Blog Policy

(1)  This blog policy is subject to change without prior notice or obligation, and the changes become effective immediately upon posting to this page. Please read this policy often and regularly familiarize yourself with any changes that have been made. This is your responsibility. In this list of policy stipulations, the pronouns “I”  and “me,” and the possessive “my” refer to the owner of this blog.

(2)  The Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog is a Christian opinion center—used primarily to exhibit the opinions of the blog owner, guest authors, approved commenters, and their approved comments. This blog is a free public service designed to educate, enlighten, and encourage the American people by using written words and selected illustrative graphics as a vital part of its educational endeavor. More specifically, this blog is designed to warn the American people about the extremism, excesses, ignorance, craziness, wickedness, and destructiveness of Christian Fundamentalism and Conservative Evangelicalism in the United States today.

Christians and nonChristians are encouraged to do the following things:

(A) Avoid Christian Fundamentalism, Conservative Evangelicalism, and being sucked into these two bizarre belief systems and their equally bizarre religious subculture.

(B) Avoid joining a Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical church—and if you are already a member of one——-flee from it to save your personal faith in Jesus and to save your physical life——-as well as those of your family members.

(C) Walk the famous Roman Road (Google the term) and set your mind, eyes, and heart on Jesus Christ, his love, his forgiveness, his mercy, and his grace. In your own life, seek, follow, and personally emulate Jesus Christ, his words, and his deeds in the New Testament. In spiritual matters, seek Jesus alone in this life—and keep your heart, mind, and eyes always fastened firmly on him alone.

(D) Find a positive, warm, loving, and uplifting Christian church (See Item B again) where the love of Jesus Christ, his words, and his deeds are at the center of all that it says and does, and particularly these two things Jesus said:

Greatest commandment

(3) This blog is not a commercial money-making operation, and it is not a cottage money-making operation. It has zero monetary or material assets. Even the PC used to operate this blog is just a simple family PC in the upstairs home office of a devout Mainline Christian family who loves Jesus Christ, his words, and his deeds in the New Testament.

(4) This blog is not a debating arena. Are you clear on that? Are you clear? Debating Christian faith issues with a Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical is an exercise in utter futility—not because they are right—but because of their a priori commitment to a hardline stance of militancy and immovability in what they believe and a 100 percent commitment to never compromise even one microscopic bit in anything they believe. Debating against a typical, hard-boiled Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical is like trying to converse and reason with a dead tree stump. I do not waste my time or this blog’s time with such debates because they inevitably go nowhere good.

Therefore, if you are a typical Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical zealot—and you are so incredibly cocksure that you and your particular fundie beliefs are right beyond question and every other nonfundie Christian (or nonChristian) on this Earth is wrong beyond question, then take your vain, conceited, unloving crap to an authentic debating venue somewhere else on the Internet. That will allow you full opportunity to show the Holy Trinity, the heavenly hosts, and all of humanity (all 7.5 billion people) what an incredible asshole for Jesus your ignorant, half-educated fundie preacher; cold, heartless, nit-wit fundie church; brainwashed fundie father; and brainwashed fundie mother dragged you into across the first 18 years of your life——turning you into the little monster fighting against Jesus (in the name of Jesus) that you have unwittingly become.

Any attempts to draw me, blog visitors, or blog commenters into a fundie vs. nonfundie debate or any other kind of debate on this blog will result in immediate deletion of your comments.

(5)  No trolling of any kind is permitted on this blog. I define what is and is not trolling on this blog—not you. If you want to know what the word ruthless really means, you will quickly find out if you try to troll here. 

(6)  No fundie proselytizing in any way, shape, or form is permitted in comments  made in response to main blog articles or in reader comments made in response to other comments. This includes any questions about another person’s state of Christian love, condition of faith, or relationship to God the Father, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit. Any violation will result in immediate deletion of your comment.

(7) No Bible verses, Bible verse citations, or so-called proof texts are permitted in comments made in response to main blog articles or comments made in response to comments by readers. If you cannot say what you have to say in your own words, then say nothing.  Any violation will result in immediate deletion of your comment.

(8)  No words about how you are praying for me are to be inserted into any comment made in response to a main blog article or any comment made in response to comments by readers.  The following words:

I will pray for you!!!

(and variations on it) have become a mean-spirited insult that hate-filled fundies (particularly female fundies) throw at people in moments of personal agitation and rage, usually because someone has just openly and publicly disagreed with some aspect of their corrupt fundie belief system.

For this reason, I do not want and shall not accept any prayers (positive or negative) from Christian fundamentalists or conservative evangelicals. If you do not like that, then that is just tough darts on you!!! Instead, maybe you should talk to your fundie friends and associates about how ugly and mean-spirited they are with people outside of fundie faith circles. Any violation of this policy stipulation will result in immediate deletion of your comment.

