An Unresolved 2018 U.S. Senate Race and News Media Accusations of Voter Suppression and Racism

by Charles S. Garabedian


How Some Christians Viewed African-American Civil Rights in 1964

The recent issues highlighted by the news media are voter suppression and racism. The subject is Ms. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss), who is in a still-unresolved race for the U.S. Senate in Mississippi. You may read about it in the article below, and while you are at it, be sure to play the short video clip embedded in the article—just to reassure yourself that her behavior is a matter of recorded fact rather than election year propaganda. Just click on the following safe link:

Voter Suppression in Mississippi

According to her U.S. Senate campaign website, Ms. Hyde-Smith and her family are active members of Macedonia Baptist Church in Brookhaven, Mississippi. It is a Christian fundamentalist or conservative evangelical church. You can check out its website here:

Macedonia Baptist Church

Personally, I think the right to vote is a precious thing given to us by our founding fathers in the U.S. Constitution. My position is that every American citizen, even people I do not particularly like, should have the right to vote. It should be free, open, and easy. No one should be suppressing or impeding any citizen’s right to vote.

What is it with Ms. Hyde-Smith and her apparent racist comments about being willing to take a front row seat at a public hanging in Mississippi? She claims it was just a passing joke—but was it? Historically, Mississippi is first among our 50 states in total lynchings of African-American people, and her opponent in the U.S. Senate is an African-American gentlemen.

The way I read the Holy Bible, we are all brothers and sisters on this Earth, regardless of race, ethnicity, or whatever else. For those of us who are professed Christians, we are all one and the same—and equal in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:27-29).

What is it with some Christians and racism? Why do they claim to be followers of Jesus while behaving in manners that look racist in nature. Take a look at the political cartoon above, which was published in the Christian Beacon newspaper in 1964. It was drawn by Vic Lockman, a well-known Christian cartoonist-for-hire. He was also known for a 1985 pro-apartheid cartoon strip entitled Who’s Behind the South African Crisis?


The political cartoon that heads this article is 54 years old. To be quite frank with you, I had a bit of trouble figuring it out—probably because I (and you) live at a different time in American history— a time that was mentally far removed from 1964—that is until 2016 and the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump. In 1964, I was only 12 years old, but I did remember a few things about 1964. Bearing those things in mind, I brooded over this cartoon for a while—and to my own satisfaction—quite suddenly understood its full meaning. Just in case you had some trouble understanding it in detail, please allow me to offer my best interpretation of it.

The “Bill” is the famous Civil Rights Act of 1964, which provided a bolstering of civil rights for African-American people. The human-like figure with the club is also named “Bill.” He represents the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Notice how Bill’s face is drawn to look partly human (like an ancient cave man) and partly like a chimpanzee. This was done to highlight the old white racist theme that African-American people are all little more than stupid apes whose ancestors originated among the treetops deep in some ancient African jungle. Basically, Bill is the ape-like American black man wearing the clothing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The huge club in Bill’s right hand represents the power of the federal government in the realm of American civil rights. This giant head clouter shows how the power of the federal government has been unleashed against American white people—particularly the pure, lily-white flower of American womanhood in the United States. The club symbolizes how the Civil Rights Act of 1964 empowers African-American people with a new weapon that will work against the interests and safety of American white people.

Notice how Bill’s left hand (African-American civil rights are a product of unChrist-like leftist evildoers) is holding a young white woman (likely the recently invented toy doll Barbie) by her long hair—probably white Barbie’s pure Aryan blonde hair. This image taps into the old white racist notion that the male African-American ape’s highest aspiration is to knock a white woman like Barbie in the head with a club and rape her. This young woman is also a symbol of the entire white race in the United States, and it represents how the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would put all white Americans at the mercy of the brutal, ape-like American negro male. The caption beneath the cartoon indicates that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all of the “evil” implied in the cartoon are the direct product of Satan—some times called “The Devil.”

