Our Prayers and Thoughts

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

Hi everyone. The Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog is taking this moment to express our sincere condolences, sympathy, and empathy to the family members and friends of those individuals who were killed and wounded at the mass shooting in Las Vegas last night. At this same time, we offer the same condolences, sympathy, and empathy for the entire population of Puerto Rico, which is now suffering deaths, grave horrors, and incredible deprivation at the hands of a heartless American President who responded to the hurricane aftermath way too late with way too little. As he happily golfed, the suffering went on in spite of desperate pleas for help from local officials and residents in Puerto Rico—and the dire suffering still goes on today. Could this neglect have anything to do with the fact that most Puerto Rico residents are Hispanic Americans? You tell me.

If you live in close proximity to Las Vegas, it is my understanding that blood donations are needed to help the 527 wounded people—about 16 still in critical condition. Please give some blood if you can.  If one of your local churches is providing aid and assistance to the people of Puerto Rico, please give them a donation or go with them on an aid trip to help alleviate the suffering. You can also donate some dollars to the American Red Cross. Of course, please say prayers to Jesus for all of the dead and living who were sucked into these two awesome tragedies.  Thank you and God Bless You.

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