, and indifferent as his own father. That father figure is the COVID-19 coronavirus. Just like a frozen and frightened little child who cannot talk back to or reason with an emotionally cruel and abusive father, Donald J. Trump has come face-to-face again with Frederick C. Trump in the form of a cruel and deadly virus. Just like with his father, it was impossible for the small child deep inside President Trump to talk to, reason with, or beg for mercy from a deadly virus. It simply, mindlessly, and mutely did what mother nature and biological evolution programmed it to do. In this sense, I strongly suspect that President Trump’s recent diagnosis with a COVID-19 infection was one of the most frightening moments of his adult life because it came on with a solid one-two punch. The viral infection went after his body, and simultaneously, the cruel, relentless nature of the virus went after his mind with the resurrected specter of his long-dead father. It was a cruel and heartless resurrection of Frederick C. Trump, as the president stood on the cliff-like edge of potential death.

The news media have noted that President Trump appeared to experience some sort of strange personal epiphany as his COVID-19 infection began to get better. Deep within his mind, I suspect he sensed recovery from the virus as being a physical blessing and a singular personal triumph over the cruelty of his father—-hence the triumphal motor tour of the grounds at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the even greater triumphal return by Marine-1 helicopter to the Truman Balcony at the White House. But unfortunately for Mr. Trump, the cruel nature of reality began to seep slowly back into his mind.

President Trump has never thought of himself as just the leader of the United States of America. Deep inside his Fred-spooked mind, he believes powerfully that he is the United States of America and the government of the United States is a wholly owned and fully managed subsidiary of the Trump Organization. Therefore, any exterior criticism of his person by the news media or anyone else is viewed as a direct attack on the United States of America and the Trump Organization. At some point after his epiphany and supposed triumph over COVID-19 (his father), a few drops of truth began to seep into his often deluded mind. He had not really triumphed over the virus and his father after all. The American nation and its people were still under relentless attack by COVID-19, and because he is the nation in  his mind, he too was still under attack. No real triumph had occurred. The deadly virus, just like the memory of his father, was still chasing and threatening him——and very personally.

Witnessing the seeming hopelessness of the situation and the potential loss of himself (meaning the nation——via the coming election) because of it, President Trump did what he had already begun to do many months earlier in the spring and summer of 2020. He waxed submissive in the face of his father (the virus), rolled over, and played dead, just as he had done with Fred C. Trump when he was a child. President Trump submitted to the virus and looked for a way to surrender to it. He later found that in the form of Dr. Scott Atlas and the false and betraying notion of herd immunity. That was the way to surrender to the virus (his father and master) while appearing——underline that verb——to still be fighting the virus in some shallow way. However, the ultimate truth was the same as it had always been. Wax submissive and fold. His cruel, emotionally abusive father had once again beaten him into submission and made him that most awful of things——a loser—–and it had all occurred on a grand scale with him as President of the United States and the whole nation——indeed the whole world——as his audience——and now even the presidency was nearly lost forever in the coming 2020 election.

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Urgent Message: Please Vote. Please——Please——Please Vote. I Explain Why in Detail.

by Charles S. Oaxpatu


I am beginning to feel uneasy about the potential outcomes of the presidential election and the U.S. Senate election on November 3, 2020. Sure, as it stands today, my all-time favorite election prediction service (FiveThirtyEight) is showing a runaway victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and a fairly secure U.S. Senate victory for Democrats/Independents. Unfortunately, like all of the other election prediction and polling services, my favorite service was dead wrong about the 2016 election. That happened because certain matters (which I have long forgotten) existed then for which the polls did not take sufficient account before election day. Supposedly, those polling flaws have been corrected for in the current national polling and predicting for the various 2020 races.

