A Most Curious Thing Has Occurred: Can You Explain It?

by Charles S. Garabedian

From the day after Donald Trump was elected President until just a couple of weeks ago, the Internet was quite literally crawling with new articles about Trump being The Anointed One of the Lord and how Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals were so effusively happy about it. Everything fundie was all the rage in Internet media. The major thing on every third writer’s mind seemed to be:

What are the fundies doing this week?

Yahoo! is my Internet homepage, and several new articles about what the fundies are doing showed up on my computer screen nearly every day. The fundies had come into their own. This was their time of glory. They had taken over the United States through Trump, and they were mere moments from ascending to a high seat on an American throne from which they would rule for ages to come. The famous theme from Pomp and Circumstance was already beginning to play in the background to laud their ascent to the throne:

Then—all of a sudden—with no explanation at all—only six weeks before the mid-term Congressional elections of 2018, this happened to all things fundie in daily Internet media:

That is the way it looks from where I sit. Has anyone else noticed this oddity, and if so, can you explain it?

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