Why Fundies Swallow Trump’s Lies So Easily and Quickly?

by Charles S. Garabedian

AAAATrump Lies

President Donald J. Trump is telling more lies—whoppers actually—as we approach Election Day 2018 on November 6th. One of them is an additional 10 percent tax cut for the American people. House Majority Leader Paul Ryan on Capitol Hill knows nothing about it, and he referred journalists back to Trump. No such plans for a real tax cut exist except in Trump’s lie-filled noggin. According to Trump, Middle Eastern terrorists are hidden away in the crowd of 7,000 Central American refugees walking toward our southern border. The FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Department of Homeland Security say no such terrorists are present in that crowd. Trump says thee 7,000 Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States are a plot organized by the Democratic Party to make him look bad at election time. No evidence of this exists, which means Trump is telling one more huge lie. According to CNN a few days ago, the latest Fact Checker in The Washington Post has counted more than 5,000 Trump lies and misleading statements since his inauguration in January 2017.

Some of Trump’s avid followers readily admit awareness of all these lies, and they know that they are indeed lies—but Trump is their man—and they support him no matter what. However, the worst thing is all of the Trump followers who believe his lies are actually the truth. Who are most these people who believe Trump’s lies, and why do they believe them so earnestly?

I suspect the true believers in Trump’s lies are his Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelicals supporters.  Here is my thinking in four steps:

(1)  Have you seen the movie Independence Day? If so, you will recall the captured alien who wraps one his tentacles around Dr. Brackish Okun’s throat and manipulates his vocal chords to speak to the President of the United States. “No peace.”

Many Christian fundamentalist churches believe the brains and vocal chords of their preachers are taken over similarly by God at the beginning of a sermon. Therefore, the pastor is not speaking to the congregation. God himself is using the brain and vocal chords of the preacher to speak directly to the members of the congregation. Everyone knows God is all about purity, holiness, light, and truth. God would never tell any lie to a congregation. Therefore, every thought and word coming out of the preacher’s mouth must surely be the unvarnished truth of God himself—and all truth from God must be believed without question—without question—without question. This is why so many Christian fundamentalists turn off the analytical portions of their brains before entering the doorway to the church—and then set their brains on record only.

Many other Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical churches believe their preacher is a human who speaks with his own brain and vocal chords, but he is under the guiding influence of the Holy Spirit when he preaches from the pulpit. Therefore, as God’s ordained representative, whatever the preacher says must be regarded as the truth. It must be accepted by the congregation as truth and without question. In some of these churches, the preacher is regarded in an almost cultic manner as the—check the terminology: Ruler of the Church. The Southern Baptist megachurch I attended in the mid-1980s had a major schism when a new preacher from Arkansas showed up and demanded designation as the Official Ruler of the Church. A more liberal Southern Baptist preacher in town told me that this preacher had split every church he had ever pastored because of bullshit like this.

Moreover, these churches believe the words of the Bible are inerrant, and the Bible plainly says that lies are forbidden behavior. If a preacher has attended a seminary or even the Possum Holler College of the Bible, he has surely learned that it is wrong to tell lies to the congregation or to speak personal opinions and speculations as definitive truth. Therefore, whatever the preacher says should be believed as the truth.

(2) Sometime back in 2016, Reverend Lance Walnau (a somewhat well-known fundie preacher and evangelist) predicted that Donald J. Trump would become President of the United States by a direct and miraculous act of God. Why? Trump was God’s own man—like King Cyrus of ancient Persia—an evil man that God chose to do good for ancient Israel. The current fundie notion that Donald J. Trump is the Anointed One of the Lord is rooted in this Walnau prophecy.  Check it out by clicking on the white triangle:

Trump would restore Fundieland to the glory and overarching authority it supposedly once held over the American people (underline that word supposedly). Fundie people would take over our country. The fundies would ultimately win the culture wars; save the United States from destruction; restore our nation to a position of dominion on the world stage; and whisk everyone back to the glorious peace and balance of the 1950s. I could go on and on here, but you already know this tired old fundie song and dance.

(3) But here is the thing you have to understand about the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical mindset. If Trump truly is the Anointed One of the Lord, then he is not just the President of the United States.  He is something more. Spiritually, Trump is also God’s own, personally appointed fundie pastor over the congregation of the United States.  This is where you gasp for breath and say:

Oh, Oh, Oh…….Oh……my ……..G…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep! You got it! You know where this discussion is headed, so I will go ahead and wind this matter up for you.

(4)  The United States of America is regarded as a huge fundie church over all 326,000,000 Americans (like it or not), and President Donald J. Trump is its God-ordained preacher. Every good Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical knows that the preacher in authority over their church does not lie. God’s own truth comes out of the preacher’s mouth at all times. Whatever the preacher says is truth, and it must be believed without question. Even if what President Trump says looks like a lie in the face of hard evidence, then just like with biological evolution or man-induced global warming, the hard evidence must be rejected—and the lie must be believed as absolute truth. To do otherwise is to go against the will of God. This is why so many of President Trump’s followers believe his many lies and continue to support him no matter how many lies he utters or how big they are.  Did I say “whoppers”?  Yes, I did.

President Donald J. Trump is one of the biggest liars this world has ever seen. Because of their long-term religious conditioning in their home churches (just like with Ivan Pavlov’s famous dog), Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals follow Trump blindly and without question because they think he is the Anointed One of the Lord who can speak no lies and do no wrongs.

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