When this cartoon was first published, I was living in a small town in the American South  The white people who lived in my county were soon to face desegregation of their county schools. I attended one of those schools. White people in my county were frightened out of their wits by the prospect of it, and being a mere kid, I was frightened too. For many generations, white people in the American South had been enculturated into earnestly believing a huge pack of lies about African-American people. For example, they were all dirty, lazy, and dishonest.

This dishonesty was not a result of how they were raised. According to the oral, white racist folk narrative, human biology had built such amorality into the DNA of the African-American person. As a racist uncle of mine used to put it:

The negro is a member of a naturally immoral race.

From his perspective, constant evil and immoral lusts of all kinds were part of the basic genetic makeup of all African-American people. Even if their brains resolved to do the right thing at 8:00 a.m. on a certain day, their genes would inevitably lead the black man or black woman into doing some form of dastardly evil by 5:00 p.m. on that same day. The American negro was incapable and incorrigible because of this, and white people had to watch them like hawks all day long to prevent them from raping their lily-white wives or stealing their household belongings.

Today it is hard for many of us to understand how a supposedly Christian newspaper could publish a cartoon as outrageous as the one above in 1964—and do it with a very serious, straight face. White Christians were able to do this as a result of many generations of enculturation into the belief that all African-American people are scum bags who:

Just can’t help themselves no matter how hard they might try.

The advent of the Trump campaign of 2016 and the current Trump presidency have churned up all of these hopelessly flawed white racist notions from the past. Moreover, it is sad to see such notions out in the open and used as weapons in a campaign for the U.S. Senate where one white candidate (the pure and lily-white flower of southern Christian womanhood in Mississippi) is pitted against an African-American candidate.

Cartoon Credit: Christian Beacon newspaper on May 7, 1964

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Colonoscopy: An Update for My Readers

by Charles S. Garabedian


A Colonoscopy Underway

Somewhere on planet Earth, I feel sure there is at least one person named Stephanie Colonoscoppi. For the past several days, I had to go through what many people believe is the grueling ordeal of a colonoscopy. Today I am recovering from the sedation effects of the Profolol medication they use as a general anesthetic. You will no doubt recall that pop artist Michael Jackson died from an overdose of Profolol.

I have had colonoscopies in the past, but this one was especially difficult for me. In years gone by, the Profolol knocked me out immediately, and I felt nothing until the procedure was over. This time around, the Profolol did not take effect immediately, and for at least a portion of the procedure, I could actually feel the television rod up my butt, moving around, and so forth. It was most unpleasant.

In past years, when my colonoscopy was completed, the Profolol wore off very quickly. I was bright, chipper, and ready to walk immediately afterwards. After waking up this time, the Profolol lingered—with bad after effects. It took much longer than usual for it to wear off, and two nurses had to grab hold of me and walk me to the room where the doctor discusses the results of the colonoscopy. I felt terrible. Both of my eyes were oriented straight forward. However, one eye seemed to be looking straight forward, and my other eye seemed to be looking in another direction, all at the same time. I had a headache and felt just awful for a long time. The effects of Profolol normally stay around for 24 hours after administration. I slept far longer than usual last night because of this and had numerous back-to-back dreams that I would describe as quasi-nightmares. Right now, the 24-hour Profolol recovery is up, and I still do not feel 100 percent back to normal.

People always talk about the proverbial Dentist from Hell. Yesterday, I actually had the Colonoscopy from Hell. The normally grueling prep procedure the day before the colonoscopy had been hard for me in years past, but it was fairly easy and not too unpleasant this time. The Profolol anesthetic and the colonoscopy itself were the problems this time.  This really surprised me because in all of my past colonoscopies at the same place, the Profolol knocked me out like turning off a light switch. It was like being totally dead and then coming back to life again. Those colonoscopy experiences were very pleasant because I felt nothing and remembered nothing about the procedure itself.

I had a few benign polyps, which were removed, but no sign of colon cancer was observed. That part was certainly a blessing.  I just hope any future colonoscopies will be as pleasant and painless as the ones I have had in years past.

Why did I write this?  I just wanted to let you know that I have not written anything here in a few days because I was busy doing medical stuff and feeling bad. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and God bless all of you.

