Our Feelings on the Migrant Child Crisis and American Immigration Policy and Law

Rachel Maddow Breaks Down

This is just a note to state, in no uncertain terms, that I and the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog are opposed to five things with regard to current American immigration policy:

(1)  We are opposed to President Donald J. Trump’s unChrist-like immigration policies, the racism and ethnic prejudice that undergirds them, and his harsh treatment of migrants from Mexico, Central America, and Syria. Immigration policy, statutes, and regulations are complex, and we do not pretend to know all of the fine legal details. However, we do believe one basic rule of thumb would carry a person to a Jesus position on immigration. What is that?  If Donald J. Trump thinks some particular aspect of American immigration policy or law is good, right, true, wonderful, or fantastic, we strongly suspect it is nowhere near any of those adjectives—and we are pretty sure it is morally bankrupt and/or financially ill-advised.

(2) We stand against federal government separation of migrant families as part of compliance with immigration policies, statutes, and regulations.

(3) We stand against federal government separation of migrant children from migrant parents, family guardians, or other legal guardians as part of compliance with immigration policies, statutes, and regulations.  When Trump was elected 1.5 years ago, I predicted concentration camps where horrible things would occur—like the current controversial horror of taking children from their parents.  Here we are folks.  Here we are.  We can only imagine what similar horrors are yet to come under the Trump administration.

(4) We are opposed to sending the DACA kids back to the countries from which their parents came when they brought them to the United States illegally as children. Culturally, these kids are now Americans.  They were raised here as Americans. They were taught to be Americans in our public schools. Except for a stupid and annoying legal technicality, they are Americans. Therefore, it is only fair that they should all stay in the United States and become citizens—if they wish to do so—and most do.

(5) We stand against those white people—overt and latent racists—who fear the “browning of America.”  Jesus was a brown-skinned Middle Eastern man with black hair and black eyes—as most other Middle Eastern people are today. Most of the Earth’s population is either some shade of brown—or some color other than white. God must love all of those people because he made so many more of them than he did privileged white people like me—and some of you. White people are a minority on this planet, and they have been a minority on Earth for many thousands of years. This is not a new reality to fear. It is a very old human reality that you never really thought about until I just mentioned it–and nothing has changed about this across all those thousands of years—except for your irrational hatred of people who are not white. Ponder that for a moment because people of other colors are going to outnumber you for many thousands of years yet to come. You cannot escape this long-standing, fundamental reality—and you never will on this planet.

We have noticed that the fairly large, once vibrant, and omnipresent Hispanic population of our small southern town appears to have decreased dramatically over the past two years. I miss seeing the Hispanic folks in Wal-Mart—and I especially miss seeing the young women from Mexico and Central America—and how their faces beam with excitement when they spy an item of clothing that was never available in the small, rural village where they were raised—and they can actually afford to buy it at the low Wal-Mart price. Those are the simple memories that stay with a young person for a lifetime. If the United States treats these migrant families with God’s love now—which Trump is not doing—in some hour of future American need or despair, they will gladly stand with us because of those precious memories. If we keep treating migrants like pond scum, we will be abandoned in our future hour of desperate need. The Bible tells me so.  The Bible tells you so too.

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