Our Hearts Have Waxed Paradoxically Sick

My on-line friend April Kelsey has written a very thoughtful Christian response to the recent school shootings in Parkland, Florida. April is a recovering Christian fundamentalist who has retained her Christian faith in much safer and happier worship surroundings at a nonfundie church. She has taken a well-deserved break from her many years of blogging on Christian faith issues, so I was visiting her blog far less often than usual. Because of that, I missed her February 2018 post on the shootings at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Quite by accident, I ran across her article early this morning.  It was a really good blog piece, and I thought you might like to read it. You may do so by clicking on the following safe link:

It Really Is a Heart Problem

Have a happy day and keep warm wherever you may be. It is snowing in my neck of the woods today. We are getting only a slight dose of the n’oreaster that is about to slam into the American northeast later today and tomorrow.

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