Running Scared: Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Yesterday, on the blog of my friend Pastor John Pavlovitz (Stuff That Needs to Be Said:, a Christian fundamentalist/conservative evangelical person calling himself idojunkmail posted a short but very negative comment about John’s ministry that reads as follows:

Should have stayed an art director. You are doing great damage.

John is a former Art Director for the Franklin Mint who became a committed follower of Jesus Christ and has been in Christian ministry for 18 years. He is a simple, kind, and loving man who now works as a Personal Fitness Trainer and as a staff member at a small church in North Carolina—and I do mean a small church.  He has a wife, two kids, and a pretty ordinary American house. The extraordinary thing about John is his knowledge of the Bible, his spiritual insight, and his ability to convey it to others in a simple, well-written, and loving style that reaches into people and touches their hearts every time—and in a way that few other human beings can. He has a ministry of true love and true inclusion rather than a ministry of hate and exclusion, which is so typical of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism these days. This ordinary follower of Jesus has one other extraordinary thing associated with his name. His blog has 13,606 followers, and it is growing nearly every day of the year. He writes and touches hearts so lovingly that well-known on-line media outlets and well-known printed media outlets pick up his blog articles and flash them around the world for everyone to read and ponder.

Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical pastors and congregation members despise John Pavlovitz and his blog. They claim that he is a false teacher who could not possibly be a follower of Jesus Christ because he does not believe all of the fundie nonsense that they believe—and in precisely the same way they believe it. The negative blogger made the short comment above because he thinks John’s very popular Christian blog is doing great damage to the cause of Jesus Christ in this world today.  Of course, this is nonsense.

The negative blogger really means that the blog of John Pavlovitz is doing enormous damage to the mean-spirited, seedy, warped, truth-rejecting little world of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism in the United States today—especially as elaborated on since about the year 1970 and during the years afterwards when their churches allowed the Republican Party to bed them down like cheap whores in exchange for their votes.

Why would an ordinary and loving little family man in a tiny church on the landscape of North Carolina pose such intense fear and cause such a great threat to arise in the heart of a fundie blogger? Well, recently, Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals have begun seeing some handwriting on their walls, and they are scared out of their wits at what it is saying. Their coffin is being nailed shut by all sorts of things, and they feel that each blog message posted by John Pavlovitz is the loss of another fundie convert and the gain of another nail in their coffin.

Please watch these three short videos as a nonChristian reporter spends one week on a mission into Fundieland and listen carefully to the statistics that are quoted by assorted people.  Also, notice that the fundies are so tone-deaf to reality that they are, as usual, unable to see their own spiritual shortcomings, and they believe that the answer to their plight is to simply double-down on being more authentically ignorant and ridiculous for Jesus rather than listening to the whole gospel and reforming.  The behaviors you will see here are so pathetic and cartoonish in some cases that anyone could understand why this increasingly bankrupt conservative ideology that masquerades as the full Christian faith is in trouble even among its own children.  I learned something new: “Every time a kid masturbates, God kills a kitten.” Wow!!!  I never knew that!!!  Is that in the synoptic gospel of Luke?  Watch these short videos and listen for the statistics:

(Sorry.  These videos have been removed from You Tube since this article was first posted.)

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