Please Get Your COVID-19 Booster Shot——Now!

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Just in case some of you might have missed it, COVID-19 booster shots have now been officially approved for all adult Americans. It happened only a few days ago.

The northern tier of states is already experiencing a major increase in COVID-19 infections and has been doing so for the past several weeks. It is my understanding that some increased levels of infection are now occurring in many other states because cool weather has set in and more people are spending time inside buildings where they are in close proximity to other people who are infected. The deadly virus loves cooler weather and places where people are close to each other.

Some of the observed increases in infections may be attributable to preparations for Thanksgiving Day, such as shopping for groceries in tightly crowded supermarkets and people crowding into stores to take advantage of early (like several weeks early) Pre-Black Friday sales. In about 10 days after Thanksgiving Day (November 25), we should know if a Thanksgiving weekend of nationwide travel and extended family get-togethers has plunged our country into another holiday-related COVID-19 tragedy.

I have already received my Moderna booster shot—–about three weeks ago at a local pharmacy. It was received by just walking in and asking for the booster shot. Two choices were offered to me by the pharmacist. Persons who are not immune-compromised were offered a booster shot that is one-half the dosage of the original shot. People who had compromised immunity from medications they take, cancer treatment, etc. were offered a full dosage booster shot.

Unfortunately, there is a little bit of confusion coming from doctors in the normally reliable mainstream news media. I heard one medical person say that it takes up to five weeks after injection for the booster shot to bring a person into optimum immunity. However, in an interview with Dr. Cavita Patel on MSNBC, I heard that optimum immunity is acquired within about 36 hours after receiving the booster shot. Supposedly, the human body can generate optimum immunity that rapidly because the immune system is already so very familiar with how to generate antibodies as a result of the first two shots. I have no idea which of these two perspectives is the medically correct one.

Face mask? Even though I have had my booster shot, I still wear a quality face mask (e.g., KN-95) when I go shopping, meet up with people (even vaccinated people), or when a person knocks on my front or back door. Most of the customers in the Tennessee supermarket where I shop for food are wearing face masks, even though the store itself has no face mask mandate. But hey, on the whole, the people in my small city are a lot smarter than the people in most of the other small cities in Tennessee.

Please get your COVID-19 booster shot as soon as possible, if you are six months or more beyond the date of your second initial shot. The six-month limit is when immunity from the first two shots begins dropping down. For those of you who took the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, I am not sure what to tell you on that one. Look it up. 

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1 Response to Please Get Your COVID-19 Booster Shot——Now!

  1. I took the J&J. A booster is highly recommended for us, and especially one of the mRNAs.


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