However, that was not all that went wrong in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election. To this day, there is still a strong feeling that Democratic/Independent voters took the common phrase “This is Hillary’s time” way too seriously, as if God himself had written her certain victory into stone like He did The 10 Commandments. As a result, numerous potential Democrat/Independent voters kicked back, relaxed, and said:

Why this presidential race is already in the bag. Ya-w-w–n-n-n-n-n-n-n. Guess there’s no need for me to even vote this year. I’ll just lay here on the living room sofa all day this here election day, take a long snooze, and then switch on the T.V. tonight to celebrate Hillary’s big win.

Then boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A major league American tragedy ensued by about 1:30 a.m., and Fearless Leader Trump was suddenly the President-Elect of the United States of America. Millions of decent people with loving hearts gasped in horror and froze in place as just three battleground states and a few thousand votes around The Great Lakes nudged the Electoral College votes across the 270 line for Trump. Those of us——like me——who already knew what the next four years were going to be like under Trump were shot through with clinical depression, nausea, and the possibility of a really bad puke. Trouble was——those bad feelings surged to ever greater heights across four years under the so-called Anointed One of the Lord and his gross inability to govern with intelligence, competence, stability, unity, good personal character, humility, love, grace, and humanity.

Look folks!!! Please listen up!!! We must not rest on any laurels this year like so many Democrats/Independents did in 2016. If we do, Donald J. Trump will be right back in the White House for four more years. If President Trump wins, he will fire Dr. Anthony Fauci and fully replace him with Dr. Scott Atlas, a known public health quack and Trump-sycophant “yes-man” with no background in public health, epidemiology, pandemics, and how to fight infectious diseases on a massive scale. Dr. Atlas will use the term herd immunity as a lame excuse to end all federal and state responses to the COVID-19 virus, and millions of Americans who did not have to die—–WILL DIE——from the COVID-19 virus. This is what Trump now wants, and this is what Dr. Atlas will give him for no other reason than to make Trump happy, regardless of how many sick people are maimed for life by the virus and how many die from it. These people who get permanently hurt and killed may very well be you, the members of your family, and/or your friends and coworkers. You have the power to stop this, but you have to vote to do it.

We cannot and must not allow President Trump to have another four years in the White House. This is a true life and death matter—–and just think of all the other silly and chaotic crap President Trump will subject us to across the next four years. If the past four years have been hard for you, I can guarantee you that another four years of his chaos and craziness will become humanly intolerable——humanly intolerable——humanly intolerable.

Please folks. Given what happened in 2016 and all that is at stake in 2020, we cannot afford even one microscopic speck of complacency from any person in this 2020 election. Please do not lie on your living room sofa and chill like so many people did in 2016. Go vote!!!!  Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Make it the most important thing you have on your “To Do” list between now and election day. Make it No. 1 on your list.

Do you have a Republican who is running for the U.S. Senate in your state? If so, then please vote your current Republican U.S. Senator out of office and refuse to vote for any new Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. This is absolutely necessary. If you fail to vote against them, all you will get in return for your failure is another four years of Swamp Gridlock in Washington, D.C. If Senator Mitch McConnell (R- Kentucky) is allowed to remain in office and remain as Senate Majority Leader, the first words out of his mouth on the U.S. Senate floor in 2021 will be these:

Anything and everything the Democrats and Independents want to do legislatively in American government for the next four years will be automatically declared DEAD ON ARRIVAL the split second it hits the door to the U.S. Senate.

This is how “Moscow Mitch” McConnell operates. Many Americans are not aware of this, and it is one of the chief reasons hardly anything worthwhile gets done for the American people in the U.S. Congress. Senator Mitch McConnell is the long-reigning King of the Washington Swamp, and the other Republicans in the U.S. Senate are his very agreeable bullfrogs of the swamp.

