If you would like to get in touch with me, Charles S. Oaxpatu, at the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog, you may do so by sending your message to the following e-mail address:

Please note that you cannot just click on the above e-mail address to send us an e-mail message. You must manually copy and paste or write out our e-mail address into the “To:” bar in your own personal e-mail program. Then write your message and click on “Send.”

I really do enjoy hearing from you!!!  However, please be advised that I have a very low threshold of tolerance for Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical bullshit. Please read the following message:




If you do not want your e-mail message to be immediately deleted without being carefully read, you shall adhere to the following rules when writing any e-mail message to the foregoing e-mail address:

(1)   No fundie proselytizing in any way, shape, or form is permitted in e-mail messages sent to the above e-mail address. I already know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior by grace alone—and He knows me. Your concern for or opinion about my salvation condition and walk with Jesus in this life is none of your business. It is business between Jesus and me only. No third party fundie interference in this relationship is necessary or acceptable here.  Back off!!!

(2)  No Bible verses, Bible verse citations, or so-called proof texts are permitted in e-mail messages sent to the foregoing e-mail address. If you cannot say what you have to say in your own words, then say nothing.

Yes, I love the Bible, take it seriously, and trust in Jesus alone. What I do not trust is the fundie man’s or fundie woman’s personal understanding of the Bible and what it says. Your understanding of a particular verse or passage may be very different from mine or that of 15 other people. Such differences are the reason we have approximately 44,000 different Christian denominations around the world today. Live with it and accept it—because such differences are not going away in this life—and you have no power to make them go away.

What’s that you say? You fundies think the Holy Spirit works exclusively for you fundies and gives you the only right understanding of all scripture as you read it.

Beep! Beep! Beep! News Bulletin

The Holy Spirit does not work exclusively for you. You work for him. If you fundies believe you alone have the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit gives you alone the one, true, and only right meaning of each verse of scripture, then why do your fundie preachers rip each other to shreds over the meaning of a verse of scripture? I have seen these arguments between fundie preachers on-line. They are knock-down, drag-out fights filled with mutual vitriol, personal reviling, bitterness, and scorn—like wild pack dogs ripping each other to pieces over the last half-eaten hot dog in a tipped over trash can. Do you ever wonder why your Holy Spirit, who supposedly works exclusively for you alone, hands out to your best preachers five different meanings for verses and passages of scripture? Yeah. That’s right. You do not want to talk about that—now do you?

Oh, now you are telling me I am supposed to believe in your interpretation of a scripture verse or passage simply because you are you—you are the one telling me—and you are always right? We have 2.3 billion Christians on Earth today, and I am supposed to believe only in what you say about a scripture verse or passage—because you are right and all of them are wrong—just because you say so. Do you know how silly you look—and yes—all 2.3 billion of those faithful, devout Christians who love Jesus are laughing at you—because they know better—and so do I. Where do you fundie people get so much sinful, puffed-up spiritual pride and arrogance?  If you check your Bible, I think you will find that such rolled-into-one pride and arrogance is one of the seven deadly sins that God hates. Beware of thunderstorms.

(3) No messages containing words about how you are “praying for me” are to be inserted into any e-mail message sent to the foregoing e-mail address. I do not want or need your fundie prayers. Given the extraordinary weight of fundie wickedness and outrageous behavior in this country today, any sane person would have to wonder if fundie prayers are even heard in Heaven these days. What’s that you say?  It is wrong for a Christian to say something like that to you or anyone else?  Funny. You did not think it wrong when famous Southern Baptist pastor Adrian Rogers said:

…God does not hear the prayer of a Jew.

You fundies out there need to deal with the blatant hypocrisy in your own faith circles instead of trying to make it my problem.

(4)  No typical or atypical fundie expressions of hate shall be directed at me or the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog in messages sent to the foregoing e-mail address. You shall not tell me or this blog that we are going to burn in Hell forever.  You shall not tell me that I am not a “true” Christian—like you. You shall not define me as apostate. Who do you think you are—–God?  You are not God. You are just a fallible man or woman like every other fallible man or woman on this Earth—including me. Get over it—and get over yourself!!!

