A Short Visit with Some Crucial American History

by Charles S. Garabedian


George Washington

George Washington fought a couple of important Revolutionary War battles in New Jersey.  As Joe Piscopo used to say on Saturday Night Live:

Are you from Joisey?…….I’m from Joisey…….Are you from Joisey.?…….I’m from Joisey.

Do you love American history?  I love American history.  Do you love American history? I love American history.  If you are not an American history fan, stick around the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog for a year or two, and you will become one.

What is the importance of American history? It shows us who we are as a people and how we became the way we are now—and all that we will be in the future is rooted in the soil of our history. American history is the means by which we never forget who we really are as a people. Although we might stray from it for a while without noticing it—American history compels us to remember who we really are as a people—and to go back to the essence of it. American history shows us the mistakes of our past so we may remember to avoid making those same mistakes in our future. American history is not a bunch of names and dates.  More than anything else, it is the story of who we are and what made us that way.

Here is a short essay to read:

A Ghost Story for Donald Trump and All of Us

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