Are Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals Really Different?

Bruce Gerencser is an atheist who lives in Ohio, but he is no ordinary atheist.  Bruce was at one time a Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical insider—not just inside though—deeply, deeply, deeply, deeply, extremely deeply inside.  In fact, Bruce was a well-known and well-respected head pastor for several decades in assorted Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) churches. In addition, Bruce is very well educated, and he is an extremely deep thinker with a mind that holds a diversity of detailed knowledge. He knows the worlds of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism inside-out from first-hand observation and experience.  Indeed, Bruce is one of our friendliest, best, and most reliable “go to” resources when we encounter something about Christian fundamentalism or conservative evangelicalism that makes us scratch our heads in puzzlement.

One criticism of our blog, which was registered recently on another blog, is that we here at the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog are painting Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals with “too broad a brush.”  This was followed by the assertion that a great deal of diversity in belief and practice exists to demonstrate that our so-called broad brush is terribly wrong and unfair. In particular, I think many conservative evangelicals, such as the members of Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) churches, would object highly to being broadly painted with the same color as the backwoods IFB churches.  They would say: “Us?  Fundamentalists?  Not at all!!!  We are just members of a conservative evangelical church.” Other stripes of conservative evangelicals might respond in a like manner.  Bruce Gerencser has some news for you people who think we paint with too broad of a brush here at our blog.  Read it and weep people:

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