Many of you fundies cuss like drunken sailors in the hate mail you send to people. Some of you even issue threats of personal injury or death to the people you hate. I have seen numerous examples of it over the past 25 years. You shall not do that in any e-mail message sent to this address. Any message containing personal injury or death threats will be immediately turned over to my local FBI Field Office or local law enforcement for investigation. (My local FBI Field Office is only a 30-minute drive from my office.)

You shall be on your best and most well-mannered behavior at all times in any message sent to the above e-mail address. Your 100-year-old fundie tradition of militancy, hatred, and abusive behavior in the name of Jesus is not tolerated in any way, shape, or form at this e-mail inbox.

(5) No fundie personal testimonies, faith testimonies, sermons, or sermonettes are allowed in e-mail messages sent to this address. If you feel the need to preach on some topic, you may not do it in any message sent to the foregoing e-mail address.

(6)  No statements are allowed with regard to me having some sort of personal bitterness toward the fundie belief system because of your imaginings about some past earthshaking incident in my life that must have caused me to seem so bitter—and you shall make no requests for “my story” about this imaginary incident that exists in your head.

Yes. I know what you are thinking. If I could just tell you the very special story of this imaginary incident in your mind, you can analyze it in detail, show me where I went wrong long ago, help correct it for me, and by so doing, prove that the problem was all me—and not something that is wrong with the fundie belief system.

Then we can all sit around your fundie campfire together, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya to the glorious perfection of Fundieland. Forget it!!!  The fundie belief system is screwed up beyond imagining—and most sane Americans who live outside fundie belief circles can clearly and plainly see that—including hundreds of millions of nonfundie Christians like me. You people and your screwed up fundie belief system are the ones who need fixing. No wonder 70 to 88 percent of the children raised in your churches desert them between the ages of 18 and 24—and never go back to them, or other churches like them, for the rest of their lives. The problem is not the magnetism of the sinful world. The problem is not them turning against Jesus. The problem is YOU personally and your CRAZY CHURCH. YOU—as fallible and sinful human beings who believe in ignorant and nutty things—are the precise reasons why your children are leaving and your fundie churches are slowly dying off.  Hello!!!!  Wake up!!!!

(7)  If you are a Christian fundamentalist or conservative evangelical—and you are upset by the contents of this list—all I can say is this. You are out of touch with the many outrageous, vile, unfriendly, and unkind ways in which your fellow fundies misoperate and misbehave on the American stage today. If this list upsets you, do not talk to me about it. Go talk to your fundie friends about why they are so ugly, mean-spirited, hateful, and abusive with people.

(8) This is my inbox—not yours. Other stipulated constraints on your e-mail messaging to this inbox may be added here at any time without prior notice or obligation. It all depends on the patterns of fundie misbehavior observed when you send e-mail messages to this blog. I reserve the right to be the sole and final judge of whether your behavior in e-mail messages sent to this address is appropriate and acceptable—and whether your message gets read carefully or gets immediately thrown into the wastebasket. You may or may not get a response to any e-mail message sent to this inbox. A decision to respond or not respond is mine and mine alone.

(9)  Listen up fundies. You are 100 percent, completely, and totally responsible for knowing all of these rules and behaving in accordance with them when you send any e-mail message to the above e-mail address. This list of rules applies equally to all nonfundies as well.

(10)  You need to click on our Blog Policy button in the black strip at the top of this blog page and read all of the blog policy items. The blog policy items about leaving comments on this blog also apply to people who want to send e-mail messages to the above e-mail address. Yes. The two lists of items do share some items in common. Any blog policy item that is present on our blog policy list—but is not listed above—does indeed apply to people who try to contact me by e-mail. That is why you need to read both lists carefully.

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