U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Fundies Declared War on Us Today

by Charles S. Garabedian

AAA Freedom of Religion

What about it folks?  This was a really bad day in the USA. Today U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration used a large meeting to do what I have been predicting they would do—right here on this blog. For all intents and purposes, they have officially and openly declared a national war of discrimination and persecution against our LGBTQ citizens, women and girls, and anyone else who is not a Christian fundamentalist, conservative evangelical, or conservative Roman Catholic. This war is to be waged deceitfully against you under the clever disguise of supporting religious freedom. A special federal task force within the U. S. Department of Justice will be in charge of supporting this war of discrimination and persecution. This combined Trumpite/fundie war against millions of American citizens should be officially titled to show what it truly is:






I have already mentioned our LGBTQ friends, neighbors, and family members, as well as women and girls, as targets in this war. It would be remiss of me not to mention some of the other nice folks who will—in my honest opinion—bear the brunt of this war of discrimination and persecution. Look out Mainline Christians (like me) because the forces behind this war see you as a member of the enemy camp too. Look out American racial and ethnic minority groups across the United States. You too are considered to be part of the enemy camp. Look out poorly educated and poverty-stricken illegal migrants and legal immigrants. Look out those of you who Jesus called “the least of these.” All of you have targets painted on your backs. You may not be able to see them in a mirror, but they are there. Believe me.  They are.  Trump and his many Trumpites can see them.

Every American citizen who is not a Christian fundamentalist, conservative evangelical. or conservative Roman Catholic should be—I repeat—should be—gravely concerned about this turn of events that occurred today. Basically, the things we most suspected and most feared finally crawled out of their dark burrow—into open daylight—today.

Why should you be so concerned? When the power of government and some aspect of fanatical religion join forces like this, discrimination and persecution spread like wildfires driven by the Santa Ana winds—and eventually people die in large numbers. It is a basic lesson of world history that people never seem to learn.

You may read the following article to get a better feel for what happened today.  Just click on the following safe link:

Jeff Session’s ‘Religious Liberty Task Force’ Declares Holy War on LGBT People

All of that said, I have to say something else very important. Those of us who will be defined as members of the enemy camp are not like the German Jews on Kristallnacht. We are not a huddled little Soviet family being shipped off to a gulag in Siberia. We are neither punching bags nor slaves. We are American citizens—with 242 years of constitutional rights, human rights, and a powerful legacy of independence and freedom that push us forward in all that we do. We Americans do not roll over and play dead for anyone. We fight for our rights and freedoms.  So—here is my question for all of you:

How do we all band together, organize, and fight back effectively against this unwelcome war that has been declared on us today by President Trump and his evil henchmen—and most importantly—how do we fight back without resorting to physical violence or illegal activity.  Violence and illegal activity are not the Christian way to fight. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and others have fought such fights and won without resorting to violence and criminal behavior. We too should be able to fight back peacefully—and win. An old adage says that the best defense is a really good offense. Once again, without resorting to violence and criminal behavior, how do we millions of American LGBTQ citizens, women and girls, racial and ethnic minority folks, poor migrants and immigrants, “the least of these,” and Mainline Christians fight back against this unjust war being waged against us? How do we rescue our rights and freedoms—and keep them safe?

This post is open for comments. Please let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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1 Response to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Fundies Declared War on Us Today

  1. Ben Masters says:

    What is it with Trump, Jeff Sessions, and other similar people who think that if you’re not a Christian fundamentalist or conservative evangelical, you’re trying to take away their rights to so be? I have never understood that.


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