Here Is a Letter for You to Read and Sign with Regard to Paige Patterson

Southern Baptist women are really upset at Dr. Paige Patterson, the current President of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It appears that these women want the Board of Trustees to either fire Patterson or force him to resign from his position at the seminary.  Although their language on that point is a little vague at the end of the letter, that is my best interpretation of what they want to happen.

This letter was apparently designed to be signed by Southern Baptist women only. However, I looked at the list of signers at the end of the letter, and members of the Anglican Church and other nonbaptist churches are signing it anyway. Even though I am male and a former Southern Baptist, I went ahead and signed the letter too.

Misogyny and mistreatment of women—in both word and deed—by persons in high leadership positions in the Universal Body of Christ are unconscionable.  This is not just an issue of concern for Southern Baptist women alone.  It should be a concern for every Christian, regardless of one’s gender, denominational affiliation, or church affiliation. If you would like to read this letter and sign it, please just click on the following safe link:

Letter to SWBTS Board of Trustees

Please pass this letter on to all of your Christian friends, family members, and neighbors, Facebook Pages, Twitter, etc., and send the letter around the world for all Christians to read and sign.  You may read about this issue at the following safe link and by watching the video below it:

Paige Patterson Scandal in the Southern Baptist Convention

Audio/Video Clip on Paige Patterson Scandal

(Update: The Board of Trustees for the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) met on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. In that meeting, they fired Dr. Paige Patterson from his job as president of the seminary.)

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