An Important Call Sent Out to All Americans

by Charles S. Garabedian

YoungTrumpFred and Mary Trump Fret for the MM Toddler Now in the Oval Office

Listen up!!! All 326 million of you American citizens out there—the United States of America needs a new President. Vladimir Putin’s man—Trump—is not working out for us.

After 46 years of The Cold War (1945-1991) with the Soviet Union, why would any sane American think a former Soviet KGB intelligence thug’s (John McCain’s exact word) pick for President of the United States would be good for our country and the world. All the Soviet Union—and now Russia—have ever wanted to do is get the United States out of the way so Russia can dominate the entire world—which was the lost end goal of the evil Soviet Empire—the lost end goal of one Vladimir Putin—taken up again now by him and his restless Russia. Vladimir Putin’s choice for our President has turned the Executive Branch of our government and its White House into a pathetic, chaotic freak show rather than a center of sound government.

If any of you 326 million men or women over age 35 think you can do a better job than the kindergarten toddler who now occupies the Oval Office, will you please step forward and make your name, personality, and qualifications publicly known to the American people? We really need you enormously right now!!! The 2020 campaign for President of the United States begins on November 7, 2018.

Please step forward. The ghost of George Washington, who is now spinning in his grave, will thank you for it.  Just step forward!!!

Please see below the somewhat edited (by me) but passionate article by popular Christian Pastor John Pavlovitz ( Pastor John works at a small, humble church in Raleigh, North Carolina, but he is best known for his many Christian writings. His nationally popular on-line Christian blog, Stuff That Needs To Be Said, is arguably the 36th largest Christian faith church in the United States.  Here is the article by Pastor John:

Trump and His Shadow

We Could Really Use a President


Pastor John Pavlovitz

America could really use a President right now. I have this thought more often than I care to consider.  I have it again today.

As the funeral for Senator John McCain approaches, we find ourselves in yet another occasion of national consequence, one our supposed Commander-in-Chief is intentionally excluded from because he is beneath the dignity and capability the moment requires.

Like an impulsive child who cannot handle adult things, he needs to be “worked around” by the big people around him, so as not to overwhelm him, or set him off, or highlight his immaturity, or trigger his tantrums.

Today, as every day since January 2016, in a moment of gravity, we simply act and move as if we do not have a sitting President—because for all practical purposes—we do not.

This moment plays itself out whenever there is a national tragedy, whenever compassion, or decency, or strength, or goodness are required—whenever an adult leader would be called upon to actually lead us.

In those moments, he does not lead—he tweets on Twitter.

Our petulant, amoral, intellectually drowning, emotionally crippled White House squatter, once again sits sequestered in some heavily bunkered bathroom behind a phone, ranting to the ether in all caps nonsense—unable to have rational debate, unwilling to be decent, incapable of basic human empathy.

This is what we get in our times of greatest need, America: a narcissistic man-child, whose complete lack of competence and preparedness rears its repugnant head in the very moments that require a steady hand, a clear voice, and a calming presence:

  • When we require unity, he brings division.
  • When we need reason, he provides conspiracy.
  • When we crave calm, he feeds us chaos.
  • When we seek clarity, he shines the light on himself.
  • When we look for selflessness, he looks for praise.
  • When we need eloquence, he offers verbal diarrhea and spelling errors.
  • When we deserve truthful fine print, he manufactures bold-type fake headlines.

Today will not be the last day America stumbles forward trying to compensate for the massive void we have at the top. It will not be the last time the smart, and decent, and rational people all get together to figure out how to avoid a man whose only contribution to a combustible situation—is propellant, a man whose sole offering during times of mourning is further cause for grief; whose lone function in the most tense of national situations—is one of escalating the tension:

  • When people of renown pass away, and we mourn together, we will need a President.
  • When international conflict erupts and diplomacy is required, we will need a President.
  • When mass shootings occur, and people are terrified, and chaos ensues, we will need a President.
  • When complex legislation requires sustained intellectual attention, we will need a President.
  • When racism, injustice, and hatred explode like a fireball, we will need a President.
  • When we are having our children’s futures crafted in real-time, we will need a President.

But we don’t have a President right now.

We don’t have a leader. We don’t even have an impotent figurehead. We have an instigator who makes everything more cruel, more volatile, more painful than it could and should be. We have an egomaniacal shell of a man, whose very presence in the place in which he finds himself is the greatest and most tragic joke of our lifetime.

In two years, hopefully, we’ll course correct on this colossal national mistake and begin to undo the unfathomable damage we’ve sustained. In the meantime, just as today, we will all have to work together to fill in the spectacular gaps in leadership, compassion, intelligence, and dignity that used to be filled by our Presidents.

We simply don’t have one right now.

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