Halloween Is Coming, and You Need a Fundie Horror Story

by Charles S. Garabedian

Today a visitor to the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog landed on one of our oldest blog articles.  Unfortunately, the hyperlink from this old article to another article, recounting a horror story at a fundie church, had been broken. Yahoo! had apparently taken down the 2015 article to which I had originally referred my readers.

Therefore, I decided to revise and update my old blog article and include three prime hyperlinks that fully recount this real life fundie horror story. Most of you have probably not read this old article on the far back end of our blog. With Halloween coming, this might be a good time for you to read about some fairly recent fundie hijinx (if you can call it that) in New York. I bet you thought horrifying crap like this happens only in the swampy woods of Tennessee, Georgia, or Northern Florida.  Wrong!!!  Please check it out by clicking this safe link to my revised blog article:

Christian Fundamentalist/Conservative Evangelical Hijinx in New York

Have a wonderful Sunday evening.  I hope the coming week goes well for you.  For all of our Canadian, British, and Australian readers, we Americans who live under the wicked thumb of the Trump regime will bear up under the burden as best we can this week. God bless you all!!!

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1 Response to Halloween Is Coming, and You Need a Fundie Horror Story

  1. jupe77 says:

    Forty years ago, I was in a church that was heading in that direction. At the last service I went to, the minister and his wife were screaming out death and destruction “prophecies” about people in the church, including me. I had just had it. I got up to leave, and they screamed at me that if I walked out that door, God would strike me dead. I said, “I’ll take my chances”, and left. It took me a LONG time to get over thinking that I was going to hell for leaving that place.


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