Emma Higgs on Jesus and Politics

by Charles S. Garabedian


Header Image on the Blog of Emma Higgs

One of my favorite Christian writers is a young British citizen and blogger by the name of Emma Higgs.  Emma has just written an interesting blog article on Jesus and politics. I am not sure what her motivations were for writing this article, but it might have been the current election season here in the United States.

I am fairly sure that many of us are worn out with politics by now, and we will be glad on Tuesday when all the voting is finished and the final results are in sometime early Wednesday morning. Perhaps you are tired of my political posts here as well.

My opinion about politics and Jesus is very close to Emma’s opinion. Therefore, I thought you might want to get some deep insight into both of us and our thinking by reading her short article at the following safe link:

Uncovering the Political Heart of the Gospel


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