Our Current Understanding of the Apostle Paul’s Writings May Be Wrong

David Bentley Hart has developed his own translation of the New Testament at the request of Yale University Press. In doing so, he came to the conclusion that past translations of the New Testament got the message of the Apostle Paul largely wrong.

Who is David Bentley Hart?  You may read some biographical information about him at the following safe link:

Biography of David Bentley Hart

Dr. Hart synopsizes his conclusions about the Pauline books of the New Testament in the following short article published by Aeon and picked up by the on-line magazine The Week. You may read it by clicking on the following safe link:

Everything You Know about the Gospel of Paul Is Likely Wrong

I sure would like to read his new interpretation of the New Testament.  It is unclear to me if the Yale University Press has plans to publish it. Given the nature of the task and the sheer time and expense necessary to complete it, I would think that its publication would be a necessity.

Photograph Credit: LDS Media

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