Photograph Credit: U.S. Navy

Response to Becky

Hi Becky.  Thanks for your comment. My experience of the past few days is unusual—I think—for colonoscopies.  I doubt seriously that you will have the same experience that I did five years from now.

Actually, to the best of my knowledge, only one person on either side of my extended family has ever had colon cancer. The person who did get it was a first cousin of mine who lived in Indianapolis—before she died from her colon cancer. Because of this extremely low incidence, I was actually thinking about never having a colonoscopy at anytime in my life.  As it turned out, I had polyps many years ago when I had my first colonoscopy at 52 years old, and later learned that I am a regular polyp former. All of mine have been benign so far, and they were removed during the colonoscopies I have had.  The way I look at it, I have managed to cheat death from colon cancer for 14 years now—meaning I have never had colon cancer but almost surely would have had it at some point before now.  Basically, in the otherwise scheme of things, I am supposed to be dead right now.

Based on my own experience, I urge you (Becky) and everyone else to go ahead and get a colonoscopy—before age 50 if you have a family history of colon cancer—and at age 50 if you do not have a history of colon cancer in your family. Because of my family history, I was convinced that I had almost zero risk for colon cancer. As it turned out, I was dead wrong—but not dead.

Response to Jupe77

Weird, huh?  I once had an upper GI endoscopy that was like what you said. However, for all of my colonoscopies—except for two days ago—I was out like a light and had no memory of anything. It was like going dead and coming back to life. It occurs to me that individual anesthesiologists may have different personal philosophies about how much or how little Profolol to give a person. I am sure there is a written procedure they follow, but there is also an art to it—meaning the different people have different weights, blood circulation characteristics, body chemistry, ages, disease conditions, etc. The anesthesiologist has to weigh all of that in determining how much Profolol to give a person without killing them.

One of my close friends from childhood (now deceased from bone cancer) was an M.D. anesthesiologist, and I once asked him to describe his job for me in a nutshell. Here is my best paraphrasal of exactly what he said:

There is a long, straight stairway that descends straight down to a closed door with hinges and a doorknob.  Death is on the other side of that door. My job is to take my patients to the bottom of that long stairway and just ever so slightly crack that door open, but make sure that my patient does not die.

That was the best nutshell job description I had ever heard—simple and to the point.

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A Simple Healthcare Message for American Citizens

by Charles S. Garabedian

Improve Act

People who do statistical research and other kinds of research on healthcare issues in the United States have noticed something really odd. I am not totally sure of this, but I suspect this oddity is especially pervasive among ordinary Christian fundamentalists, conservative evangelicals,  and right wing political folks. What have these researchers noticed? Here it comes, as best expressed in my own words:

I just love that there Affordable Care Act health insurance. My sister’s family has that for their health insurance, and it has been a real blessing for them. However, I gotta tell you, I hate that there left wing extremist Obamacare. We need to do all we can to get rid of that awful, evil thing.

News Flash!!!  The Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are not two separate things. They are exactly the same thing.  The Affordable Care Act is the abbreviated official name of the statute passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama. The term Obamacare is the highly informal nickname for the exact same Act.

Here is another widespread oddity that these same researchers are encountering among ordinary Americans all across the United States. Here it is as best expressed in my own words:

Well, you know what? I’m a political conservative. I have bedrock conservative principles straight out of the Bible.  If you don’t work, then you can’t have any food. You know what else?  I hate the very idea of socialized medicine and healthcare. It’s an evil, left wing, Jesus-hating plot to destroy America. Outside of that evil Obamacare, I am sure thankful to God that we don’t have any socialized medicine here in the United States.

I turned 65 years old a while back, and I’m proud to be on Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part C. It is truly a healthcare blessing. Recently, I had major surgery, and Medicare paid for nearly all of the cost.  It was even better than the health insurance I had with my former employer, which cost me and my family $600 per month out of pocket and my employer more than $2000 per month. My monthly Medicare premiums are really small. Medicare Part A costs me nothing, and Part B costs me only about $135 per month. Part C costs me another $135 per month. Now that’s what I call real insurance!!! You could never get healthcare this cheap and this good from any socialized medicine program run by a government!!!

