Preachers and Evangelists with Fake Doctorate Degrees

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

On September 9, 2019, the Administrator of the Dust Off the Bible blog published an article containing a long list of church ministers, televangelists, and gospel teachers who hold fake doctorate degrees. He/she (name unknown) says this list is a living public document, which will be maintained and added to gradually as time passes.

The Administrator further requests that knowledgeable religious insiders around the nation send to him/her the names and accurate information on the doctorate educational backgrounds of other ministers, televangelists, and gospel teachers they know about who also have fake doctorate degrees. He/she wants to personally vet them and add their names to the ever-growing master list. You may see that blog article and its long list by clicking on the following safe link:

Canonical List of Pastors & Teachers With Fake Doctorates

Important Note: The Dust Off the Bible blog, where this long list was originally posted, is no longer available anywhere on-line, best I can tell. I do not know why. It was up and running just a few months ago. I would speculate that a bunch of frightened fundie preachers and their lawyers went to the blog Administrator’s hosting service company and demanded removal of the blogspot from the Internet under threat of a lawsuit.

Just remember this one basic principle folks and burn it deeply into your brain cells:

Nothing Frightens Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals More Than——The Truth——Particularly Factual and Scientific Truth.

We now go back to the original text of my article in unbolded font.

Personally, I have no idea how accurate the foregoing blog article and list may be. I am merely informing you of their existence on-line and providing you the safe link to them. As stated on the Blog Policy list for the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog:

(22)  The blog owner, editors, contributors, authors, commenters, all subsidiaries, and all representatives make no warranties (either expressed or implied) concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information, data, or images presented on this blog.

If you were to deeply research the matter, I strongly suspect you would find that most of the ministers, televangelists, and gospel teachers in the United States who hold fake doctorate degrees are some stripe of Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical. Remember folks. Garbage fed into the human brain at a fundie Christian college often = Garbage Out out in sermons, Sunday school lessons, and books on the shelves at so-called Christian bookstores.

Are you a member of a Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical church? Do you feel as if the pastor, a Sunday school teacher, or another church staff member is abusing you with what they describe as “the gospel” of Jesus Christ, but this so-called “gospel” seems to be cold, hollow, and lacking in true love for you? Are you a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health patient who attends a Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical church? Are the pulpit sermons or Sunday school lessons making you feel bad? Do you often leave your fundie church feeling so down and depressed that you want to commit suicide? If so, you need to leave your fundie church immediately and find a better and far more loving nonfundie church.

After you leave your fundie church, get your head together, and do some serious research, you may find that your fundie Christian tormentors hold totally fake or highly dubious doctorate degrees (and even lower degrees) from diploma mills, unaccredited Bible colleges, or Christian colleges accredited by fake or highly dubious credentialing organizations. Never, ever submit yourself to continual suffering or kill yourself because of the oral or written words from any Christian Fundamentalist or Conservative Evangelical preacher, televangelist, Sunday school teacher, other church staff member, or Christian writer. The person who is abusing you may be little more than a silver-tongued charlatan with a Christian education as messed up as the on-screen Moe, Larry, and Curly (The Three Stooges).

What should you do after leaving your fundie church behind in a cloud of dust? The Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog encourages you to keep your faith in Jesus Christ and find your way to a nonabusive, nonfundie church where the pastors and staff members have authentic college and university degrees from authentic institutions of higher religious education, such as the divinity schools at Duke University, Vanderbilt University, Harvard University, University of Oxford (United Kingdom), etc.  You are most likely to find churches staffed with such degree holders among the Mainline Christian churches.

Please be advised that the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog does not regard the Southern Baptist Convention, its  churches, or its seminaries as Mainline Christian institutions.  We regard them as Christian Fundamentalist institutions, and for very good reasons, as laid out in the following excellent article by a former Baptist preacher with 25 years of experience:

Are Evangelicals Fundamentalists?

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  1. junebug978 says:

    Thank you. Good to know.


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