Get in the Mood: A Pep Talk from a Christian Man Fundies Fear and Loathe

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Please give the following blog article a slow read:

One Day to Save America

That day is coming up soon on November 08, 2022. Will you be ready to act?

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Fundie America in 2022: This Is What They Have Done!

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Behold peaceful and loving citizens of the USA—–and the whole Earth. This is what the American Christian Fundamentalists, Conservative Evangelicals, and Trumpites have done. Please click on the following article and read it:

An Election Time Article by Rev. John Pavlovitz

The mid-term Congressional, state, and local elections are less than seven weeks from now. Within your personal hands, you have the power to stop this fundie and Trumpian corruption in American government and everyday life. You have the right to vote early in your town and on election day (November 08, 2022). Please vote Democratic or Independent. Any vote for a Republican candidate is a vote for Trump, more lies, more hate, more racism, and destruction of the constitutional democracy established by George Washington and our other founding fathers.

If you do not want Donald Trump back in the White House in 2024, behaving like a raging bull in a china shop. If you do not want your children and neighbors imprisoned or killed in a uniquely American Auschwitz, mark that ballot against Republicans as quickly as you legally can and drop her in the ballot box.

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COVID-19 in 2022: Get the New OMICRON Vaccine Now

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Please begin this article by reading another article by another author. Here is the safe link to click:

Hundreds of Americans Dying of COVID-19 Each Day Ahead of the Fall

The futuristic, long-touted COVID-19 OMICRON vaccine booster is now a reality, and it is available to the American public in a pharmacy or medical clinic near you. I got my shot at a small pharmacy in the town where I live. This happened about four days ago. No critical side effects occurred within the first 30 minutes after taking the vaccine. However, I did experience a few common, but mild, side effects within the first 24 hours after the shot. I got a dull headache, one swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck, and a bit of fatigue. The next day, those side effects were gone. The medical experts say such side effects are a sure sign the vaccine is actually working inside the human body. However, if you do not have any side effects, say a prayer of thanks and feel assured the vaccine is working inside of you anyway. Many people do not experience any side effects, but they will still be protected from COVID-19 OMICRON.

All of my previous COVID-19 vaccines and boosters were made by Moderna. However, the supply of the Moderna vaccine is lagging a bit in time, which means my pharmacy only had the Phizer version of the OMICRON vaccine. So, I went ahead and took the Phizer version. They had the Moderna vaccine on order, and they expected it to arrive in about two more weeks.

Roll up your sleeves!!! No one wants to be a statistic!!! Now is your time to get protection from the COVID-19 OMICRON variants.

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Where Is the Soul of Queen Elizabeth II Right Now?

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

The Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog would like to pause for a few moments to wish its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Queen Elizabeth II, who died earlier today at her beloved Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She was 96 years old at the time of her rather sudden and unexpected death. While only God knows for certain, we suspect her death was exascerbated by a long span of back-burner grieving and a hope to be reunited with the love of her life, Prince Phillip. We wish her soul well and hope that the two of them are indeed reunited in love now and forever.

I visited a Christian Fundamentalist’s Facebook page a few nights ago. The owner describes himself as the Assistant to the pastor of his church, which appears to be one of the most “eaten up with it” IFB churches I have ever encountered in my life. So, I thought it might be fun to ask a key question of all the fundies who visit this guy’s Facebook page. That question is:

Where is the soul of Queen Elizabeth II tonight, and what is her soul experiencing?

It has been my experience that Christian Fundamentalists believe Holy Scripture is inerrant, and by default, there is a tendency for each individual fundie to believe that he or she is personally inerrant. In addition, the principle of certainty in faith and individual certainty with regard to matters of faith are very important to fundies. Therefore, because each fundie is so close to God with regard to issues of the faith, these people will know with absolute certainty where the soul of Queen Elizabeth II is tonight and what her soul is experiencing. This is the Facebook page:

I loved and admired Queen Elizabeth II when I was a small child growing up in a blighted neighborhood of poor people in Middle Tennessee. One of the few bright things in my young life was my rather pitiful collection of cheap postage stamps from around the world. Many of the earliest stamps in my collection came from the large, concrete garbage bin in back of Randy’s Record Shop, which was just one block down the street from my house. It was my habit to run on foot down to the garbage bin at the end of each day, jump into it like water in  swimming pool, and sort through every stamp-bearing letter and package I could find—–looking for cool American and foreign postage stamps. At that time Randy’s Record Shop, named after Mr. Randy Wood, officially billed itself as the “Largest Mail-Order Record Shop in the World.” You may read about Randy here:

