Vote Against Evil Trump and His Minions in the U.S. Congress

by Charles S. Garabedian


The Radical Extremist Republican Party of Today Is Like This Guy

This blog has gone political and will continue to be so, off and on, until after the November 6, 2018 election. I am doing this for a good reason. I already knew Trump was crazy and a danger to our country two years ago. The recent article in The New York Times, by a high-level official in the Trump administration, is just one more proof of it. Moreover, the author of that article indicates that many more high-level officials in the Trump administration feel the same way and are cooperating with him or her to keep Trump from doing something crazy—like starting World War III by ignoramus accident. No doubt whatsoever, the President of the United States—for the first time in American history—is what CIA intelligence officers regularly refer to as a:

…clear and present danger to the United States of America.

Legal, moral, and political action by a majority of the American people is necessary right now. The only way to alleviate this situation is to vote against Republicans in the November 6 election, which is now only a few weeks away.  This is the key question:

Do you want your grandchildren burned to a crisp—all the way to their bones—like a rump roast baked by Hiroshima?

That is the raw seriousness of what is now at stake. All it takes is one idiotic misstep—just one small spark—to create a conflagration. It could be a sudden, bumbling military clash with Russia in Syria?  It could be entering a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  It could be an all-out Russian invasion of the Ukraine or the Baltic states by a Vladimir Putin, who already knows Trump is an idiot that can be played like a violin. One wrong move of Trump weakness or idiocy—and your grandchildren’s roast will be instantly well-done. This is serious folks—dead serious. We have a mentally and emotionally unhinged idiot in charge at the White House—our White House—you know—the one that belongs to the American people—you and me. Legal, moral, and political action by a majority of the American people is necessary right now.

The major thing I am begging you to understand is this. A vote for any Republican in the upcoming election is a direct vote for President Donald J. Trump. It will keep him in office and keep the craziness going—until something truly tragic happens—and I can assure you this tragic thing will happen. The American people need to put the brakes on this nonsense in the White House and the majority-Republican U.S. Congress that is supporting it—even though they too know Trump is unhinged and dangerous—and some readily admit off-camera that he is and they are scared to death of him.

Look. The American people have a long history of voting incumbent Republicans, Democrats, and Independents back into office over and over again—often just because they like him or her personally—his or her name sounds familiar—or as my mother used to say: “He’s just such a handsome man.” This simple-minded bullshit about voting has got to stop in this November 6 election. This is quite probably the most important election in all of American history—if we want our country to survive—and if we do not want Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals behaving like petty dictators and running every aspect of our private lives through Trump.

This is no time to vote your Republican U.S. Congressman or Republican U.S. Senator back into office just because he or she has “been there so long,” because her name is so familiar, or because you think he “just looks so handsome.” That might be okay in any other election—but not this one. This is no ordinary election. Your family, your nonfundie church, and your country truly are at stake in this election—for the first time in your lifetime. Even if you do not feel like doing it, you need to get to the polls and vote this time anyway.  When you step into that voting both, no matter how much you like your Republican U.S. Congressman or Republican U.S. Senator, it is absolutely necessary to pull the lever to vote against him or her in this unique election. This time—this one unique time—the safety of your grandchildren, the safety of your nonfundie faith, and the safety of your country truly are at stake.  This is not a matter of mere politics folks. This is now a matter of basic human survival.

No.  I am not a member of the Democratic Party. With the exception of healthcare, they too have in many ways abandoned those Jesus most beloved and called “the least of these” in favor of pandering to the worst so-called ideals of middle class and upper class Americans. That fairly recent Democratic abandonment of what my dad called “the little guy” is what put Trump in office. In that respect, they are in many ways no better than the Republicans. I am not a Republican because the Republicans abandoned those beloved ones Jesus called “the least of these” many decades ago and have allied themselves with all kinds of runaway greed and evil. Trump is just the tragic symptom of their deep disease of the mind and heart. Worst of all, the Republicans have politicized American churches. Because of it, the Republican Party now beds down Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical churches like cheap whores—and pretends that God himself is a card-carrying member of the Republican Party.  That is blasphemy plain and simple—because God is concerned about the things of God more so than the things of any Caesar—which Jesus basically alludes to in the New Testament.

I readily admit that I was once a Democrat Party member, primarily because of their concerns for “the least of these.” I remain very sympathetic to those concerns. In addition, I readily admit that I am in great sympathy with the Republican Party in matters of foreign policy. President Obama screwed up badly by failing to side with the Syrian resistance against Baby Assad in Syria from the very beginning—and got many innocent people killed in the process. I like Mr. Obama very much—but he screwed up badly there. Speaking softly and carrying a baseball bat with rusty steel spikes in it does wonders to restrain ambitious dictators like Baby Assad, Vladimir Putin, or Adolf Hitler. That is why Trump’s sell out to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki was just more than I could stomach.

Nowadays, I uneasily count myself as an unallied Independent. I say uneasily because I am moving in the direction of reforming myself politically—but it is a slow process of heart. If a Republican like Governor John Kasich of Ohio has a good idea that is not evil, immoral or fattening, I could support it.  If a Democrat has a good idea, like Medicare for everyone, then I could support it. If an Independent party member has a good idea, I could support it.  In other words, I am trying to step back a bit from party-based political rancor and look more objectively at matters of politics. An on-line Christian friend of mine, who lives in San Antonio, Texas, wrote a blog post a while back that encouraged me to move more in that direction—uneasily as I said—because today’s Republicans—as opposed to the much better Republicans of the American past like President Abraham Lincoln and President Dwight D. Eisenhower—are so incredibly radical and evil today—and Trump is the living proof of all the evil that they have become.

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4 Responses to Vote Against Evil Trump and His Minions in the U.S. Congress

  1. REBECCA WIREN says:

    Kasich is my governor. He is pro-big business, anti-choice for women, and not a fan of public education. He is sane and is actually slightly capable of hearing those with different ideas, but he is still Republican 100%.


  2. Lanny Glick says:

    I think of myself as an independent also. Unfortunately for most of my life,however bad the Dems have been at many things, they are not insane like the current Rethuglikkkan party has become. I am quite pleased with the changes that seem to be happening in the Democratic party as they remember what it means to not be Republican lite. The movement toward a progressive and inclusive party bodes well for the future.

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  3. jupe77 says:

    I like your blog. I just discovered it about a month ago. I also liked the trump/Jesus picture. The caption was perfect. You might want to fix where you wrote “the November 2016 election”.


  4. oldelle says:

    I started reading this blog years ago and it was like finding a friend who felt the same way as i do about “fundies”. Please don’t stop writing. I am still reading.


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