President Trump and High-Level Intelligence Officers

Those of you who follow the daily news are no doubt aware that El Presidente Donaldo Trump is behaving like the president of a Banana Republic by cancelling the high-level national security clearances of certain retired federal managers. His first target was former CIA Director John O. Brennan. Trump cancelled his Top Secret clearance day before yesterday.  Some think retired Director of National Intelligence and former U.S. Air Force General James Clapper is the next. In fact, Trump has a whole list of targets that is being derided as the Trump Enemies List. The last American president with an enemies list was disgraced President Richard Nixon in the depths of the Watergate scandal.

The people on Trump’s list all share one thing in common. They have dared to publicly criticize Trump. However, all of these people are now private citizens (just like you and me), and most of them made their public criticisms of Trump after they left office. These Trump targets are highly respected people with unimpeachable credentials of long-term service to the American people and our nation. Cancelling the security clearance of someone like Brennan or Clapper is tantamount to cancelling the clearance of George Washington.

Moreover, by withdrawing these security clearances, Trump is recklessly endangering our national security because in times of national crisis, government officials often must reach out to these retired officials for unique information and expertise necessary to deal with the crisis. This is why their clearances are normally retained even after retirement. Consulting with them in a future national crisis will not be so easy to do if they no longer have high-level security clearances.  Such clearances are needed to freely discuss crisis details that involve Top Secret information—and they will surely involve just such information.

The public criticism Trump gets is richly deserved, and the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog commends each American patriot—especially those on the Trump Enemies List—who has had the courage to step forward and tell the American people what a lousy American President Trump really is—not to mention just plain evil in terms of numerous traditional Christian measurements of evil.

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1 Response to President Trump and High-Level Intelligence Officers

  1. jupe77 says:

    I’ve been wondering if he’ll take Putin’s example and start having people knocked off, with Omarosa first.


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