Randy Wood

Most of the foreign stamps I found were from the United Kingdom, British colonies, and British Commonwealth nations. The face of young Queen Elizabeth II was on every stamp, and I kind of fell in love with the queen, even though I was only eight years old. Those stamps are still in one of my stamp albums on the bookcase in my master bedroom. These stamps were an early spur for personal learning about the United Kingdom, the larger historical royal family, and the British Empire. So, I want to give you a quick tip. If you have a child who is having trouble learning about geography and history, introduce him or her to collecting postage stamps. If the interest “takes,” you are going to have an “A” student in those two subjects by the time they get to high school. I still remember what old Mrs. Hendrickson wrote on my American history report card during my senior year:

I cannot in good conscience give an “A” to a student who has missed so many school days.

Yes, I missed a huge bunch of school days back then, but not enough to prevent me from learning American history on my own. It was the stamp collecting that spurred me. By the way, I got that “A,” even if it did sear her conscience in giving it.

Finally, the U.S. Navy has played a significant historical role in the lives of beloved people on my mother’s side of the family, and the assorted Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) shows on CBS are my favorites. The British navy is also a pretty interesting subject to me. Therefore, in a final tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and her beloved dad (George VI—–both a stamp collector and a British Naval officer), I would like to play for you the most famous British Navy song. This song goes out tonight from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to Vladimir Putin. I consider it to be a joint British Navy/U.S. Navy message with a footnote attached. The footnote says:

If you want to keep to your Black Sea Fleet, remember this little song:

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Vote Against Fundies Who Want to Ban Books

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Some things in this world are so bizarre as to be unbelievable. Unfortunately, the unbelievable sometimes turns out to be 100 percent true. Please take a look at the following CNN news story on book banning in Idaho. This story is mostly on a video clip, and it is a must see item:

Book Banners Show Up with Firearms

Make no mistake. The kind of negative public behavior discussed in the above news story is being fueled right now by rabid Trumpism, Christian Fundamentalism, and Conservative Evangelicalism. Can you say “White Christian Nationalists?”

The national Mid-Term Congressional Elections are coming up soon on November 8, 2022. This coincides with many state and local elections being held on the same day. Do you want people like these book banners to win a major American election and then use their newly acquired governmental power to ban books, kill off your American freedoms, take control over the personal lives of your family members, and make your personal life scary miserable? You can stop it. It is entirely in your own hands. You have a say in this. It is called “the right to vote.” All you have to do is vote in this upcoming election. Please? Make voting against these moronic Trumpites and White Christian Nationalists a major priority in your life. Mark November 8, 2022 on your calendar and vote against all such candidates at every level of American government (federal, state, and local). Protect your country and save your own sanity.

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Time to Turn Up the Heat on Trump!

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Former President Donald J. Trump is in big trouble with the law on numerous fronts, and he appears to no longer be able to hire the best legal advisors to get him out of trouble. Now is the time. I repeat: “Now is the time.” Now is the time for the major governmental and political institutions of the United States to go after Trump, turn up the legal heat as high as it will go, and ensure he spends the remaining years of his life behind prison bars.

As an American citizen, you can personally turn up the heat on Donald J. Trump by registering to vote and voting in the coming U.S. Congressional mid-term election on November 8, 2022. How do you do that? A vote against the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Governor, and State Legislators in your state will be a direct vote against Donald J. Trump and all of the evil for which he stands.

While you are at it, I would also encourage you to vote against any local school board candidate who wants to ban books in public libraries, public school libraries, or public school classrooms. Book banning is the same thing as book burning! The banning and burning of books is characteristic of fascist and communist dictators. It is the epitome of unAmerican. The recent, widespread American clamor to ban or burn books is the work of Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical zealots who want to impose their peculiar religious beliefs on you and your school-age children. With little doubt, many of these religious zealots are Christian Nationalists and die-hard Trump supporters. Therefore, a vote against these extremist school board candidates is the same as a direct vote against Trump himself. You can personally turn up the heat on Trump by voting against such candidates for school boards. Trump will be weakened along with the crazy—–and they are crazy—–Christian Nationalists.

