Major League Exposé: The Inside Truth about Christian Fundamentalist Preachers

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Christian Fundamentalism, in particular the kind practiced at Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) churches, is sometimes referred to as a cult. I am adding three other words to that terminology: a cult of personality. In the IFB churches and other similar Christian Fundamentalist churches, the preacher (and his unique personality) are often at the very center of each cult. In other words, each fundamentalist church is a small or large cult centered around its head preacher.

Just in case you do not know what a cult of personality is and how it is defined, I have a name for you that says it all——Kim-Jong-Un. The North Korean (DPRK) government—and indeed the whole nation of North Korea—is a cult of personality centered on whichever male member of the Kim family happens to rule the DPRK at any given time in human history.

Bruce Gerencser, who pastored IFB churches for 25 years (and later fled from the IFB church movement), has just written a masterpiece. Let me repeat that—-a masterpiece. It is a behind the scenes  exposé of the preacher-centered personality cult in IFB churches. Bruce should know all about it, and he does, because he was a long-time IFB insider. He is quite familiar with the inside dirty laundry at IFB churches—dirty laundry the American public at large rarely ever sees or hears.

You are in for a real treat folks. I hope you will hang onto every word in his blog article. You may read Bruce’s excellent article by clicking on the following safe link:

Allen Domelle Whines about How IFB Preachers Are Treated Today

Why are Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical preachers treated so badly and with such profound disrespect today?  They are treated that way for numerous very good reasons—many of which are laid out in plain English in the About section, in the My Profile section, and in the Blog Policy section (see black strip at top of this blog page), and in the 500+ blog articles right here on the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog. Numerous other very good reasons are laid out in spades on the blog of Reverend John Pavlovitz, entitled Stuff That Needs to Be Said, on the John Pavlovitz Facebook page, and on April Kelsey’s Revolutionary Faith//Taking Back Christianity blog. Please click on the following safe links:

Stuff That Needs to Be Said Blog

John Pavlovitz Facebook Page

Revolutionary Faith: Taking Back Christianity

This blog, those other two blogs, and that one Facebook page are crystal clear on why Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical preachers are treated so badly and with such profound disrespect today—and it has very little (if anything) to do with people hating or disrespecting Jesus first.

In two words, these fundie preachers (and many of their pewsitters) are treated so badly and with such profound disrespect because they richly deserve it and because they have earned it with their own words and actions over the past 100 years—and especially over the past 50 years. For all practical purposes, they have abandoned the full New Testament covenant of Jesus Christ and his love (to mere Sunday lip service) and have gone whoring after ignorance, lies, right wing extremist politics, and seeking the Satanic power of this present world to get what they want. Their intense love for their evil Fearless Leader—President Donald J. Trump—is living proof of their utter depravity. Many of these preachers (and their pewsitters) are wedded to the false notion that Trump (despite all of his evil) is—get this—The Anointed One of the Lord.

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1 Response to Major League Exposé: The Inside Truth about Christian Fundamentalist Preachers

  1. RaPaR says:

    Here’s another Christian “cult of personality” for you…Donald J, Trump! Christians actually believe this guy, lock, stock and barrel. Shame on them for following this unlawful troglodyte.


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