The Glorious Truth of Speech Impediments

Some journalists are calling summer 2018 the American Summer of Hate. Today the American hate group members who met one year go in Charlottesville, Virginia, are at it again. As some of you are no doubt aware, many members of these groups claim to be Christians, particularly those who are members of the Ku Klux Klan. Today they are celebrating the first anniversary of their so-called Unite the Right event, where one of their sympathizers killed counter protester Heather Heyer last year. They are having a big demonstration in Lafayette Park, which is located right across the street from the White House. I am wondering why they chose that location. Were they hoping Brother Donnie Trump might walk across the street and join the party?  Too bad he is cooling his heels on vacation in New Jersey right now. Anyway, I think a common speech impediment in the American South says something very special about this Unite the Right rally.

One member of my extended family—a faithful Southern Baptist—talks like this, and delightful truth often flows from it unawares. The nature of this speech impediment or linguistic idiosyncrasy (not sure which it is really) is to phonetically replace an “ah” or “o” sound for a long  “I” or “Y” sound in spoken English. Therefore, when  a person says “Unite the Right,” it comes out of their mouth as:




Well, this is Sunday.  Maybe these dear folks are prophets or messengers coming to us with a message from Jesus.  Ay-y-y-y-y—probably not.  Nonetheless,  there is a lot of truth in the way it comes out.  I hope we can all hear this great truth.

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