Every election effort needs a theme song. As far as I am concerned, the adopted theme song for the ADT home security company is appropriate for the 2022 mid-term election effort. This is your chance (and mine) to turn up the heat on Donald J. Trump, weaken him politically, and ensure the American legal/judiciary system will succeed in fairly and righteously putting him behind prison bars—–hopefully for the rest of his natural life. Be a hustler—–and hustle on down to the polls to vote against Trump and his extremist Republican acolytes.

Remember folks. Please remember. Traditional American representative democracy and your personal freedoms as an American citizen are at stake in this election. The Trumpites have already taken away the right for women to choose, and as a result, many pregnant women are being forced to carry dead or skulless fetuses in their wombs at severe risk to their own lives.

Here is our marching music for the 2022 mid-term election:

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Liz and Dick Cheney: Courageous Champions of Truth

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life… (John 14:6)

If John F. Kennedy were alive today and he had not written Profiles in Courage, I feel certain he would devote a major section of that forthcoming book to Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) and her fight against the continuing 2020 election lies of former President Donald J. Trump. She is arguably the most courageous public servant of our times. For championing the truth about Trump and January 6, 2020, she has already lost her key positions in the U.S. Congress, many friends, and most voters in Wyoming.

Jesus Christ aligned himself personally with the truth. From cover to cover, the Holy Bible speaks about the importance of truth and warns about the awful destructiveness of lies and liars in human society. With that thought in mind, I would like to show you (below) a brand new political advertisement by former Vice-President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz. Many of you may not have seen this ad because it first hit You Tube late yesterday. Please watch two courageous people speak the raw truth to the citizens of Wyoming and the American people:

All I have left to say after that message is:

Amen…..Amen…..and A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-men! May the truth stand  forever and win out over all lies and deceit.

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Global Climate Change: It Is Already Too Late—–Now the Human Suffering Accelerates

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Look, the days are coming when people will say, ‘Blessed are the barren women, the wombs that never bore, and breasts that never nursed!’ At that time ‘ they will say to the mountains, “Fall on us!” and to the hills, “Cover us! For if men do these things while the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry? (Luke 23: 29-31)

You have all seen what has been happening this summer in the United States—–and even in Europe. We are suffering from massive heat waves, incredible droughts, rapidly disappearing reservoirs of water, and massive flooding. The worst of the hurricane season begins in August and September. We have not had a major gulf coast hurricane so far this year, but when the rumbling begins in earnest, as hot as it has been this summer, our coastal areas are in for a real butt kicking. Apparently, these are only the beginnings of woes. If you doubt it, please read slowly and take seriously the new article below. I am a professional scientist, and I have concluded to my own satisfaction that its contents hit the old nail right on the head:

…Total Climate Breakdown Is Now Inevitable…

We had a chance to prevent this, but the peoples of the Earth blew it. American leadership was necessary to make it happen worldwide. The Republican Party, Christian Fundamentalists, Conservative Evangelicals, Christian Nationalists, Christian Dominionists, and the greedy corporations they love so much did everything within their power to ensure that no significant American action would be taken against man-induced global climate change. We are now reaping what they have sown, and arguably, it is already too late. God help us all!

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Uvalde, Texas, Should Be Renamed for Its Most Famous Citizen

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

It should be Ubaldy, Texas. Has anyone ever fired one school police chief and an entire city government?

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Has the USA Gone Crazy in 2022?

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

After reading the weekend news in some depth, I am forced to conclude that our country is just shy of crazy—–or already there. It would be nice if I could comment comprehensively on all of the crazy happenings in our country, but I have to tell you, the density of the crazy is enormous and too hard to penetrate with the thinking and writing time available to me these days.

I can tell you only one thing with near certainty. If the Republicans and their ilk win the November 2022 elections for Congress (U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate), the top of Pandora’s box will open, and every decent, fair-minded, and sensible American citizen will be subject to mental, emotional, and physical assault from the crazy people who are driving our country toward the gate labeled “gone crazy.”

Did you see the photographs of that Crimo (pronounced “Creamo”) guy who allegedly did the mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois?  He looks like a far-gone genetic freak birthed from an embryo that descended past some woman’s uterus and somehow attached itself to the wall of her colon—-and then grew and birthed out her anus in the form of a young “A-hole to be.” And those tattoos on his face and neck! That guy looks like a mass shooting just waiting to happen—–yet—– no one ever saw him as a potentially serious threat to humankind. What?  Seriously? That is just one more proof that our country is nigh unto crazy.  

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