Who Would You Have Been?

Adolf Hitler Stamp

German Postage Stamp (1934 – 1945)

I have found a question for you to ponder, and it is germane (no pun intended) to living in the United States during the so-called Age of Trump. This key question is raised in a recent article by Christian anthropologist and author Benjamin L. Corey:

Who Would You Have Been in Nazi Germany?

Pretend that you are eating dinner at your home one evening.  While sitting at your dining room table, your body suddenly undergoes that mottled-light disintegration process that happens in the Transporter Room on the Starship Enterprise.  You are being transported somewhere by someone—but you have no idea who is doing it or where you are going.  All of a sudden, your body reintegrates, and you find yourself standing in a narrow residential backstreet in Berlin.

You glance down and notice that someone has left the day’s newspaper in the street.  You pick it up and notice that the date is August 19, 1934. You can read and speak German fluently, and the headline says Adolf Hitler has just been elected Der Fuhrer. You take a deep breath and say: “Uh-boy!!!”  Then you notice a small, folded envelope in your shirt pocket.  How did that get there?  You take it out, open it up, and read the message inside. It says you are to live in Nazi Germany for the next 12 years, observe the times, and participate as a German citizen in those times.  What will that be like for you? How will you live, and what will you do with your life throughout those 12 years?

Now, let us go read the short article by Benjamin L. Corey at the following safe link:

B.L. Corey Article

Yes. Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling you—calling you to wake up. Our times in the United States today are already too much like those times in fascist Germany 84 years ago. Please wake up while we still have free speech and the ability to vote. Who are you going to be on election day——November 6, 2018?  Are you going to be part of the Trump problem, or are you going to be part of the solution to it?

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1 Response to Who Would You Have Been?

  1. Julie Carter says:

    Having trouble accessing links to comment or read other comments. Finally landed on this one. You are spot on in comparing us today with Nazi Germany. A wake up call indeed.


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