Jewish Synagogue Shooting in Pittsburgh Today

by Charles S. Garabedian

AAAA Hate Groups

Root Cause of Shooting:  President Donald J. Trump

A man with the surname Bowers allegedly walked into a Jewish synagogue today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The uppermost thing on his mind was killing Jewish people, and he was well-armed enough to succeed in his quest. Soon after it was over, 11 people lay dead and six people were wounded (including four police officers).

For the past three years, whether intentional or unintentional, Donald J. Trump has given inspiration and hope to American hate groups—and thereby further radicalized their members. He has given them all the hope and courage they ever needed to come out of their stinking underground burrows and sling hate speech, racial slurs, and ethnic epithets at American citizens. Those members of hate groups (and their sympathizers) who are prone to violence feel as if Trump has punched their tickets to go ahead and do horrible acts like mailing bombs, shooting African-American citizens in a Kroger supermarket, and doing this shooting today in Pittsburgh.

What on Earth were they thinking? Were they hoping the President of the United States would eventually pardon the federal counts in their alleged crimes? Trump cannot legally pardon state and local crimes.  Did they not know that?

You Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals out there are Trump’s biggest and most enthusiastic supporters. You are all fond of slinging around this famous Bible verse—spoken by God about the Jewish people:

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse, and all peoples on Earth will be blessed through you (Genesis 12:3).

Listen up President Donald J. Trump. Listen up Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals who support Trump. Listen up Republicans in the U.S. Congress. Listen up good.

Trump and You—together—are the ultimate root cause of this shooting in Pittsburgh today. The curse in the Bible verse above has come to roost firmly on your own shoulders with this alleged Bowers shooting. Yes—this very day—the suffering you must bear as a direct result of it shall be great. Karma is out there—and it is really pissed at you today. I mean really, really, really pissed at you. Good luck—because you are going to need it. Trump and you fundies—together—have sown the baseline inspiration and the socially sanctioned space that led to this shooting in Pittsburgh today, as well as the earlier domestic terrorism events that occurred this week. Karma shall ensure that you reap what you have sown.

Folks. Please love and pray for all of our Hebrew brothers and sisters—as well as the police officers—who were wounded or killed in Pittsburgh today. Charities will no doubt be set up to benefit the wounded and the people who were left behind by the death of a loved one. If you can afford to give money or something else tangible, please do so. People trapped in sudden grief are often disoriented for weeks or months on end and have a very difficult time. Your gift will give them hope. (Please beware of fake, fly-by-night charities in your giving so your gifts will be sure to get to those Jewish folks most in need).

Finally, I know what you fundies just said.  You are as transparent to me as the day is long. You said:

These Jews in Pittsburgh are not our brothers and sisters. The Jews killed Jesus. Our only brothers and sisters are our fellow “true” Christians.

Wrong!!!  You forget the Adam and Eve parable—also in the Book of Genesis. From God’s unique Spiritual perspective, these two people were our most ancient father and mother—the first father and mother of all humanity. Whether historically accurate or not, all humans who have ever lived, and all those who are still alive today, are ultimately the children of Adam and Eve. In that unique sense, God is telling us that we are all brothers and sisters on this Earth. This is why Jesus can so easily command us to love our seven billion neighbors as ourselves. Every man, woman, and child on this Earth is either our brother or sister—and at the same time—they are all our neighbors. Never forget it. Always love them truly—no matter their race, ethnicity, or economic circumstances.  God loves all of them. We must follow Jesus and do the same as He would do because our Jewish brothers and sisters were hurt so very badly today.

Remember Jesus was a Jewish man every day that he walked this Earth in human form. He was wholly God and wholly human at the same time.  He was also our Father, our brother (by virtue of Adam and Eve), and our best friend.

The Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog hereby openly condemns the domestic terrorism and murders that have occurred this week.  Physical violence against a brother or sister is never the right way to settle the many differences we all have with each other on various issues, including religious differences. The bold red lettering at the top of our About page on this blog makes that abundantly clear to everyone.

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