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The LGBTQ Menace, Fundie Christians, and the Numbers

Some new research by faculty in the Department of  Political Science at the University of Kansas sheds some light on why Christian fundamentalists, conservative evangelicals, and some other Americans are so scared to death of gay Americans. The official title … Continue reading

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Some Crazy Fundie Odds and Ends

Living in Post-Christian America In the realms of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism today, one of the popular things to do is declare that we all live in—catch the term—Post-Christian America.  A statement like this is usually prompted by the … Continue reading

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Something Hilarious

I ran into something hilarious while surfing on the Internet a few minutes ago.  It was on Yahoo! Answers, and it was stated by an unknown individual going by the handle name lifewhispers1. Although he/she stated it with regard to … Continue reading

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Sorry LGBTQ People and Fertile American Women

How Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals Operate LGBTQ folks and American women who use contraception—you got screwed today by a policy decree from the Trump administration and the U.S. Department of Injustice—and you got screwed BIG TIME!!!  You may read … Continue reading

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Our Prayers and Thoughts

Hi everyone. The Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog is taking this moment to express our sincere condolences, sympathy, and empathy to the family members and friends of those individuals who were killed and wounded at the mass shooting in Las … Continue reading

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Are Christian Fundamentalists Driving Our Country into the Dark Ages?

Do you think Christian fundamentalists are driving the United States into the Dark Ages? Author Dakota O’ Leary thinks so, and she makes a really good case for it in an article that she wrote in February 2013. You may … Continue reading

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More about Christian Nationalism and President Donald J. Trump

On August 8, 2017, I wrote a blog post to introduce you to a planned series of five articles by author Jack Jenkins on the very important and equally frightening subject of Christian nationalism and how it is linked to President … Continue reading

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