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World’s Smallest Christian

This is a very rare photograph of the World’s Smallest Christian in 1972.  Today we have millions and millions of Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals who work hard every day to prove that they are a whole lot smaller than … Continue reading

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A Photo Essay: What Happens When the Church Sells Out to a Political Party

  For those of you who do not know, Paul Weyrich was pretty much the founder of the Religious Right—not Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority.  Abortion was not an issue in American Protestant churches until he and his cronies … Continue reading

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This Should Ring Your Danger Bells

This should ring your danger bells.  Here is another example of right wing nutjob Republican activists trying to bed down pastors and churches like cheap whores to get votes. Do you remember what I said about Christian Reconstructionism, Dominionism, Theonomy, … Continue reading

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