Never Say These Things to a Recovering Christian Fundamentalist

by Charles S. Garabedian

We seem to be in the summer doldrums, and the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog is getting very low overall visitation. Among the millions of Americans who own their own blogs, this time of the year is well-known for being the utter pits because everyone had rather be on vacation or at the beach rather than reading a main blog article. Nonetheless, I will try to keep you informed and entertained until Labor Day when visitation will most likely be on the increase.  Today we look at a recent article that highlights 15 things a person should never say to a Recovering Christian fundamentalist.

The author of this article is Ms. Samantha Field. Samantha is one of my favorite Christian writers. She is a recovering Christian fundamentalist who attended the infamous Pensacola Christian College and the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. She left Christian fundamentalism behind several years ago, but she did not leave Jesus behind. She is still a devout Christian, and she attends a nonfundamentalist church in the Washington, D.C. area. The article I have for you is five years old, but it is still relevant today.  You may read it by clicking on the following safe link:

Article by Samantha Field

Samantha has operated several blogs across her young life. Two are still available on-line, but last I heard, they are inactive. Currently, she blogs at the following location, which I hereby recommend to you:

Current Samantha Field Blog

I have not read any of it, but Samantha is now doing a multi-post review of the Abeka history textbooks many Christian fundamentalist parents use to homeschool their children.  That should be interesting and entertaining, and I suspect the results of her analysis will spotlight the educational tragedy of fundie homeschooling.

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