News Flash!!!  Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D are classic socialized medicine and healthcare available through the federal government to all elderly Americans (age 65 and older). Medicaid is a similar socialized medicine and healthcare program for poor Americans and elderly poor people who cannot afford to pay for their healthcare out of pocket.

In my honest opinion, based on my own personal experience with it, Medicare is a blessing to all Americans—straight from the hand of Jesus. Medicare and Medicaid are both highly efficient and well run. Medicare and Medicaid cost increases do not occur because of programmatic inefficiency. They occur because the general cost of healthcare and prescription medicine in the United States are increasing at lunatic rates because of runaway corporate greed in the private healthcare insurance companies, big hospital corporations, and pharmaceutical corporations. They are playing a cruel extortion game with the American people. I call this game:

How much money could you scrape together and give me in exchange for your life? If you knew you were going to die tomorrow without this medicine our corporation makes, how much would you pay for a dose—$500, $1,000, $10,000?  What say I sell you one dose of this lifesaving medication for $20,000? Yep!! That is our final price—$20,000 per dose sucker!!! We figure you will need about 20 does of this medication to save your life, so draw your life savings down $400,000 for us—and we will spare your life. What? You never saved that much?  Well, we hope you have a nice funeral.  Good-bye!!!

American conservatives and radical right Republicans would say the following in response to that:

Well, that’s just the way American capitalism works. American capitalism is a Holy principle. It would be wrong for us humans to interfere with its operation in any way.

First of all, American capitalism is not Holy in any way, form, or fashion. Yes, from reading the Bible, the economic system of the ancient Jewish people appears to have been a typical capitalist economic system. However, it is just a pattern of economic dealings that developed slowly over time—on its own—from the time of cave men on through to the time when ancient agriculture arrived in the Middle East. It is a creation solely by the hands of men and women. It developed naturally like that in ancient Israel and many other places around the world that never even heard of Yahweh or Jesus. The Bible simply describes this naturally developed system of exchange as it was operating daily in Biblical times. Nowhere. Nowhere in the Holy Bible does God ever say:

Thou shalt have an American-style capitalist economy because I—your High and Holy God—most like that one.

Furthermore, I would submit that $500, $800, $1000, or $20,000 for a dose of medicine is not the normal operation of American capitalism. It is something else that the Bible does explicitly preach against. We call it highway robbery. The Bible calls it two things:

(1)  Cheating your customers with the weighing scales in the marketplace.

(2)  Thou shalt not steal.

You ordinary Christian fundamentalists, conservative evangelicals, and right wing extremists need to wake up from your ignorance and the lies that pervade your conservative fantasy world. You need to start asking why your fundie preachers, FOX News, your favorite conservative pundits, and local conservative talk radio are feeding you so many lies and so much disinformation. People manufacture such lies and disinformation because they desperately want something.  That something is usually a huge personal advantage a small number of greedy people get out of it—while slyly ripping off the average American citizen.

Greed is explicitly defined as a sin in the Bible. When are we Christians (you and me) going to start calling out the private sector American healthcare system for its runaway greed; its cheating with the scales in the American marketplace; and its clever game of theft from the American people? The time has finally come for the U.S. government to roll out the guillotine; start lopping off heads; and begin reining in the high costs charged by the private sector healthcare industry in the United States.

Responses to Comments

Hi Brian. It is good to hear from you and others at Bruce’s blog. I agree with you. Furthermore, the Medicare system is already in place with all of the “bugs” worked out over the past 47 years.  Unlike Obamacare, which was poorly organized from the beginning and just trying to take first flight, this would make it easy and painless to implement Medicare for everyone.  The individual cost per month of healthcare would go way down because all 326 million Americans would be participating. Taxes on the American people would increase some to better pay for it, but the thing most Americans do not understand about such taxes is that they are already paying more rip-off money to the private sector healthcare industry right now—than those increased taxes would ever amount to. Furthermore, with all Americans participating in Medicare, the American people and the U.S. Congress (together) would be able to issue the private sector healthcare industry a mafia-style offer they cannot refuse:

Bring the prices you charge to American citizens way, way, way down—or we will do it for you by law and regulation—and if you fail to comply, your corporate executives will be going to federal prison for long stretches. Federal prisons have no parole system. Therefore, if you are sent up for 10 or 15 years, you will serve the entire sentence before you get out.