(9)  No typical or atypical fundie expressions of hate shall be directed at me or the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog in comments on main blog articles. You shall not tell me or this blog that we are going to burn in Hell forever. You shall not tell me that I am not a “true” Christian—like you. You shall not define me as apostate or a false teacher. In addition, you shall not make any other statements of fundie hate on this blog, and I reserve the sole right to define what is and is not a hate statement when I see it in a comment. In addition, you may not say such things to readers in response to comments they make on this blog. Any violation will result in immediate deletion of your comment.

(10) Any comment containing personal injury or death threats to me, my family, my friends, or any reader who makes comments on this blog shall be immediately turned over to my local Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) field office, my local Police Department, or your local Police Department (as appropriate) for investigation. (My local FBI field office is only a 30-minute drive from my office.)

Like Liam Neeson says in the famous movie Taken:

I have a particular set of skills.

Research and investigation are my life-long work, and I do them with incredible excellence. There is no way you can successfully hide your personal identity from me. If you make threats here, I shall find out who you are and turn you in to the authorities.

I love and respect all members of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and members of state and local law enforcement agencies who are well trained and behave in a professional, reasonable, loving, and Christ-like manner. However, this policy stipulation also applies to former law enforcement officers who are Christian Fundamentalists or Conservative Evangelicals. I have noticed that some of you former officers, who are fundies, like to bully and threaten American citizens on-line the same way you unprofessionally bullied and threatened innocent African-American citizens and other innocent American citizens when you were on the police force. Maybe that is why you are no longer a member of law enforcement. If you ever want to do federal, state, or local law enforcement work again at some point in your life, do not mess with me. I shall turn your threats over to the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, or other appropriate law enforcement agencies so fast your head will spin.

(11) Comments made in response to main blog articles or comments made by other readers shall not contain four-letter or longer cuss words or any other sort of profanity or obscenity. You shall be on your best and most polite behavior at all times on this blog. Any violation will result in immediate deletion of your comment. As the owner of this blog, I reserve the right to use whatever language I feel like using for literary emphasis or other literary purposes in main blog articles and comments on this blog. If you do not like that, then leave this blog now and never come back.

(12) This blog is not a Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical pulpit. No fundie sermons or sermonettes are allowed in comments made in response to main blog articles or in comments made in response to reader comments. If you feel the need to preach, you may not do it on this blog. Any violation will result in immediate deletion of your comment.

(13) No Christian Fundamentalist, Conservative Evangelical, or conservative Roman Catholic faith testimonies are allowed on this blog. Many years ago, I was a member of a highly conservative Southern Baptist Convention megachurch. Church member hostesses at home-based weekend parties loved to suddenly put party guests on the spot by ordering them to form a big circle and then demanding that each person give their personal testimony to the group about what Jesus had done for their life.

Suddenly putting party guests on the spot like that is just plain rude. No Christian hostess should ever treat a party guest like a stunt-performing seal at Seaworld. It is an invasion of personal spiritual boundaries. It puts nonChristian guests in an embarrassing position, and it hurts the feelings of any Christian guests who may not have a miraculous testimony to offer (for whatever reason). Many authentic Christians never experience an overtly true miracle in their lives. This is why it is so hard to be declared a saint in the Roman Catholic Church.

Fundie hostesses demand such testimonies for three basic reasons:

(A) It allows them to gather background dirt on new church members to fuel gossip.

(B) They expect everyone to have a super-miraculous, confidence-building Jesus story.

(C) The hostess has seen other fundie hostesses do it—and thinks it is fun for everyone.

As my response to such rude, impolite, and unloving demands from fundie party hostesses, I have developed a personal testimony that I keep in my wallet to read slowly to the circled group on such unfortunate occasions. You may read my testimony here:

Once upon a time, I was addicted to crack, heroin, alcohol, ecstasy, and seven other dangerous drugs—and cigarettes. I was schizophrenic, bipolar, and stark raving mad. I was also blind in both eyes—and all my arms and legs had been amputated at the trunk of my body. Everyone in my family died on the same day—even the uncles, aunts, and cousins—leaving me totally alone in the world. I had no friends in this world, and even though I had health insurance, my doctor would not even see me. Then it happened in the twinkling of an eye one August night in the sweat-soaked tent revival down at Possum Holler Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) Church. Because of the fiery preaching, I was shot through with fear of God, accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior like a bawling baby, and escaped from the eternal fires of Hell. In that very moment, the Spirit of the Lord seized me, and instantly, all of my drug addictions ceased, my mental illnesses melted away, the scales fell from my eyes, all four limbs reappeared on my body, and all of my dead relatives came back to life. New friends were set before me—and I got a doctor’s appointment. I grabbed both poles of the battery in God’s Silver Thunderbird, and I felt the power of the Lord surging through my body!!! Praise the Lord!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!  Praise the Lord!!!

