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The President Has Peaches!!!

In recent days various news media sources have indirectly informed me that President Trump has peaches. Where are they? Well, best I can figure out, they must be somewhere inside his body.  I have no idea where inside his body. … Continue reading

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Why Are So Many Millennials Becoming Atheists?

They grew up in oppressive and abusive Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical homes and churches–and they want to live their lives henceforth—outside the realm of abuse, hatred, and inequality dished out in the name of Jesus. As I have often … Continue reading

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Alert: 24,000,000 Americans in Danger of Losing Healthcare Insurance

The servants of Satan have won another big one for their master. Today Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives teamed up to take the first big step toward jerking healthcare insurance away from … Continue reading

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