The Rules of Christian Fundamentalism (Part 2)

by Charles S. Garabedian

Welcome to Part 2. At the end of Part 1, I introduced you to a set of arbitrary but binding rules that Christian fundamentalist preachers place on the backs of their church members—over and above the already spine-crushing weight of Old Testament laws, fabricated New Testament laws, and rot docternes. Please click on the following safe link to read this outlandish and sometimes humorous list of Christian fundamentalist rules known as:


The Christian Fundamentalist Rulebook


An American writer by the name of Darrel Dow is a former Christian fundamentalist who was once a member of an Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) Church.  At one time he operated a popular, but now abandoned, on-line blog called Stuff Fundies Like. One of the most interesting features on this old blog was entitled The Fundamentalist Rulebook. The original version is a long list of consciously and unconsciously understood rules Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical preachers have created and imposed on their church members. In his original list, Darrell was obviously going for a mixture of both the serious and the humorous.

So sad to say, a lot of water has passed under the American fundie bridge since Darrell compiled his original and quite wonderful list of fundie rules. Therefore, I thought it needed some revisions, updates, additions, and editing to better capture the fundie thought and rule environment in the United States today. Most of the words in the foregoing revised and updated version are Darrell’s original words, and I hereby give Darrell Dow full and unreserved credit for all of the original work on his list. I would like to have contacted Darrell to talk about my plans to revise and update the original list, but his contact information had been deleted from his blog. I also tried hard to find his current location and contact information—and failed miserably. I assumed all that meant that he did not want strangers like me contacting him.

I have no idea whether Darrell would object to the revised and updated version. All I can say is that the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog is a free public service that operates for public educational purposes and it earns no money—at least not for me. The best I can do is explain what I have done in the revised version above and kindly dedicate it to Darrell. If you are out there somewhere Darrell, and the revised and updated list makes you unhappy in some way, please get in touch with me so we can talk about it.  Just click on the “Contact” button on the black strip at the top of this page.

The title of the revised and updated version has been changed slightly to The Christian Fundamentalist Rulebook. This version is written a little more formally and is a bit more serious than the original version.  In addition, I hope this will become a living document as I add new Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical rules to it whenever they come to my attention. Many of these rules appear to be comical when you read them—and that is really the saddest thing of all—-because these rules and other similar rules are often seriously true and binding upon many members of the Christian fundamentalist community. As stated in Part 1 of this blog article, the fundies apply and use these rules harshly to control their own people—even their small children—and to verbally assault nonfundie Christians and many nonChristian people on our American landscape.

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