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“There is No Color Line at the Cross of Jesus.”

I have just learned about the white nationalism demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the violence that has erupted between a mob of two-bit racist thugs and the decent human beings who were counter protesting against them. It made me think … Continue reading

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News Flash: God Personally Approves Trump War on North Korea

EXTRA!!!  EXTRA!!!  READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!  CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING SAFE LINK: Trump Has God’s Permission to Wage War on North Korea After this revelation, you have to ask the question: “Are Trump’s many close Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical … Continue reading

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The Frightening Close Relationship between Christian Nationalism and President Donald J. Trump

Why do so many American Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals support Donald J. Trump and his Presidency—even though the man shows few signs of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and shows numerous signs of being a compulsive liar and … Continue reading

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Fundies: I Hope This Breaks Your Hard Hearts

A training manual rests on a shelf in the library of my church. It claims there is no such thing as poverty in the United States.  Evidence point?  People defined as poor in the United States own and use cellular … Continue reading

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