Evil Republican Party Knifes Native American Voters in the Back

by Charles S. Garabedian

The Ancestors of the Disenfranchised Sioux Language Speakers Built Cahokia

The U.S. Supreme Court just upheld a North Dakota law designed to prevent tens of thousands of Native Americans from voting. You may read a story about this law that was upheld and what it does to disenfranchise Native Americans at the following safe link:

Supreme Court Makes It Harder for Tribal North Dakotans to Vote

The right to vote is the most precious right we have.  When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, my television set was flooded with public service messages from both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. They were not partisan messages. They urged every American to vote in every upcoming election—regardless of political party affiliation.

What has become of this country that I was brought up to love so much?  It is not the same country anymore. It is a country run by selfish, evil men and women—like Mitch McConnell and Marsha Blackburn—who look after themselves first rather than the American people and our country.

This country once stood for good and wise things—-including the time-honored tradition of voting rights for every American and fair play for everyone on a level playing field. What has become of us?

Jesus help us. We seem to have gone beyond the ability to help ourselves and do wisely in love for our fellow man and woman. I feel so sad about this—so sad.  I am especially sad that white Americans like Mitch McConnell have conspired to steal the voting rights of the First Americans, who set foot on the soil of our nation and lived here for 11,000+ years longer than any white man who has ever been on American soil. It is not just a shame that this has been done by the Republican Party.  It is unAmerican and an utter disgrace.

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