Prepare for Some High Fundie and High White House Anxiety Today

Trump Unhinged

I watch the Cable News Network (CNN) coverage of the Robert Mueller investigation nearly every evening, starting with Jake Tapper in the late afternoon and going all the way up through the end of Don Lemon’s broadcast at the end of the normal CNN workday.  According to yesterday’s reporting on matters behind the scenes at the White house, Ole Massuh Trump was coming apart at the seams and had more High Anxiety than Mel Brooks could ever dream up.  The trigger for Ole Massuh was the sudden and unexpected report that Presidential Office Legal Counsel Don McGahn had spent more than 30 hours being interviewed by staff members of the Mueller investigation. The White House apparently had no idea that he had undergone detailed interrogation for that long—which is really, really, really long—and McGahn had never told anyone how long. Most interviewees get only 8 to 12 hours on the hot seat.

One other key factor—a factor Ole Massuh apparently never quite understood until it was too late—even though it had been “mansplained” to him—is that Mr. McGahn is not a personal attorney to the President.  Rather, he is the personal attorney to the Office of the President. This means he represents in legal affairs that touch the Office of the President—but not the president himself as an individual person. Got that? Because McGahn is not a personal attorney to the President, he is not bound by the ethics of attorney-client privilege?  What does that mean? It means McGahn was ethically free to go into the interview with the Mueller team and sing as loud and unbounded as the classic stool pigeon in old gangster movies. Knowledge of that  unnerved Ole Massuh and his White House staff.

A few rumors indicate that McGahn tried his best to avoid saying anything that might implicate Ole Massuh in any crimes—but those are just grapevine rumors. The reality of the matter is that no one, including the White House, knows for sure what McGahn said in that long 30+ hour interview, how much he said, and in what detail he said things about particular subjects. For all anyone knows, he may have sold Ole Massuh down the pike about any of Trump’s wrongdoing—that he knows Ole Massuh did.

I could be wrong about this—and admit it upfront.  However, I expect the jury in the Paul Manafort trial to complete their deliberations late today and deliver verdicts on the 18 federal criminal charges against Manafort, which carry a combined maximum sentence of 305 years in a federal prison.  Most people do not know this, but unlike state prisons, there is no federal parole system. Barring a successful appeal in court or a presidential pardon, Manafort will be required to serve the full term of his combined sentences, which likely means he will be in prison for the rest of his natural life, being as how he is already 69 years old.

If the Manafort verdicts come in today and most of them or all of them are “guilty as charged,” something really big is going to happen across the ensuing 24-72 hours after the verdicts are read.  You see.  In all of the time that has passed under the bridge since the Mueller investigation began, the entire Mueller investigation has just been an annoying HYPOTHETICAL in the mind of  Old Massuh Trump. He has parried against that hypothetical by creating a whole series of false realities in his mind, and he draws some measure of personal psychological comfort from those false realities about the Mueller investigation, and Rudy Giuliani has helped him with that by creating more false realities to comfort him.

When the Manafort guilty verdicts are read, and they most likely will be guilty because the Washington D.C. Federal District Court has a 90-95 percent rate of success with federal convictions, the guillotine blade of psychological REALITY is going to slam straight down on Ole Massuh’s neck for the first time since the Mueller investigation began. The false realities Ole Massuh has comforted himself with are going to begin rapidly melting away like a bowl of ice-cream on an stifling August day in the Tidal Basin. For the first time, someone close to the President will be going to prison, for perhaps hundreds of years, and for the first time Ole Massuh is going to be confronted with a mental picture of himself sitting alone in a prison cell with no gold toilet for the rest of his natural life.

Trump is already mentally unhinged. Everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that now.  He became even more unhinged over this past weekend when he generated one of the largest and most insane Tweet storms in Trumpian history. He began  popping bolts and rivets when the 30+ hour McGahn testimony came to light yesterday.  When the Manafort guilty verdicts are read and REALITY sets in later today, I suspect Ole Massuh is going to completely blow his lid and fly apart at the seams for 24-72 hours. Indeed, they may need to call the men in white suits to the White House with their giant butterfly nets.  It is going to be one crazy ride for all of us—so say your prayers for personal deliverance, hold tight to your seats, and be prepared to run to your nearest federally approved civil defense fallout shelter (just kidding on that last one—maybe?).

Fundie:  “You apostate Christians!!!  If this happens, why don’t you pray for the poor man like we do, and then get behind him and support him in all that he says and does? After all, he is OUR President. God is the one who personally put him into office as the Anointed One of the Lord to rescue our fundie people and our belief system from annihilation. Knowest thou not that we Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are the most highly loved and highly favored of all God’s people?  He loves us so much more than he loves you—so you should kneel before us and do as we say. Pray for our nice, honest, balanced, and level-headed Mr. Trump who is making all things new again and saving our great nation.  Make America Great again!!!!”



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1 Response to Prepare for Some High Fundie and High White House Anxiety Today

  1. jupe77 says:

    Lol…as Jr. would say…”love it!”

    Trump is gonna wish he knew how to read so he’d have something to pass the time in the joint.


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