Scott Pruitt: A Deluded Earth Destroyer———for Jesus


Thus when Genesis 1 speaks about human beings exercising dominion over the earth and its creatures, the language is drawn from the sphere of politics and the exercise of kingship as it ought to be. This ideal model for the relationship between humankind (man and woman) and the earth and its creatures is the king/people relationship. In passages where the same “have dominion” verb occurs, the emphasis is on gentleness and on an active program of caring that results in shalom. The first time humans [Adam and Eve] are mentioned in the Bible, God regards them as royalty (Genesis 1:26). The first word spoken to the royal couple charges them with responsibility for the care of the earth and its creatures, a caring that will lead to shalom (Genesis 1:28) [James Limburg 1991]


The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small—and for destroying those who destroy the earth (Revelation 11:18).

In the Bible, God originally charged human beings with being the holy and sinless gardeners who would care for, nurture, and love the planet Earth he created and called “good.”  As followers of Jesus, we must never forget that this Earth, a tiny blue and green paradise floating in the vast desert of outer space, belongs to God. This is his garden—not ours. If every man and woman on Planet Earth died tonight, this planet would still belong to God.

The environment of this planet sustains us with food, water, oxygen, and many other benefits we need to live—as God intended. Caring for the Earth and its environment is not about modern day hippies; granola eaters; granny dresses and Kalso earth shoes; hugging trees; worshiping a mythological Earth Mother; saving the planet for its own sake, or any other such nonsensical fundie lies. Rather, it is all about saving and sustaining human, animal, and plant life for now and for future generations. God knew from the very beginning that his garden Earth would need good-hearted and loving caretakers. That is why he put Adam and Eve in charge of nurturing and caring for his garden—which we call Earth today. We are and should continue to be God’s faithful and loving gardeners.

Many Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals do not understand the gardening assignment God has given to us. They believe the word “dominion” in the Book of Genesis (Genesis 1:28) is a free license for human beings to take dictatorial hegemony over the earth and run a program of endless, mindless, uncaring exploitation of the Earth and its life-sustaining resources to aggrandize money and material things. In other words, they believe God gave mankind a free license to rape the Earth into desolation—rather than care for his beautiful garden so it can continue to sustain life from one generation to the next.

So you can fully understand what I am saying and what God wants us to do with respect to his garden Earth, it is really important for you to watch a short video clip. It is an excerpt from Centennial by James A. Michener. This book is based on his own experience living in the High Plains of northeastern Colorado during the dust bowl days of the Great Depression.  The dust bowl environmental disaster was a perfectly evil storm caused by a long drought and a human failure to heed God’s word about properly and lovingly gardening the Earth—as we were charged with doing in the Book of Genesis.

The Holy Bible says the wages of sin are death (Romans 6:23). You are about to see a murder created by man’s failure to heed God’s word about caring for the environment. This murder is important, but all the scenes and words that come right after it are the most important things.  They all hearken back to the Book of Genesis and our call to be God’s shalom gardeners on Earth—our call to be caretakers of the Earth’s environment in service to God. Please indulge me in this, and you will learn some important things. This video clip changed my life 30 years ago. Please click play and immediately drag the red time ball over to the 1:14:12 mark. Watch from that point to the end of the video, which takes just a few minutes.  Here is the video clip:

Dramatic Environmental Message

Important Note about the Above Video: The fundies who come here may try to keep people from watching this video by turning off the hidden controls for the audio portion of the feed. If there is no sound after you click PLAY, please place your cursor arrow on the little video screen and look at the bottom of it. You will see a speaker symbol. If it is crossed out,  just click on it to turn the sound back on. If there is no cross-out on the speaker symbol, look to its immediate right and use your cursor to drag the little white ball all the way to the right. Either one or both should give you plenty of sound.

Now, I want you to take a good, long look at the man in the following news article. This man is Scott Pruitt, the person President Donald J. Trump appointed to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He is a fundie Earth rapist bent on destroying God’s beautiful blue and green garden called Spaceship Earth. Worst of all, he is so spiritually blind and so deluded that he thinks his actions are somehow serving Jesus. Rape the Earth in the name of Jesus? Turn God’s precious garden it into a vile, unlivable sewer—in the name of Jesus? Give this article a close read:

Focus on Scott Pruitt’s Scandals Ignores the Biggest of All: Destruction of Environmental Safeguards

Nearly 30 years of my hard-working professional life for a paycheck have been spent in the fields of environmental science and environmental protection. From my own scientific knowledge and experience, I can easily see the evil and harm that Pruitt and his minions are doing to God’s garden. The items of concern in the foregoing news article are not lies or distortions. They are the truth—very serious matters that are not to be taken lightly.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have heard that Pruitt and his minions are about to target the current water quality pollutant standards under the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.  You may not understand the importance of this in detail right now because you do not possess my technical knowledge and experience. However, if this evil Pruitt delusion is allowed to go on for several more years, you will eventually see the results of it when your sons and daughters start dying from cancer and various chronic diseases they would have otherwise never gotten. This scene from a famous movie pretty well sums it up:

Another Dramatic Environmental Moment


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