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Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

by Charles S. Garabedian

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to Jesus and all of you nice readers who were kind enough to vote against President Donald J. Trump and the radical Republican candidates he was supporting in the recent elections. I was a little disappointed and depressed that the U.S. Senate remained in Trump’s hands, and he actually picked up a few new U.S. Senate seats. At that time I was personally unwilling to call it a Blue Wave. Perhaps I was just too tired from staying up all night watching the election returns. The feeling of being depressed continued into the early morning daylight when I finally decided to drown my sorrows with something better than Jack Daniels—scrambled eggs, beef tips, hash browns, and pancakes with blueberry syrup at IHOP.  Everything felt much better after munching on that.

Right now, I am going to officially declare a Blue Wave. The television news media were unwilling to do that Tuesday night. Many races across the country were too close to call on election night, and they are still counting the ballots, doing recounts, or proceeding toward run-off elections and court battles. The good news here is that the vote counting in a number of these tight races appears to be swinging against Trump and his candidates—while a few other races are swinging toward Trump. That means the Trumpian pickup of new seats in the U.S. Senate will be reduced in number, and the anti-Trump forces in the U.S. House of Representatives will obtain even more house seats than those gained on election night. That is all good news to me. The television news media, such as Don Lemon’s nightly show on CNN, finally feel secure enough to officially declare that a Blue Wave did indeed occur in Tuesday’s election.

The best good news was winning the U.S. House of Representatives by a wide margin and the fact that this margin is increasing even now with the previously mentioned late vote counts and recounts. This is enormously good news for two reasons:

(1) As called for by the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. House of Representatives will finally have a watchdog check on Trump’s activities and any presidential crimes or misuses and/or abuses of power he may have committed. Trump knows that now. He is scared silly and hopping mad about it too. Witness his angry behavior toward the news media and especially his angry, racist behavior toward African-American reporters—over the past few days. Notice all the lies he is telling. Trump appears to be coming unglued, and it is only going to get worse after the newly elected house members are sworn in on January 3, 2019. After that date, Trump will experience the greatest political bowel blockage in American history, and one of the greatest bowel reamings to loosen it for him. If Trump has committed high crimes or misdemeanors in any aspect of his life—and Robert Mueller knows about it—Trump has only 54 days left before his presidency begins unraveling and charging toward final oblivion.

(2) The new Democrat and Independent majority in the U.S. House of Representatives will have subpoena-issuing power, and in January 2019, it’s assorted committees will begin immediate and comprehensive investigations into potential wrongdoing by Trump and his minions, including any cabinet members who have been playing fast and loose with your tax dollars and using their federal positions for personal gain. In other words, all of the bad things that have been done in secret during the Trump regime really will be shouted from the rooftops (Luke 12:3). Corrupt officials will resign, and some may pay large fines and/or serve prison sentences. Personally, I am predicting that infamous Congressman and Trump lackey Devin Nunes (R-California) will quickly find his butt under investigation for house ethics violations—and may be officially censured or expelled from the U.S. House of Representatives.

Robert Mueller will complete his investigation soon, and his staff is already writing the report on his investigation, probably a very large report with extensive appendices. Recent rumblings inside the Trump regime were indicating that Trump planned to permanently prevent the American people from ever seeing the Mueller report.

A recent legal discussion on CNN indicated that the new U.S. House of Representatives can issue a subpoena demanding that the FBI send a copy of the Mueller report to the house—and then the house will release all of its unclassified contents to the American people—people just like you and me. In addition, CNN cited past court decisions and legal precedents that would most likely prevent Trump from successfully invoking Executive Privilege to stop release of a report like this one. Therefore, it looks as if the American people will finally be able to read all—or nearly all—about the Mueller proceedings and the final results of his now famous investigation.