Any compromise to pass legislation in the U.S. Senate will be nearly impossible because the Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals will be doing what they always do. They will be calling up or writing to Mitch McConnell and the other Republican U.S. Senators with this classic song and dance:

The Democrats and Independents are all sons and daughters of Satan. God makes it clear in the “Authorized King James Version of the Bible” that we are not to compromise with Satan on even the tiniest of matters. Even one tiny compromise with these Democrats and Independents on anything is viewed by God as a 100 percent sellout on anything and everything that is Holy, right, and good in this world. If you give in to even one tiny compromise on any piece of legislation, Senator Sasse, every Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical in my state will vote you out of office in the next primary election——and you too Senator Ernst of Iowa.

Just in case you were not aware of it, founding father James Madison was the principal architect of the U.S. Constitution (1787-1789). He firmly believed that compromise with opponents on legislation should be a hallowed virtue in American government. He saw it as the only means by which anything good would ever get done legislatively between partisans in American government. The best expression of his belief is found in the modern mantra:

Compromise!!! Compromise!!! Compromise!!!

The Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals, who own your Republican U.S. Senator as their personal property (along with giant corporations), have made James Madison’s ideal for a well-functioning U.S. Congress nearly impossible. That is one of the chief reasons why Washington, D.C. has turned into The Swamp and why American government is so screwed up today.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential to vote your Republican U.S. Senator out of office on November 3, 2020, so this mess will stop dead in its tracks. You have to quit voting for these Republican U.S. Senators just because they have been in office a long time or just because their names are so familiar to you. Satan is a familiar name, and he has been in office for a long time too. Would you vote for him?

When I was a small child, my mother told me the most handsome (i.e., physically good looking) male candidate would get her vote. Please women of America——quit it. That rationale for voting is just plain crazy. I know all American women are not like my mom in this regard, but those of you who are need to cease and desist for election day 2020.

Some people vote for a U.S. Senate candidate simply because they think he or she is going to win. What the candidate stands for is irrelevant. I had an uncle who was like that. He was a menial laborer who liked to dress up in fashionable clothing and impress people with his big, fancy, used car. Men like him want to vote for the obvious winner. Then, on the day after election day, they dress up in their best duds, board their used Lincoln Continental, and go up to the county courthouse to hob nob with all the local officials and boast about how they “voted for the winner.” You would not believe how many American men do some version of this for every election, and yes, the local officials at the county courthouse consider them to be fools and idiots. This happens folks!!! Some people just want to vote for the expected winner because they think a successful pick will somehow enhance their personal prestige.

Please dear people. Please. We must quit all of this weird nonsense on election day. Republican U.S. Senators are killing our country right now——quite literally——and their mindless, disgusting, Quisling submission to President Donald J. Trump and all that he desires is just a small part of their overall problem. These Republican U.S. Senators must go. It is their time to go. Otherwise, nothing good will get done on badly needed healthcare legislation. Twenty-one million Americans will lose their healthcare insurance coverage——with no replacement coverage. Your health insurance company will gain permission to refuse to insure you and any other family member who has a pre-existing condition—–or will charge you thousands of dollars extra (out the wazoo) on your monthly insurance premiums to do it. Nothing will get done on climate change. Nothing will get done on infrastructure. Nothing will get done to help those Jesus called “the least of these.” Nothing will get done to help the millions of Americans who lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic——and are about to lose their homes, their rental apartments, and their access to food for their families. Nothing will get done on anything that is truly important to you. Your Republican U.S. Senator will submit to and vote for whatever crazy thing President Trump wants to do about COVID-19 over the next year, even if it is nothing at all.

Okay. It is very late at night. I am very tired and sleepy. That was the best I could do tonight. I was going for an all-out, passionate plea for your help to prevent a repeat of the 2016 election, which was a true nightmare in the mind of any right-thinking American. So, please get out there and vote by whatever legal means are available to you. We can stop this Nightmare Trump Train dead in its tracks, but we will never do it by sitting comfortable and complacent on our butts and reading about positive polling for Joe Biden. This requires action. Call up your family members, friends, and associates. Let them know you are voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Let them know you are voting against your Republican U.S. Senator. Ask them to do the same!!! You go guy!!!  You go girl!!! We can do this!!!

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