A Christian Beheading of Complementarian Theology and Dogma

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

My favorite female Christian writer, Ms. April Kelsey, is on the warpath today, and she has lopped off the head of complementarian theology and dogma. Complementarian theology is a fairly recent (circa 1991) Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical invention that lies at the root of modern-day fundie abuse of women and girls.

April was once a devout Christian fundamentalist. She has left Fundieland behind in a cloud of dust in recent years, but she has retained her deep faith in Jesus Christ. If you are interested in an excellent Christian writer who knows her Bible really well, please take a close look at the following article—and watch the evil of complementarian dogma get its head lopped off and its hide nailed to the wall. Just click on the following safe link and read what April has to say:

The Blasphemy of Complementarian Dogma

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