A Blue Wave did occur on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. We just had to wait a week or two to glimpse its final outlines. It occurred because of you folks—people who care about the things of Jesus, love, truth, honesty, honor, freedom, equality, and classic American fair play on a level playing field. You kept the faith with founding father Benjamin Franklin. You voted in favor of the U.S. Constitution and the American Republic he and his colleagues created in that sweltering Philadelphia summer about 230 years ago. You demonstrated that you can “keep it.” God bless you all, and have a wonderful evening.

Music Credit: Hi-Fi Hymn Book

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Faith and White Supremacy

by Charles S. Garabedian

AAAA Peace

A Message for Faith

A new article on The Cut website is both interesting and frightening. It records the gradual descent of a bright and outgoing young Canadian woman into the bowels of Christian nationalism and white supremacy.  It is a very long and highly detailed article about a person named Faith. If you have the time and feel up to it, you may read this excellent and timely article at the following safe link:

We Thought We Knew Faith Until We Didn’t

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The 2018 Election, Trump, and the Firing of Jeff Sessions

by Charles S. Garabedian

We all missed it—-including both me and the news media—but Election Day 2018 was all part of a clever plan that became ever so obvious today with the sudden firing of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Why did Trump ignore campaigning for most of the Republican house races and concentrate nearly all of his efforts on keeping and increasing the Republican presence in the U.S. Senate?  Try out some version of this plan and run it by your brain cells:

Step No. 1

Target the 2018 mid-term election campaign specifically to increase Trumpian seats in the U.S. Senate. The U.S. House of Representatives can (by vote) issue impeachment charges against a president. However, only a subsequent trial in the U.S. Senate can legally remove the President of the United States from Office. Pad the U.S. Senate with so many radical right Republicans (like U.S. Senator-elect Marsha Blackburn) that removal of President Trump from office will be nearly impossible in any U.S. Senate trial—no matter what high crimes and/or misdemeanors Trump has committed—and no matter how serious those crimes and/or misdemeanors might be.

Step No. 2

Fire U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions immediately after the election and before the new, Democrat-led U.S. House of Representatives can officially take office in January 2019—-ensuring that the plan will go smoothly and without interference by an elected body that serves as a constitutional watchdog on the President of the United States and his actions. (In other words, Satan knows his time is short (only about 60 days), and he must move quickly with his plans to rescue Trump from Robert Mueller. Satan’s knows his available time will be all up on January 3, 2019.)

Step No. 3

Appoint an interim or new U.S. Attorney General to replace Jeff Sessions—and make sure he or she is a running dog lackey of a person who will jump through hoops at Trump’s every command. The goal here is to destroy the traditional role of the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney General as independently acting entities that protect the American people from crime, including crimes committed by the President of the United States and other federal government officials.

Take away the U.S. Department of Justice’s regulations and internal procedures that  have created this independence for generations. Then quickly promulgate new regulations and internal procedures that effectively change the role of the U.S. Attorney General from “chief law enforcement officer” to “protector of the President from his political enemies.” In this new role, the U.S. Attorney General’s every action, down to his last fart, are controlled immediately and directly by the President of the United States.  In effect, the U.S. Attorney General becomes the head of the first American Gestapo.

What does that mean?  If you criticize President Trump, the new American Gestapo will come after you any way they can—if Trump demands it. Their first step might be to order the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to audit your income tax returns for the past 10 years in hopes that they can find an excuse to charge you with some form of income tax evasion—all a clever ruse for “eliminating you” by putting you in prison. No public criticism of President Trump will be allowed—or else the agency comes after you—if Trump tells them to do so.

Step No. 4

Tell the interim or new U.S. Attorney General that his first job is to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who supervises the Robert Mueller investigation. (Actually, the new U.S. Attorney General can fire Robert Mueller directly right now. The only reason Rod Rosenstein was put in charge of Mueller is because Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. With Sessions now gone, Rosenstein automatically steps aside.)

