More Interesting Details and Perspectives on the “Christian Fundamentalist Persecution Complex”

Fundie Persecution Complex

Fundie Being Persecuted for Opposing Female Pastors.  Yeah—Right.

In my main blog post a couple of weeks ago, you were introduced to the Christian Fundamentalist Persecution Complex, and I offered some of my own personal thoughts about it.  That is not a term I made up out of thin air. Other people first identified it in fundie faith context long ago and coined this term to accurately describe what they were observing. I just wanted to advise you of that and offer you several on-line articles that directly address this persecution complex and various aspects of it.

I have five articles for you on this subject, and I must confess that I have not read them. Therefore, I am going to be reading them in parallel with you kind and loving folks. For your education and mine too, you may read these articles at your leisure by clicking on the following safe links:

The Evangelical Persecution Complex—in The Atlantic

5 Reasons the Religious Right Should Quit Whining about Being Persecuted

Christian Fundamentalists: You’re Not Persecuted, You’re Just White

Privilege, Not Persecution: It’s time for Christian Fundamentalists to Quit Whining

Anyone Else Sick of the Christian Right Whining about ‘Persecution’?

The comments box is open if you have something to say on this subject.  Just click on the title of this main post and scroll down to enter your comments.

I hope you all have a happy Sabbath Day aujourd’hui. Thunderstorms and rain are predicted for my homeland—the American South.  However, I am not concerned about it because I have lots of writing to do on a favorite research project, and it is more or less necessary to stay inside to do it.  God Bless You All!!!

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