Christian Fundamentalism Earns a Huge and Well-Deserved Butt Kicking

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

I just read a really wonderful blog article written by Greg Albrecht. Greg writes for an organization called Plain Truth Ministries. His Christ-centered articles are published in two places, a magazine entitled Plain Truth and the Christianity Without Religion blog The title of the blog article that caught my attention is The Gathering Storm of Fundamentalism. This is one of those rare Christian faith articles that hits the old nail right on the head, and it delivers a well-deserved verbal butt kicking to Christian Fundamentalism. The article is well-written, and I think you will enjoy reading it. That is the good news.

What is the bad news? I found this blog article to be a bumpy and somewhat difficult read, primarily because it was poorly formatted. I very much doubt that the poor formatting  was Greg’s fault. It was most likely dictated by various, written-in-stone limitations and constraints imposed by his blog server. I have many of those same formatting problems with my own WordPress blogs.

Now, with all that said, here is some more good news. I cut and pasted the text of Greg’s blog article into a Microsoft Word 2010 file, fixed all of the formatting issues, and did some very minor editing of the text to make it easier to read. I did not edit the text for content. The editing was focused primarily on punctuation, grammar, and clarity issues. Greg’s blog article is now an easy and fun read. You may read it by clicking on the following safe link:


The Gathering Storm of Fundamentalism


I agree with almost everything Greg says in his article—with only one key exception. That exception involves the following excerpt from his blog text:

The Bible constitutes the accurate, infallible, and divinely inspired word of God.

That statement comes dangerously close to the Christian fundamentalist and conservative Evangelical dogma on Biblical Inerrancy—and the fundie insistence that the Holy Bible must be read simply and literally—the way your kids read comic books——or as the fundies might say:

A simple gospel for a simple people.

I have no objections to his point about holy scripture being divinely inspired. However, the most highly educated Christian scholars know the Bible contains numerous internal contradictions. If a person insists on a literal reading and understanding of the Bible, then we know for certain that the Bible contains assorted factual inaccuracies. These inaccuracies and contradictions are well-known among scholars of the Bible. For example, we know-the Christian fundamentalist perspective on creation in the Book of Genesis does not jibe with the vast amounts of scientific evidence to the contrary.

We also know the Holy Bible is not infallible—and neither are many of the fundies who read and study it.  The main purpose of the Bible is to point readers toward faith in Jesus Christ and to invite people into reconciled discipleship and fellowship with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. However, millions of Americans have read the Bible, put it down, and rejected the Holy Trinity, reconciliation with God, and discipleship. If the Bible were truly infallible with its primary mission in this world, then 100 percent of the people who have read it or heard a sermon based upon it would have been drawn into a deep relationship with Jesus. However, that does not happen in most cases, and in that sense, the Bible often is fallible in what it most seeks to do—draw every last man, woman, and child on planet Earth into a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus.

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  1. junebug978 says:

    In my 63 ‘adult’ years, I’ve been both student & activist in political & inter-religious communities. What I’ve observed (perhaps dimly) is a GOP that enjoined Christian fundies (to garner votes), turning ever more into autocratic regimes. Democrats, mostly confident in their faith, turned their cheeks, quietly moving toward the Jesus WAY, trying to reflect the love of God. Pres. Obama surely listened, understood and diligently tried to reconcile.

    The result is a more extreme christofascist GOP. Today many Democrats, especially young generations, are not so accommodating. So should we stay on the path Albrecht posed or fight fire with fire?

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