Just in Case You Did Not Know About It

Dr. Paige Patterson is one of the two men who led the hostile takeover of the once great Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in 1979—and pulled America’s largest Protestant denomination down into the very depths of Christian fundamentalism. He is now the centerpiece of a swirling Christian faith scandal that is making big-time news nationwide.

It comes as no surprise to us that Patterson is behaving and speaking precisely as we would expect a fundie to behave and speak when cornered like a rat in a burning ship. You may read all about it by clicking on the following safe link:

Southern Baptist Leader Has No Apologies

We agree with conservative evangelical leader Ed Stetzer, who just called for Patterson’s resignation as President of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. We rarely agree with Ed, but he is right on this one. It is high time for Paige Patterson to resign from his position and retire from the SBC.

Furthermore, we have long predicted that his eventual death by natural causes and the death of his fundie accomplice, Judge Paul Pressler (also by natural causes), will one day mark the beginning of the end for fundamentalism in the SBC. It would be so good to see the SBC ditch fundamentalism and return to some semblance of Mainstream Christian sanity, reality, and respectability—like it once had in the 20th century years leading up to 1979.

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