John McCain Officially Forbids Trump to Attend His Funeral

by Charles S. Garabedian

Update 8/26/2018. Senator John McCain died yesterday after an extended battle with brain cancer. The McCain family confirmed once again yesterday that President Donald J. Trump is forbidden to attend John McCain’s funeral. If Trump shows up in violation of McCain’s wishes, funeral authorities will tell Trump and his entourage to hit the road.

Senator John McCain, who retired as a Captain in the United States Navy, is bravely battling brain cancer at this moment. Unfortunately, it is a kind of brain cancer that people almost never survive. Therefore, he has begun making his formal funeral arrangements.  Perhaps worst of all, as he lies in his hospital bed approaching death, Senator McCain and his loving family are having to endure cruel jokes about his impending death from President Donald J. Trump’s White House staff, particularly Ms. Kelly Sadler. Trump and his White House are supported with spiritually undiscerning eyes and ears by the vast majority of Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals in the United States.

I understand some of this because my Christian dad died from cancer in 1986. Being his only living child, I had to make many of his funeral and cemetery arrangements in consultation with him while he lay ill in his hospital bed. Like John McCain, my dad was a person who had the word integrity written all over him.

The New York Times is reporting—and it has been independently confirmed—that John McCain has officially forbidden President Donald J. Trump access to his funeral as part of his final arrangements. This forbiddance was not a response to the major White House joke by Ms. Sadler, which occurred after this portion of the funeral arrangements was already made. Rather, it was a message sent from Senator McCain to the American people about honesty, honor, and integrity with regard to a reprobate American president who possesses virtually no Christian character traits.

What is going on here?  It is best told by an old adage: “One picture is worth a thousand words.” We have two pictures. Please look closely at the photograph below and play the short video clip beneath it:

Captain McCain and wife

Captain John McCain and Cindy McCain


A U.S. Navy Officer Like McCain Confronts a Man Much Like Trump

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