Step No. 5

Trump orders the interim or new U.S. Attorney General to fire Robert Mueller and immediately end (or starve funding for) the Robert Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and other crimes that may have been committed by Trump and his henchmen. As quickly as possible, revise U.S. Department of Justice internal procedures such that all existing records and papers created or accumulated by the Robert Mueller investigation are destroyed. (Those involving already active prosecutions in court could not be legally destroyed.) This will ensure that all potential evidence against President Trump and some of his key henchmen will be eliminated. Any future Russia investigation would have to start over from scratch—something that would be unlikely to ever occur and might eventually run prosecution times up against federal statutes of limitation, which would allow the guilty to get off scot free.

Step No. 6

The Robert Mueller investigation is terminated, and President Trump is legally off the hook for any federal crimes he and his henchmen may have committed. Democrats in the U.S. Congress are outraged at what occurred when they take office in January 2019. However, they can do nothing about it because all evidence of Trumpian high crimes and misdemeanors is gone, making impeachment of Trump impossible. Even if Trump could be impeached by some miracle in the U.S. House of Representatives, the mid-term elections of 2018 stacked the U.S. Senate with so many Republicans that Trump would never be removed from office—all just as planned. Thus, Trump would have double insurance against being removed from office.

Step No. 7

The United States takes one more step toward becoming a Trump dictatorship heavily influenced by non-elected Christian fundamentalist, conservative evangelical, and Christian nationalist “High Priests.” Near the end of his second term in office—and envious of his close friend Vladimir Putin—President Donald J. Trump and his allies seriously try to find a clever but plausible pathway to subvert the U.S. Constitution—and then Donald J. Trump declares himself President of the United States for Life.

Now, Trump is finally satisfied. He is the CEO of the United States of America just like he was the CEO of his own private business.  He is the top guy—100 percent in command—and he is accountable to no one else in the federal government. He finally has all the unchecked power he needs to really get things done in the United States—the ability to change everything with a single word.  Then Trump says to himself:

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinpeng, and “Little Rocket Man”—what great guys—now they sure knew how to take charge and really get things done!!!

Step Nos. 1 through 6 are plausible. Step No. 7 is possible—but highly unlikely. I just brought it up as a possibility because various talking heads in the modern electronic news media, such as those on CNN and MSNBC, have observed that Trump has a peculiar and almost longing fascination with despots and how they wield power.

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The Real Caravan Is Coming at Midnight

by Charles S. Garabedian

This will be my last blog article until sometime Wednesday morning or Wednesday afternoon. It will take me some time to digest everything that happens tomorrow in the voting booths across our country.

The 2018 mid-term election is a battle for the ways of Jesus in the New Testament (whether you believe in him or not). It is a battle for truth in the face of lies and extraordinary evil—various kinds of evil many of us never imagined would ever raise their ugly heads again in our country.

We—you and I–go into battle at midnight.  This is both a physical battle and a Spiritual battle—one waged in both high places and low places. When armies go into battle, they are sometimes accompanied by music. All week long, I have tried to think up appropriate music for this battle. I was going to go without words here and just offer a bit of music. Then it hit me. I had to do both the music and something a little creative—just a little—not much. Then it came to me. I needed to show the enemy we are up against at midnight and then provide some famous music as a battle theme.

The guys in this first video clip represent Trump, all of his evil, and all the innocent people who died last week in four domestic terror incidents.  Tonight—these good ole Bubba boys down Mississippi way have gathered a few minutes before midnight to burn a cross and murder an innocent, young, African-American man.

Little do they know, a large caravan has been slowly moving toward the Earth, and it has just gone into geosynchronous orbit directly above the state of Mississippi. This caravan is on a rare special mission of justice against President Donald J. Trump and his evil minions, and it was sent from the future by their beloved allies in the UFP. This caravan does not contain little moms and babies from Central America. It does not contain members of MS-13, leaders of drug cartels, rapists, or embedded Middle Eastern terrorists. It contains something far more formidable than them, and that “something” is in a really bad mood after watching numerous replays of Trump political rallies—which are “without honor.”  At midnight, the battle begins for all of us, and the caravan has brought our battle music:


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