Frank Schaeffer Shoots Straight on Christian Fundamentalism and Conservative Evangelicalism

Frank Schaeffer is the home-schooled son of famous conservative, evangelical, Calvinist ideologues Francis and Edith Schaeffer.  Frank is a Christian who grew up literally bathed in the “full-court press” of conservative religion, and he was one of the conservative founders of the Religious Right in the United States.  In every way, he was the total insider.  Nowadays, it would be fair to say that the Christian fundamentalists, the conservative evangelicals, and the Republican politicians who bed their churches down like cheap whores have an intense distaste for Frank.  Why is that?  Well, Frank is a Christian defector who left fundie religion for the Eastern Orthodox Church and exposed the inanity, insanity, and corruption that pervades the militant fundie movement and its politics today.  In my own experience, Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals maintain a very special hatred for the people who leave their churches, expose their failings, and tell it like it is from first-hand experience on the inside.  Please watch and listen to this short video in which Frank Schaeffer tells it like it is:

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