Blog Policy

1)     This blog policy is subject to change without prior notice or obligation, and the changes become effective immediately upon posting to this page.  Please read this policy often and regularly familiarize yourself with any changes that have been made.  This is your responsibility.

2)     No comments are allowed in response to the primary posts on this blog.  This blog disseminates information, ideas, thoughts, opinions, and criticisms with regard to Christian fundamentalism, conservative evangelicalism, and the so-called Religious Right in the United States.  Most Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical blogs do not allow or tolerate any reader dissent, disagreement, or arguments in response to the content of their primary blog posts.  Yet, they expect other Christian and nonChristian blogs to fully afford them an opportunity to abuse authors, abuse fellow commenters, do threatening proselytizing, post long lists of poorly applicable KJV Bible verses, and viciously attack any idea or person they regard as representative of apostasy.  The term apostasy is generally defined by them as any other set of local, national, or international Christian beliefs that does not coincide thoroughly and exactly with the same set of narrow-minded beliefs in their own rural, suburban, or urban rhubarb churches, which are often headed by poorly educated pastors who attended a Bible college of questionable quality and who preach only part-time because of their Monday-Friday day job down at the feed store or on the factory assembly line.

You fundies and conservative evangelicals out there on the American landscape have set the trend for gross intolerance of differing opinions on your own blogs. Because you do it unto others, we must assume that you want us to reciprocate by doing it unto you.  Well, you  got it!!!  Now the tables have been turned on you.  You have no voice here, and you never will have a voice on this blog.

3)    This blog is designed to serve adults.  Some posts or comments may occasionally contain words, information, or images that some sensitive people might deem inappropriate or offensive.  If you are one of these people, it is solely your responsibility to immediately leave this blog and to immediately prevent children or students in your guardianship or care from accessing this blog.

4)     The blog owner reserves the right to block the access of any person, group, or organization from commenting on this blog and the right to block them from future access to the entire blog.

5)     In cases where a person, group, or organization has submitted a special article, public announcement, or other written work for posting on this blog, the writer or entity submitting the item agrees and accepts that the submitted item is subject to editing by the blog owner before posting.  The entity further agrees that the blog owner may delete the item from the blog at any time without prior notice to the writer or the entity that submitted it for posting on the blog.  The blog owner shall not be responsible for such posts that may infringe on a third party’s copyright, trademark, brand name, or other intellectual property rights.  In other words, the responsibility is all on you.  When citing the ideas and works of others in special guest posts, please give credit to whom credit is due.

6)     The blog owner reserves the right to change the content of any part of this blog at any time without prior notice or obligation.

7)     The information, data, and images provided in the contents of this blog are provided as a public service for educational purposes.  The blog owner, editors, contributors, authors, all subsidiaries, and all representatives make no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information, data, or images presented on this blog.