Chief Proponent of the Christian Nation Myth

Perhaps I am wrong, but it is my strong suspicion that many Americans who live outside of the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical bubble have never heard of a man named David Barton. Please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Barton and his work—so you will  be a well-informed American citizen.

David Barton is a citizen of Texas, a staunch right wing Republican, and a man without any college degrees in the disciplines of American history, world history, or American law.  Arguably, he is the chief proponent of the Christian Nation Myth or Christian Nation Lie (whichever you prefer). This myth is the very odd, historically inaccurate claim that the United States of America was originally and intentionally founded as a Christian nation. This false claim shows up in lots of modern fundie religious literature.

Here are a couple of must read items that will further introduce you to David Barton and his…uh…pseudo…uh…histor…uh…just take a look here:

Biography of David Barton

Understanding the Fake Historian Behind America’s Religious Right

For many years, I have studied and worked with various aspects of American history in my own career, and based on my own personal experience with it, the Christian nation concept is clearly a myth. (I actually prefer the term bold-faced lie.)  Most professors of history at major American universities and many other reputable American scholars would wholeheartedly agree with me on that conclusion. However, Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are totally enthralled and rapturously in love with Mr. Barton, his Christian nation presentations at churches, and his many writings about the United States being founded as a Christian nation. In fundie eyes, Barton is a man who can do no wrong.  He is the man who feeds one of their deepest and most aching inner desires. Now, what is that?

You have no doubt heard the very loud and worn-out exhortation of fundie Christians to TAKE AMERICA BACK!!!” Well, if you are going to take something back, it is absolutely necessary for you to have owned it as your exclusive property at sometime in the American past. However, if you are going to make such a wild claim, you had better have a set of coherent historical facts—or at least a crock of historical-sounding bullshit (BS)—to prove that past claim of exclusive ownership.

Texas is well known for its cattle ranching, and it has BS by the billions of tons. Mr. Barton’s pseudo-historical writings from down Texas way provide a steady stream of historical BS to Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals all over our nation. They eat it up like candy because it falsely underpins their delusional claim to an original Christian nation that they believe our American founding fathers established just for them. In turn, this false history gives the fundies an imaginary claim basis to take back the United States to be their exclusive property. Once in hand, they will operate the United States and its government according to fundie religious ideology. If they can make that happen one day, then all 326,000,000 American citizens (you and me) will be under their hard-pressing thumbs and subject to their fundie dictates in every aspect of their lives (a.k.a. a living American nightmare).

Real American historians and nonfundie Christian scholars have had a field day debunking the historical contents of Mr. Barton’s writings. The first, most famous, and most influential of these debunking efforts was a book written by a very nice woman named Chris Rodda. It is still in print if you would like to order a copy through Amazon. The highly appropriate and totally ironic title of this book is—————-pinch your cheeks to keep from laughing out loud:

Liars for Jesus

Ms. Rodda has written a second debunking book that is also entitled Liars for Jesus (Volume II), if you would like to obtain that one as well.

Let us take a close look at one of David Barton’s most famous American history lies and watch Chris Rodda debunk it with real American history. Please click on the following safe video link:

Chris Rodda Exposes a Famous Barton American History Lie


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