Trump: Big and Wet

by Charles S. Garabedian

Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Roofless

Blue Tarps on Roofs in Puerto Rico

I guess you have seen the news item today where President Donald Trump says hurricane Florence will be, and I quote:

…tremendously big and tremendously wet.

Naw Donnie!!!  Really?!!!  Ya think?!!!

Just remember folks. This guy is the President of the United States—and the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are the two key groups responsible for supporting him and electing him. Since the day he was inaugurated, the fundies have supported him in nearly every outrageous, crazy, and evil thing he has done—supported him to the hilt—no matter what he does—even in the deaths of 2,975 American citizens in Puerto Rico. Most of these American citizens died right after hurricane Maria because Trump dragged his feet on getting storm relief aid to them—many think intentionally—because he dislikes Hispanic peoples. You may read the latest on Trump, hurricane Maria recovery, and Puerto Rico here:

The New York Times Article

Puerto Rico is still nowhere near full recovery from hurricane Maria, except maybe in some parts of San Juan. Across the rest of the big Island, the only roof many people still have is a blue plastic tarp—and more hurricanes are coming—maybe next week. A blue plastic tarp will last—oh—about 20 seconds when a hurricane hits it.

Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals!!! Yes, I am talking to YOU!!! How would you and your family like to ride out a hurricane in a half-wrecked home with a blue tarp for a roof? You fundies made all of this possible—including the 2,975 American citizen deaths in Puerto Rico—simply because you voted for Trump—and worst of all—you still support him and his evil Republican minions in the  U.S. Congress.

If another hurricane hits Puerto Rico next week—many more American citizens will die—because a family cannot ride out a hurricane in an already half-wrecked house with a blue tarp over it. When are all you fundies out there going to wake up to your personal complicity in this evil via your unwavering support for Trump and his Republican Congress?  Why are you not tired of their lies?  Why are you not tired of all their evil?  Why are you not tired of children ripped from the arms of their parents?  Why are you not tired of the deaths? When will you turn away from all this Trumpian evil and go back to the kind and loving Jesus Christ of the New Testament?

Photo Credit: Dennis Rivera (AP)

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