One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Turds

by Charles S. Garabedian

AAAA Caravan

Christian Fundies and Evangelicals Are No Doubt Embedded in This Caravan*


* Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are known to be President Donald J. Trump’s most rabid followers and supporters. Therefore, a significantly large number of them must be part of this imaginary caravan. My best guess is that they are nearly every person in this caravan that is not wearing a white sheet or swastika helmet.

Why? Why? Why would any professed follower of Jesus Christ choose to be associated with a caravan crowd like this one? Even if Trump supporters who are professed Christians are not in this crowd, their hearts must surely be sympathetic with many of the same values as the KKK, Neo-Nazi, and Skinhead miscreants? What about 1 Thessalonians 5:22 and avoiding even the appearance of evil? What about being separated from sinners?  What about avoidance of being unequally yoked with Trump and his hate group supporters?  Those are all traditional fundie values.

So, why did the fundies and evangelicals sell out in 2016? Why are they still sold out now—after seeing and being so much a part of Trump’s evil? What do you think people? Inquiring nonfundie Christians like me really want to know. Comments are open.

Cartoon Credit: Rob Rogers  (Thanks Becky!!!)

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