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The Church Itself Needs a Resurrection

Easter Sunday is upon us. After weeks of squabbling over school shootings and a week of what appears to be a sexual scandal in the Southern Baptist Convention, let us begin with a hymn from the true heart of the … Continue reading

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March for Our Lives

Today is “March for Our Lives” day across the nation. Many thousands of K-12 school kids and their parents are showing up at march and demonstration sites to: (1)  Protest against school shootings, (2)  Encourage lawmakers to enact sensible firearms … Continue reading

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Our Hearts Have Waxed Paradoxically Sick

My on-line friend April Kelsey has written a very thoughtful Christian response to the recent school shootings in Parkland, Florida. April is a recovering Christian fundamentalist who has retained her Christian faith in much safer and happier worship surroundings at … Continue reading

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One Primary Reason the Fundies Will Never Win

What is one primary reason the fundies will never win? It is all about our American children. My son and daughter are members of the Millennial Generation.  Their generation and the generations that come after them will be very different … Continue reading

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A Peek into the Fundie Bizzaro World

by Charles S. Oaxpatu Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals tell us ordinary Americans that they are going to: “Take Back America.” Why do they want to do this?  Their religious leaders want you to submit to their control, live according … Continue reading

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