Gird Your Loins Folks

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What Really Goes on Behind the Scenes at the White House

For those of you who are interested, gird your loins.  If you love Jesus and your fellow man—and you are not some stripe of fundie—this is shaping up to be a really tough week in the news.  Everyone is back from their summer vacations. The kids are all back in school and ready to get shot. Congress is back in session. Hurricane season is ramping up. President Trump, who already went off the deep end, will be plunging himself to the bottom of the Marianas Trench—all the while trying to pull us and our country down with him. I just hope we still have a country by Friday at 6:00 p.m.  Just watch the news, and go crazy.  That is the best I have to offer you right now.

I am watching the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. They are shaping up to be a real circus that shows just how greatly divided we all are in this country over almost everything. I lay most of the blame for our divisions at the feet of the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals—-who many years ago—turned simple but still friendly differences in political opinion into:

Anyone who opposes my religious opinion or my conservative political opinion is an enemy of God and an enemy of my country.

That kind of virulent religious extremism—injected into politics—and the extreme divisions it has caused over the past 40 years—are the main things that are destroying our country today.

Trump is just a symptom of the disease. He simply recognized the disease and saw a unique way to take advantage of it among the high school diploma, low-wage portion of our population—for himself and his ego—not so much our country. All the anger and deep divisions we see across our country are just symptoms of this disease. The Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals from one end of this country to the other are the root cause of this disease from which we all now suffer—and if it all keeps going as it is now—I am concerned—honestly concerned—that we may wake up one morning in the middle of another American Civil War—and unlike the first one—we may soon after no longer have a united American nation of our own—with all the dreams of Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, and all the other founding fathers shattered like broken glass in a street riot.  It all just makes me sick to my stomach.

If you want a taste of what I have just described—watch the Kavanaugh hearings this week—and watch Trump. Ask yourself where Jesus is in all of this mess. If you can figure it out, then let me know what you think.  It would be nice to talk with him about it.

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