The Impeachment Inquiry: A Hugely Stunning Week of Negative Revelations about President Trump

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Rick Wilson

Available Now at a Bookstore near You

I will not bore you by recounting all of the stunning details that came out of the Impeachment Inquiry this week. Many people thought these public testimonies would be boring. Instead, they turned into high drama.

The sad truth that came out about President Trump and Ukraine is splashed all over the major news media—with the exception of the usual lies at FOX News. The first-hand, no-hearsay testimony by career diplomat David Holmes was particularly damning to President Trump.

In response to a Congressional subpoena, another rather unexpected person showed up just this morning to offer a rare Saturday testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. That testimony is already underway as I am writing this.

Suffice it to say that most of the federal government officials who have defied Trump’s attempts to silence them and have responded to their Congressional subpoenas are being hailed as patriotic national heroes—and I think rightly so. As one person said about these brave men and women:

We discovered that the truth still matters in this country.

Only four people provided testimony this week. Next week is going to be huge—-HUGE!!! Many more people than just four are slated to give their public testimonies before the House Intelligence Committee.

The highest drama will be centered around Ambassador Gordon Sondland, a Trump political crony who has already testified once before the committee. Based on the testimonies from other people this week, there is now a strong suspicion that Sondland may have lied (up to three times) in his previous testimony in order to protect President Trump. The House Intelligence Committee is angry, already firing up their charcoal grill, and toting in all the Bar-B-Q tools needed to roast Ambassador Sondland alive before the eyes of the American people.

Some news commentators (e.g., John Dean) are trained legal experts, and they suspect Sondland may refuse to answer certain questions next week by asserting his 5th Amendment rights to not incriminate himself by telling the truth under oath. Because the Impeachment Inquiry is not a formal judicial proceeding within the American justice system, any resort to the 5th Amendment will be noted as an open admission of guilt by the committee. If Sondland cannot tip-toe through next week’s tulips and come out smelling like a flower, he may end up in jail for perjury.

Perjury before a Congressional committee was one of the counts on which Trump crony Roger Stone was convicted yesterday. Stone was convicted on all counts against him at the end of his federal trial. At sentencing, he could receive up to 20 years in prison. This is the price guilty people pay for supporting Trump to the bitter end—no matter what. Gordon Sondland and the other “Always a Trumper” acolytes need to wake up and smell the tulips before it is too late. Rick Wilson, a brave recent defector from the now extremist Republican Party, has written a new book. The title of his book says it all to those Americans who support President Trump blindly and with no personal conscience:

Everything Trump Touches Dies

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