That is precisely the kind of weird, sappy, worn out personal faith testimony Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals expect to hear. For many years, their ignorant preachers have convinced them that every nonfundie household in the United States is a raging hotbed of runaway sin (e.g., drug addiction, wife beating, incest, physical child abuse, sexual child abuse, etc.). None of this nefarious behavior ever occurs in fundie households……….uh…….yeah……..right (LOL). Faith in Jesus fixes it all instantly!!! These fundies are wrong about the overall sin burden in American households in general, and they are also wrong about Jesus fixing everything instantly. However, if they long for a sappy faith testimony, why not give them one?  Just be sure to end it with an honest admission that it is a testimony you created just for fun. Otherwise, some of them will actually be stupid enough to believe your testimony.

(14) No Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical prayers are allowed in comments on this blog. Any comment containing such prayers will be deleted. We know how to pray to God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit just as well as you think you do. Your fundie assistance is neither wanted nor needed.

(15) No statements are allowed with regard to me, a guest blog author, or any commenter having some sort of personal bitterness toward the fundie belief system because of your imaginings about some past, earth-shaking incident in my life or their life that must have caused us to seem so bitter—and you shall make no requests for “my story” or “their story” about this imaginary incident that exists in your head.

Yes. I know what you are thinking. If we could just tell you the very special story of this imaginary incident in your mind, you can analyze it in detail, show us where we went wrong long ago, help correct it for us, and by so doing, prove that the problem was all us—and not something that is wrong with the fundie belief system.

Then we can all sit around your fundie campfire together, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya to the glorious perfection of Fundieland. Forget it!!!  The fundie belief system is screwed up beyond imagining—and most sane Americans who live outside of fundie belief circles can clearly and plainly see that—including many millions of nonfundie Christians like me. You fundie people, your screwed-up fundie belief system, and your bizarre American fundie subculture are what really needs fixing. No wonder 70 to 88 percent of the children raised in your churches desert them between the ages of 18 and 24—and never go back to them, or other churches like them, for the rest of their lives. The problem is not the magnetism of the sinful world. The problem is not your children turning against Jesus. The problem is YOU personally and your CRAZY CHURCH. YOU—as fallible and sinful human beings who believe in ignorant, nutty things—are the precise reasons why your children are leaving your churches and why your fundie churches are slowly dying off.

(16) If you are a Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical—and you are upset by the contents of this policy list—all I can say is this. You are out of touch with the many outrageous, vile, unfriendly, and unkind ways in which your fellow fundies misoperate and misbehave on the American stage today. If this policy list upsets you, do not talk to me about it. Go talk to your fundie friends and associates about why they are so unloving, ugly, mean-spirited, abusive, and downright hateful with people outside of their fundie faith circles.

(17) No gaslighting statements, deflection statements, whataboutisms, or fundie debating tactics—such as red herrings or false equivalences—all from the famously long lists of clever debating ploys and tricks used by formal, institutional debate teams—are permitted in comments on this blog. Any comment containing such things will be immediately deleted.

(18) Here is one of my favorite key words: Piffle. I do not like or appreciate piffle. I define what piffle is in the comments made on this blog—not you. If you inject or load what I consider to be piffle into one of your comments, that comment is going to be deleted. Capiche? This world has huge amounts of piffle in it—in many types and varieties. What are a few examples of piffle? Conspiracy theories. Weird revisionist thinking. Revisionist American history. Revisionist science. Man-induced global warming denial. Statements such as: “God definitely does not exist.” The notion that Jesus was a fictional character who never actually lived. The United Nations is the future home of the “Annie-Christ.” President Trump is “The Anointed One of the Lord—the new Cyrus.” And on, and on, and on the ridiculous piffle goes: Blah!!!  Blah!!! Blah!!!

(19) This is my blog—not yours. Other stipulated constraints on your comments and behaviors may be added here at any time without prior notice or obligation. It all depends on the patterns of fundie or nonfundie misbehavior observed when you send comments to this blog.

Be aware of this. Regardless of the other stipulations on this policy list, I reserve the right to be the sole and final judge of whether your words and behavior on this blog are appropriate and acceptable or whether they are not—and whether your comment gets read carefully or gets deleted. You may or may not get a response to any of the comments you make on this blog. If I tell you to leave this blog permanently and never come back again (for whatever reason), I expect you to do just that.

In addition, I reserve the right to temporarily or permanently kick you off this blog and to electronically block your future access to commenting on this blog.

(20)  Listen up fundies!!! You are 100 percent, completely, and totally responsible for knowing all of these policy statements and behaving in accordance with them when you send any comment to this blog. This policy list applies equally to all nonfundies as well.

(21)   I, the blog owner, reserve the right to change the content of all or any part of the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog at any time without prior notice or obligation. That includes editing, revising, or deleting my blog articles (old or new) and your guest main blog posts or comments.

(22)  The blog owner, editors, contributors, authors, commenters, all subsidiaries, and all representatives make no warranties (either expressed or implied) concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information, data, or images presented on this blog.

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