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Fundies: Stop Pretending to Speak for Us Mainline Christians

I just want you—the American people—to know something very important that you may be missing in the daily news. Hold onto your hats because I am going to be doing some high-pitch shouting on down the page. I am not … Continue reading

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Typical Examples of Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical Hate Mail

Whose Head Would the Jesus of the New Testament Bloody? Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are famous for sending out hate mail to assorted people they dislike. One can perhaps imagine what such hate mail looks like from perusing the … Continue reading

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Chief Proponent of the Christian Nation Myth

Perhaps I am wrong, but it is my strong suspicion that many Americans who live outside of the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical bubble have never heard of a man named David Barton. Please allow me to introduce you to … Continue reading

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Our Current Understanding of the Apostle Paul’s Writings May Be Wrong

David Bentley Hart has developed his own translation of the New Testament at the request of Yale University Press. In doing so, he came to the conclusion that past translations of the New Testament got the message of the Apostle … Continue reading

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Will Your Health Be at Risk?

TODAY — The Trump administration, in a dangerous move, created a new office to enforce religious refusals, which could target women and LGBT people for discrimination. Read our full breakdown here. The newly formed Conscience and Religious Freedom Division — … Continue reading

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Feeling Sad and Down Today

Hi folks.  I just did some surfing around the worldwide web, and it made me feel really sad and down. From all the different things I read in a wide range of places, several matters became clear to me.  They … Continue reading

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Another Horror in Fundieland

Fundie Child Abuse Is Not Part of God’s Promises Please dear readers.  Take a good, long look at the following horrifying story from ABC News: Another Horror in Fundieland You may read more about this at the following safe links: … Continue reading

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