Sorry LGBTQ People and Fertile American Women

Religious Bigotry

Figure 1.  How Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals Operate

LGBTQ folks and American women who use contraception—you got screwed today by a policy decree from the Trump administration and the U.S. Department of Injustice—and you got screwed BIG TIME!!!  You may read about it at the following safe link:

Religious Liberty Memo

However, there is an easy remedy for this. You are not owned by a religion, an employer, or Donald Trump’s government. You, your relatives, and your many friends still have free will, American freedom, your rights as an American citizen, and free choice.

American Women

You do not have to work for the businesses and organizations that cite their religious freedom as grounds for refusing to pay for your contraception supplies through your employee benefit plans.  Just quietly line up a new job with a different company that will pay for your contraception supplies. Then—just walk out on your religiously reprehensible employer and never come back. If you so desire, you can do it without even giving him or her a two-week notice.  However, be sure to tell him why you are walking out. Tell him he can shove his anti-woman religious beliefs up the portion of his anatomy “…where the sun don’t shine.” When he sees a big portion of his work force walking out on him and he finds it nearly impossible to hire new female employees, maybe he will think twice about using his claim to religious freedom as a cynical tool to abuse women like you.

You men out there!!!  Love these women who are being discriminated against because they use contraception—and stand up for these women in private and in public.  If one of these religious-owner companies or organizations wants you to come in for a job interview, just tell them you oppose their policy of not paying for contraception for women and tell them you would not work for them if they were the last workplace on planet Earth.

There is no American law or regulation of any kind that requires you to stay at or work for any of these businesses and organizations that mistreat women by trying to impose their religious will on their employees in the name of their religious freedom  You do have a choice in this. Women. Leave these employers behind in a cloud of dust. Men. Do not ever walk in their doors to work for them or do business with them.  It is that simple.

LGBTQ Americans and Non-LGBTQ Americans

LGBTQ folks and other ordinary Americans.  Today, in effect,  the Trump Administration has given American businesses, organizations, and individuals a free license to discriminate against you on the basis of their religious beliefs because you have one or more identified sins in your life. They get to define what your sin is for you and determine your punishment—regardless of whether you agree with it. A Christian fundamentalist or conservative evangelical grocery store owner can refuse to hire you or sell you food if you are an LGBTQ American.  If you are a straight woman who has had a child out of wedlock, in their self-righteous fundie religious eyes, they can refuse to sell you a loaf of bread because in their eyes you were once a fornicating whore who gave birth to the little bastard you named Jennifer. Are you a known alcoholic?  They might not sell you a gallon of milk. Why?  You violated their religious standards, and now they can use their businesses and organizations to starve you and your family members as punishment for your unfortunate sins of addiction—and use their First Amendment claim to religious freedom as the cynical tool to do it.

What remedy do you have for this heartless discrimination?  First of all, you, your family members, and your friends do not have to shop at their businesses or deal with their organizations. You can ask your family members and friends to support you by doing all of their business with the competitors of these religious bigot firms. There is no American law or regulation of any kind that requires ordinary American citizens to do business with organizations that practice bigotry under the cover of religious freedom.

More importantly, this supposed right to discriminate against you based on their religion is not a matter of settled law.  That is why the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other similar legal organizations are filing lawsuits on behalf of clients in these few hours after this Trump policy was announced today. If you have the time and money, you can support the ACLU and these other organizations with your donations, or you can hire an attorney of your own and sue the pants off the first religious bigot businessman or organizational leader who tries to use their religion to empty your daughter’s stomach and nail her to a cross because you sinned against one of their religious beliefs.

Can you tell I am angry?  You bet I am!!!  None of these religiously bigoted businesses and organizations are going to get anymore business from my Mainline Christian family. As my fundamentalist Christian uncle used to say:

I would not give them a blade of grass if they were a starving goat grazing on a concrete pasture.

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